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Lunar Eclipse 2020

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Dates and time

Date : 08 जनवरी, 2020

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Dates and Time

The Lunar Eclipse date and time - 10th of January, 2020 from 10:37 pm onwards.

This Lunar Eclipse 2020 on 10th January, is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, also called the Wolf Moon Eclipse. It would begin at 10:37 IST and would end at 02:42 am on the 11th of January.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

What is a Lunar Eclipse? The Lunar Eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Earth is cast upon the Moon and the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth.

There are four penumbral Lunar Eclipses this year. 

This would be the first one in the year. The Sun would be in Capricorn and the Moon would be positioned in Cancer when this Lunar Eclipse 2020 takes place at 10:37 pm. 

Here is full moon dates.

Let us see what happens during the penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020.

What happens during this penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020

Almost 90% of the outer disk of the Moon would be within the Earth’s penumbral shadows, on this Lunar Eclipse 2020. No portion of the Moon can be observed in the total shadows of the Earth. Thus there would be a shadow gradient observed clearly around it.

With the Moon just a few days away from the perigee (the point when the Moon is closest to the Earth), the disk of the Moon will be almost 2% larger than ordinary times. The outline of the Moon, however would be clearly visible, in its entirety and those with 20/20 vision alone can clearly observe the outline standing out during the Eclipse.

The Moon would lose its milky white appearance during these hours and this gives the name Wolf Moon. If you are an avid Eclipse watcher or even an amateur busy clicking the Moon’s beauty even during an Eclipse, you may want to look forward to the upcoming Thunder Lunar Eclipse 2020 on 05th of July this year.

Life on Earth is impacted during every Eclipse and life itself behaves differently in these times. The sailors and the fishermen know best about the impacts on Water during a Lunar Eclipse.

Similarly, the Water in every being is impacted during this time of the year and this is somewhat the result of this Lunar Eclipse 2020 on every zodiac.

Lunar Eclipse Impact on Zodiacs

lunar eclipse impact on each zodiac sign

This penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020 is going to have significant impacts on those who have between 15 degree to 25 degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in their natal chart planet arrangements.

  • Impact on Aries: Strife is the word for you!

You are feeling the pressure of work and home on your head now, you need to strife to find a balance. The Lunar Eclipse 2020 will shift your energies in a direction that would move towards balance and restoration of your peace.

  • Impact on Taurus: Good energy is streaming towards you!

The inner level of communication in the Taurus would be impacted. This energy would help you let go of your past, that isn’t serving you any purpose in current times.

  • Impact on Gemini: Money shower is on your way!

Your abilities and skills would finally be rewarded. You would get a lot of money, you would be able to shine after a long struggle. It could also be that your home might now see and support your efforts.

  • Impact on Cancer: Inner work awaits you, bangs on your door!

You are almost in retrograde for the whole of next year. The last Solar Eclipse of 2019 had the Moon in Cancer and the Lunar Eclipse 2020 is also occurring when the Moon is in Cancer.

Work for yourself, work at your best. Do a lot of inner work that is pending within you for a long time.

  • Impact on Leo: Face your fears, round-up your intensity!

This Lunar Eclipse 2020 is all about your intensity. The impact would be on your 12th house. You might face your worst fears and you will be able to come out of it, too. 

Just meditate, check your diet and make arrangements appropriately during this Lunar Eclipse 2020 as it offers you a chance to win over one of your worst fears.

  • Impact on Virgo: Good times are ahead for you, a lucky 2020!

Good times are ahead of you. There is no doubt about it. The things that you were working on, is finally bearing fruit and you can see it soon appearing in your life. Let us tell that a year of luck for you is on the way.

  • Impact on Libra: Your emotional front needs attention too!

Too much from the mind always, you may find it hard to find that balance between emotions and intellect. You might feel a little more drawn to your emotions and if so, we can look forward to your emotional restoration and renovation.

  • Impact on Scorpio: Energy outburst will take place for you too!

Manifestation of greater energy levels is coming your way. It is up to you, whether you respond to it positively or negatively. But, you are being exposed to the energy. 

It’s been a long time that you have been showered with some good energy. As the Universe prepares to shower its energies upon you, make sure you are open enough to accept this graceful offering.

  • Impact on Sagittarius: Promises you a lot of money & good times!

Focus, compromise and hard work define your entire energy transit of 2020. The Moon is here to make you face something that you have tried avoiding. Do you have a downstream in all of this Sagittarius? You do.

Well, you may face an end as well, ends come to make fresh beginnings and if you can begin fresh once more it would be for your good. Keep your focus on what you want the most and results can be much fairer. 

Being a Sagittarius, you might definitely be looking at options on how to expand your money, so stay tuned to your inner focus for guidance.

  • Impact on Capricorn: Bittersweet, face obstacles bravely!

Be brave to face your obstacles and difficulties bravely. You might face some of these, on your way, during this time of the year. It could be more about your reaction to these problems that may make all the difference. Do not react and chances are, the Universe may stop planning your ruin.

  • Impact on Aquarius: Positive time for you ahead!

There is a source of positive energy that is coming towards you. Lap it up before it ends while you are still doubting its occurrence and appearance. Doubt is good but then use your emotions as well, to learn if this doubt would yield anything good for you.

This positive energy portal might be open for only a short period of time. Make haste, lest it closes.

  • Impact on Pisces: Sweet times ahead for you!

There would be a genuine feeling of magic, awesome energy and peace around you. Make sure, you harness it. Lay awake during the Eclipse and feel the energies touch you. Try to achieve what you have been longing to achieve all these days and years. 

You will be okay, so gather your energies and harness them to your advantage.

To end it, we may say that this Lunar eclipse 2020 can be a soul-searching adventure or an indicator of a peaceful time ahead. You can watch the Lunar eclipse 2020 with naked eyes, only if you are interested in it. 

Look through it, look into it and look beyond it. 

This Lunar eclipse 2020 marks the beginning of a year full of surprises, try to turn them to your advantage.

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