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Modular Kitchen Design as per Vastu Shastra

Modular Kitchen Design as per Vastu Shastra

Updated Date : बुधवार, 13 मई, 2020 04:28 पूर्वाह्न

Most modern houses prefer a modular kitchen in current times.

Vaastu Shastra is a science used to improve the ambience of the house, making it more of a home than a house. According to Vaastu Shastra, the kitchen whether a modular kitchen or a normal kitchen should always be constructed in the south-eastern part of the house. The modular kitchen of your house is ruled by the planet Venus and Fire element rules your kitchen.

While creating a plan for your modular kitchen, make sure you follow a few rules to increase the conduciveness of your homes.

Story behind the Vaastu of your Modular Kitchen

Ages ago, even till the last century the practice of cooking food in a place and washing utensils in another place was given importance and priority. Food was cooked either in the courtyard or it was cooked in a separate courtyard away from the main courtyard whereas utensils were washed either in a nearby pond or it was washed in tanks where water was stored separately in the house.

This is where the traditional Vaastu Shastra or the traditional Indian system of architecture began to take shape. Vaastu Shastra incorporates the traditional Hindu Buddhist belief systems that originated around yantra (geometric patterns), symmetry and geometry alongwith alignments of the directions.

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Vaastu is the energy concept around our house and when you not only design one of those modular kitchens but also the other portions of the house, make sure you also design the entire house according to it. The modular kitchen design in accordance with Vaastu would help the energy flow around your house move smoothly thus maintaining peace and prosperity across the entire home.

Rules to keep in mind for your modular kitchen

There are several Vaastu tips for the kitchen that you must follow for your modular kitchen design, if you want a healthy home, a happy home more than anything.

  1. The modular kitchen should be built in a large, spacious space.
  2. It should be under or above the Pooja room, toilet or bedroom.
  3. You must leave a few inches between the wall and the stove and place the stove in the south-east corner.
  4. Keep your electrical devices near the southern wall of the modular kitchen- microwave, oven, mixer grinder etc.
  5. Keep the sink in the north east direction.
  6. The pitcher or water filter must be in the north-eastern or north side of the modular kitchen.
  7. Storage boxes should be in the south or west direction.
  8. The door to enter the modular kitchen should not be in any of the corners.
  9. Keep lighter utensils near the Eastern or northern side of the door.
  10. Face the eastern wall while you are cooking.
  11. Place the dining table of the modular kitchen in the western or the north western direction.
  12. Keep a refrigerator, if you may in the South-East, south or western or the northern direction. Place it in the north east direction.
  13. Clean the modular kitchen at night before leaving after washing the utensils.
  14. Offer the first thing you cook to fire to maintain peace and abundance in the house.
  15. Make the walls orange, yellow, rose, chocolate or red or a light beige colour. Do not make it black.

Modular Kitchen Tips

After knowing the few tips to make your kitchen help in your prosperity, let’s find out discarding which 9 objects can make your modular kitchen positive. Your modular kitchen must enhance your aura and make your life more and more abundant.

  1. Do not keep around broken stuffs like old broken crockery, dishes, and mirrors.
  2. Do not keep broken jewelleries at home; it talks about broken dreams, depressions and failures.
  3. Do not keep paintings of the ships that are sinking, portraits of the wild animals and even weapons in your kitchen. It creates aggression at home and imagery of weapons may lead to fights between the husband and the wife, even might lead to divorces.
  4. Do not keep sad pictures at home and they might bring bad luck to homes.
  5. Portraits of waterfalls can negatively influence your home and can create instability within your mind and in your career.
  6. Handbags and stockings should not be kept in the kitchen.
  7. Make sure the air in the house is not putrid and make sure your home smells fresh.
  8. Replace dirty mops and cleaning rags with new ones.
  9. Keep jade or bamboo plant in your kitchen. It is definitely a better alternate option to welcome positive energy.
  10. Do not keep rotten food or expired products in your house. Make sure, you always throw away any such products if found in your home.
  11. The windows in the kitchen should either face north, east or north-east direction.
  12. Do not paint your kitchen black in any way and rather paint it yellow, rose colored or chocolate brown even green is fine or orangish red would look good too.

 Ensure there is free flow of air across the modular kitchen and do not close the doors and windows of the modular kitchen. Plant a lot of trees beyond the modular kitchen walls and ensure that the walls are not enclosed in any which ways. Make sure that your windows are not hindered by any other obstructions or any other constructions outside the modular kitchen.

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You can plant a lot of aloe vera and other vegetables in the garden outside your modular kitchen. Plant vegetables and sweet smelling flowers if you have some error in your modular kitchen design.

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