yama dvitiya



Yama Dwitiya, as the name suggests, is a day that pays reverence to Yamraj, the Lord of Death. A part of 5 days Diwali celebrations, this day falls on the last day. As per Hindu Calendar, 'Yamadvitiya' or 'Yamadwitheya', as it is also known, is observed in the month of Kartik on Dwitiya Tithi.


Yama Dwitiya is a celebration that commemorates the unconditional love and bond between a brother and sister. In Southern India, this day is celebrated as Yama Dvitiya while in Northern India, this festival is known as Bhai Dooj.

As the legend has it, when Lord Yama paid a visit to his sister Yamuna or Yami, she welcomed him with garlands and aarti. She put vermillion or tilak on his forehead and prayed for his happiness and offered him sweets which was followed by a grand feast.  Yamraj was very pleased with such a welcome and to give a unique gift to his sister, the Lord Of Death professed that the brothers who will visit their sisters on this day and are welcomed with Aarti, Tilak and meals prepared by their sister will be protected from all evil forces and will be blessed with a long life. From that day onwards, this day was celebrated with great vigor and love among brothers and sisters across India as Yama Dwitiya, Bhai Tika or Bhai Dooj.

It is believed that sisters who will invite their brothers home for a sumptuous meal which will comprise of all her brother's favorite dishes will be bestowed with happiness. While the brothers who would go to their sister's home on this day will be blessed with a long and healthy life.

Yama Dwitiya Puja vidhi comprises worshipping of Yamraj and his subordinates such as Chitragupta and other Yama-Doots. Yamuna Snan and offering of Arghya are important aspects of performing Puja on this day. Shubha Muhurat for Yama Dwitiya Puja is Aparahna.