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About Chandra Darshan in Details

Chandra Darshan is the first day after the no moon day of moon sighting. The first sighting of the moon holds vital religious significance in Hinduism. The new moon day is popularly known as Amavasya in the Hindu faith. It is believed that honoring a day long fast on the day of Amavasya and breaking it after sighting the new moon on Chandra Darshan Day is considered to be very auspicious.

It is invariably a difficult task for Panchang makers to predict the first day of Chandra Darshan.  On the first day, just after the sunset, the moon is visible for a very little span of time. The moon can be sighted only after the sunset as the moon rests in the same horizon as that of the Sun. It is known that Chandra Darshan is observed with keen enthusiasm and devotion in various parts of the country. It is said that the most favorable time for sighting the moon is only after the sunset for Panchang makers and today Chandra Darshan time can also be checked on mPanchang.


There are few rituals which have to be followed on Chandra Darshan. The Rituals during Chandra Darshan are:

  • The Moon God (Chandra Dev) is worshipped on the day of Chandra Darshan.

  • To please the Chandra Dev, a strict fast is observed. The devotees are not supposed to eat or drink anything during the fast. The fast can be broken after sighting the Moon just after the sunset.

  • All the rituals are followed on Chandra Darshan day to gain good fortune and prosperity.

  • Offerings are made in the form of clothes, sugar and rice to the Brahmins on this day by the devotees.


Is it said that in the Hindu Culture, the Hindu Lord of Moon or popularly known as Chandra Dev is considered as one of the most admired deities. He (Moon) is also regarded as the one of the most significant planets (Graha) among the nine planets (Navgraha) as the planet Moon influences life on the planet Earth. The moon is said to be connected with purity, wisdom and good intentions. It is constantly believed that an individual with favorably placed moon in their birth chart will give a more successful and prosperous life.

As the position of the Moon is furthermore followed by the Hindu Lunar Calendar, it renders a more meaningful meaning in the Hindu culture. In the Hindu Mythology, the Moon God or Chandra Dev is considered as the nurturer of animals and flora life. It is believed that the Moon is married to the daughters of King Prajapati Daksha i.e., 27 Nakshatras (Constellations). The moon is also recognized to be the father of Planet Mercury or popularly known as Budha.  Therefore, Hindu devotees worship the Moon God on the Chandra Darshan day to seek his blessings for good luck and success.


For sighting the moon, the most favorable time is scarce after the sunset. However, it is known that predicting the precise time and the first day for Chandra Darshan is a difficult task even for the Panchang makers. The Moon is said to be visible only for a really short span of time in the Chandra Darshan day and that also just after the sunset. Chandra Darshan is observed with great veneration and admiration by the followers.

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