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Ashtakavarga Calculator

ashtakavarga calculator

Updated Date : बुधवार, 22 सितम्बर, 2021 06:01 पूर्वाह्न

Tap on Ashtakavarga Calculator and get accurate horoscope predictions with the most advanced application of Vedic astrology. Get your Ashtakavarga Chart and find detailed information about the planetary transits, auspicious and inauspicious period, influence of planetary movements, Raj Yoga and much more. Ashtakavarga predictions is the one of the best and easiest ways to find the strength of Planet in your horoscope. As per Ashtakavarga in the birth chart, all the planets are assigned with numeric Ashtakvarga points 0-8 that determine the strength of planetary influence in your life. Check out your Ashtakavarga points calculator free!

What is the Ashtakavarga Calculator?

Ashtakavarga Calculator is a mathematical tool that calculates the strength of a planet based on twelve rashi or Zodiac signs. This is a very useful Vedic astrology software that offers easy Ashtakavarga Calculation to assess planets and find their transits. As it is tedious to calculate Ashtakavarga points manually, natives may submit their birth details on Ashtakavarga Calculator online and get their accurate and free Ashtakavarga charts. The detailed chart will show Ashtakvarga points for each planet and will share Ashtakavarga predictions based on the Rashi chart. Ashtakvarga chart is always based on Rashi chart and not on Bhava Chart or houses of Birth Chart

Ashtakavarga System of Prediction

As per Parasara, Ashtakavarga predictions in the birth chart is made by assessing the strength of the planet based on Rashi. In this method, twelve moon signs are divided into eight categories based on the seven planets- Sun, Moon, Mars. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Ascendant. Each planet is assigned with numeric number 0-8 which is called Ashtakavarga point. These points decide how auspicious and inauspicious a planet is placed in your birth chart. As Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, they are omitted for making Ashtakavarga predictions. 

To calculate the Ashtakvarga, we study a planet and see the position of all the other planets with reference to it. If the position of the planet is good then the placement is assigned with 1 while if the placement is malefic 0 is assigned to it. As per traditional Parashara method, Bindu or dot is marked for the bad placement while Rekha or a small line is marked for the benefic placement of planet. Ashtakavarga Point Calculator free online software observes the positions of planets according to twelve Rashi or zodiac and then makes eight markings for each sign. Any zodiac sign can get maximum points and lowest points as per the Ashtakavarga calculations.

Ashtakavarga Points

ashtakavarga table

Ashtakvarga points are different for each individual. In the Ashtakavarga chart, each of the planets and lagna earns specific Ashtakavarga points which helps the native to know about the auspicious or inauspicious aspects of their life. 

  • 0 Ashtakavarga point is considered worst or very inauspicious.
  • 1, 2 and 3 are considered low scores and not very auspicious.
  • 4 points are referred to as Average. It shows the neutral position of the planet which means that it won’t lay any malefic or benefic effect on your life. 
  • 5, 6, 7 or 8 points are considered good and favorable. These are very lucky Ashtakavarga points which show the favorable positions of planets. If a planet earns 8 Ashtakavarga points then it indicates Raj Yoga in the birth chart. 

Once Ashtakavarga Calculator system predictions are made. All the Ashtakvarga points are added to create Sarva-Ashtakvarga. In this method, the overall strength of houses (Bhava) based on planets are calculated. 25-27 points are considered neutral, below 25 points are considered inauspicious and above 30 is considered auspicious and good Ashtakavarga score. 

Significance of Ashtakavarga Chart

Ashtakvarga is a highly advanced and outstanding part of Vedic astrology that offers amazing and vital observations for accurate predictions of native’s life. If the native has a malefic planet in the chart and the Ashtakavarga predictions are good for him/her, then there are possibilities that the native will get any good and positive news or outcomes in the present. Hence, it is very important to also analyze the Ashtakavarga chart while observing horoscopes or Kundali of an individual. 

As the Ashtakavarga chart is an extremely intricate and tedious method of prediction, only learned and experienced astrologers can understand the Ashtakavarga system of predictions. To get fruitful and err free Ashtakavarga predictions, one should always Ask an expert Astrologer to analyze the Ashtakvarga chart. You may also use mPanchang Ashtakavarga Calculator that performs error free Ashtakavarga calculations and offers an accurate and precise Ashtakavarga pdf having all the important information you need to lead a good and healthy life.

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वैवाहिक संघर्ष, प्रेम संबंध समस्या। कॉल पर गुना मिलान और रिलेशनशिप परामर्श।


नौकरी में संतुष्टि की कमी, करियर की समस्याएं? करियर और सफलता के लिए ज्योतिषी से सलाह लें।


धन की कमी, विकास और व्यावसायिक समस्याएं? कॉल पर ज्योतिषी द्वारा उपाय और समाधान प्राप्त करें।


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