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An western astrology based Natal Chart (Birth Chart) to discover opportunities & get insights into love, career, finance & much more.

Natal Chart - Birth Chart Calculator

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  • Birth Sign Predictions
  • Planetary Influences on You
  • Your Talents and Abilites
  • Challenges You Face
  • Major Life Periods
  • Your Personality and Qualities
  • Your Current Time Period


Your Birth chart is the blueprint of your life. It tells you about the road of your life ahead and the opportunities and challenges you will come across in this journey. Your personalized accurate Natal Chart helps you plan well for the coming time and open the doors of success and opportunities for you. Get your astrological chart created by experts to know future possibilities about different aspects of your life. Whether it is love, marriage, career or money matters, your Astrology Birth Chart Report will enable you to gain insight and more clarity about your life and your future.

Natal Chart - Online Western Birth Chart Astrology

Get a unique outline of your future with a Natal Chart prepared on the basis of the position of planets as per the Western Astrology. 

The entire blueprint of an individual’s life is created as soon as he/she is born by the Universe. The position of planets and stars in the sky at that very moment defines the complete journey of an individual’s life. And, that course of life is described in one’s Birth Chart which is prepared by expert Astrologers. All predictions about one’s future, personality, traits are done through Birth Chart Astrology.

Now, there are two ways in which a Birth Chart is created, one is by Vedic Astrology, i.e. Janam Kundali and another by Western Astrology which is known as the Natal Chart. 

Freequently Asked Questions:

What is a Natal Chart? 

A Natal Chart entails the exact position of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of one’s birth. The position of the planets reveal a lot about an individual’s life and personality. Through this online Birth Chart, an expert Astrologer can figure out the character and traits of an individual, all the favorable and unfavorable phases in one’s life, the challenges and opportunities one might come across and much more.

The creation of a Natal Chart is quite complex and requires the expertise of a learned Astrologer to study and understand it thoroughly. 

What are the key aspects of a Natal Chart? 

As Birth Chart Astrology is quite difficult to understand, there are a few aspects in the chart that hold the maximum significance - 

  • The Rising Sign 
  • The Sun 
  • The Moon 
  • Position of Jupiter & Saturn
  • Clustering Of Planets 
  • Angles formed between the planets 
  • All the Houses & their planets, especially the House of Love & Marriage 

These are the principal parts of a Natal Chart which can reveal the majority of your life’s most relevant aspects. 

Why should you get your Natal Chart? 

Birth Chart Astrology is your way to know about those parts of your life and personality that you were unaware about. A Natal Chart can help you realize your purpose in life, along with giving you a nearly accurate picture of your future. With your online Birth Chart, you can 

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Find about the most favorable times and even the most unfavorable phases
  • Choose the best professional path for you 
  • Make better decisions and choices 
  • Prepare for the challenges and make the most of the opportunities 
  • Find your compatibility with your partner 
  • Know how you will fare in each facet of your life, be it love, career, finance or health. 

What is the difference between a Western Natal Chart and Vedic Janam Kundali?

The difference that lies between both these charts is in the way the position and data is calculated. 

In Western Birth Chart Calculations, Solar Calendar whereas in Vedic Astrology, a Lunar Calendar is used for preparing a Birth Chart. 

In a Vedic Birth Chart, only planets that are visible in the sky are used while in a Natal Chart, planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also considered to make predictions.

Although there is a fundamental difference in the way calculations are made and planetary positions are determined. However, both these charts, help you to gain a complete perspective on your life and future and also gain a better understanding of yourself and your overall approach to life.