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Best Free Astrology Software

Updated Date : सोमवार, 26 जुलाई, 2021 07:27 पूर्वाह्न

Astrology Software Online

Creating an astrology chart requires experience and expertise in the Vedic astrology system. With online astrology software, you can easily create your Birth Chart and get a comprehensive analysis of your horoscope instantly. Your online astrology chart may help you get detailed insights into planetary positions, stars and other astrological aspects at the time of your birth. You may also get quick predictions for your future and find solutions to your problems related to love, career, finances, relationship, marriage, health, children, family, and much more.

mPanchang's free astrology software performs all the rigorous calculations and offers predictions that prove precise and accurate to the natives. It uses your birth details such as your birth date, time and place to create an accurate horoscope. With the astrology software online, you could know about your sun sign, moon sign, ascendant and various other astrology aspects that may influence your life. You may learn about the auspicious Yogas and can predict the Doshas that may hamper your growth. Since this online astrology software is free and needs no installation hassle, you can easily access it and get quick predictions about your foreseeable future.

Best Astrology Software For Accurate and Quick Predictions

mPanchang is one of the best astrology websites in India that offers astrology software for all your astrological needs. It provides the best and simple astrology software online for Vedic and Western Astrology. Here is the list of online astrology software or astrology calculators that are provided by mPanchang to gain quick and accurate life predictions.

  • Astrology Birth Chart Calculator Online

mPanchang’s Free Janam Kundli online astrology software provides you an easy way to create your Janampatri or Kundli  or Birth Chart by Vedic astrology calculations. It allows you to get an online astrology report that shows planetary influences on you and your life aspects. This online Kundli prediction report provides astrological details such as Kundali houses, your personality, major life periods, current time period, upcoming challenges and various information that may help you get a clear and better understanding of your life. You can also find a Natal Chart based on Western astrology calculations with the help of the Western Astrology Chart software.

  • Horoscope Matching Online

This astrology software can help you to find your perfect match. You can use the horoscope matching software of mPanchang to match your horoscope with your prospective partner. It can help you know your marriage compatibility with your potential partner and get predictions about your marriage. The Vedic marriage compatibility calculator uses the 36 Guna matching system or Ashtakoot Kundali matching method for determining marriage prospects. With this Kundli matching software, you can explore the challenges, foreseen marriage possibilities, time of marriage and much more. In case of any query, you can also take live astrology consultation and get astrology guidance from our expert astrologers.

  • Chogadhiya Table

Choghadiya is the Vedic astrology time guide that offers insights about the auspicious time in the 24 hours of a day. By using Chogahdiya astrology software, you can calculate the Aaj ka Choghadiya or today’s Choghadiya timings. The software will provide you Din ka Choghadiya timings and Raat ka Choghadiya timings. It will provide information about the Choghadiya for Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and other cities of India. You can also use this Choghadiya calculator to find the bad Chaughadiya of the day.

  • Nakshatra Finder

In Vedic Astrology and Tamil Jathgam Porutham, Janam Nakshatra plays a significant role in determining life events. With the help of Nakshatra Finder, you can find your Nakshatra out of 27 Nakshatras. You can learn about your Birth Nakshatra or Janam Nakshatra and its effects on your life. You can also use this online astrology software to know your Nakshatra for performing Nakshatra Porutham or star matching for marriage.

  • Daily Predictions

Get your daily predictions and know what is in store for your today with the help of this amazing online astrology software. This personalized astrology software will create a personalized horoscope for today in one click. It will help you to know about the upcoming opportunities and challenges and will also suggest the right course of action to accomplish your goals. The horoscope by our daily astrology software will comprise predictions for love, career, health, money, marital life and various other aspects of life.

  • Rashifal

Get your Daily Rashifal based on your Rashi or zodiac sign with our astrology software for free. Your daily Rashifal prediction report is created by calculating the positions of 9 Navgraha by expert astrologers. It includes horoscope predictions for today and provides significant details such as your lucky color, lucky number and the lucky gemstone for today on the basis of your Rashi. The main aim of today’s Rashifal software is to help you prepare yourself for upcoming possibilities so that you can map out better plans and make most of your day. 

  • Raj Yoga Calculator

Curious to know when you will get rich? Tap to get your Raj Yoga report by an expert astrologer and know when will you get rich, what are your lucky color, day and stone that may bring luck and fortune into your life. Our online Raj Yoga Calculator can help you find the favorable times when you may plan important tasks and gain maximum benefits. The Raj Yoga report generated by our astrology software is the best way to identify Raj Yoga and make the most of your financial possibilities. Moreover, you may ask more about financial windfalls and opportunities from the expert astrologers at mPanchang.

  • Kala Sarp Dosha Finder

With this online astrology software, you can easily detect the Kaal Sarp Dosha in your Kundli. As per Vedic astrology, Kaal Sarp Dosha is one of the dreadful Doshas that impacts the personal, professional, financial and health prospects of a native. It is formed due to the positioning of planets between Rahu and Ketu and thus it is necessary to use an accurate online Kaal Sarp Dosha checker to identify it.

  • Mangal Dosha Checker

Mangal Dosha in Kundli causes delay and negative effects on the marriage. With mPanchang’s online Mangal Dosha software, you can easily identify Mangal Dosha in your Kundli. This astrology software evaluates the position of Mars in your Birth Chart and shares the marital predictions. Once you know you are Mangalik or not, you can also consult Vedic astrologers from mPanchang and get astrological or Lal Kitab remedies for this Dosha. 

  • Love Calculator

Take the love test and check your love compatibility with your partner or crush or spouse. With our online Love calculator, you can easily check your love score and calculate your love percentage based on different relationship aspects. This True love calculator works on specific algorithms which follow ancient numerology methods to perform a love compatibility test by date of birth. If you are confused and looking for true love, then you must try this online astrology software for calculating the strength of your love and relationship.

  • Talk to Astrologer

No matter how tough situations are, you can find solutions to every problem of your life by taking free live astrology consultation. You can Talk to Astrologer on Call and get answers to all your questions with our On Phone astrology consultation software. This is the easiest and simplest way to get rid of your life problems and gain clarity about your current situations. Our team of expert astrologers with expertise in different astrology fields such as Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Tarot cards, Numerology etc; can help you manifest your goals with their great guidance. They can predict Shubh Muhurat and help in conducting various Hindu Pujas and Anushtans. Moreover, you can also take free online astrology consultation for all the information that is provided by any of the online astrology software of mPanchang.

  • Ephemeris/Planetary Position Calculator

Ephemeris is an astrological term to describe the prediction of planetary positions on a given date. With mPanchang’s online software, it becomes possible to calculate the positions of planets without boggling your mind with complex Mathematics. You can learn about the Grah position and also explore the planetary transit, called Gochar. The understanding of current planetary positions is helpful to ascertain the impacts of stars and celestial bodies in your life.

  • Planets Retrograde or Vakri Graha

The retrograde of planets in Vedic Astrology has a great impact on human lives. The auspicious planets in retrograde produce negative outcomes while the malefic planets in retrograde yield positive results. However, determining the retrograde duration and finding which planets are in retrograde right now is not easy. Using our online astrology software for planetary retrograde prediction, you can easily find important retrogrades-Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury retrogrades-for a specific date and place.

  • Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

This online Chinese Gender Chart Calculator can help you predict your baby’s gender with the help of the lunar age of the mother and date of conception. This astrology software may easily predict if you will have a boy or girl using the Chinese astrological method. It uses a Chinese prediction chart that is based on the 700 years old Chinese gender chart following Ying and Yang, 5lements and eight trigrams. You may use this astrology software online for fun or use it to confirm or negate your suspicion.

  • Day Panchang

Learn about Today’s Panchang or Aaj ka Panchang with our free online Day Panchang astrology software. The Panchang report generated by this software provides all the astrological details for a specific day and date. With this online software, you can discover the Today’s Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Vaar, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Shaka Samwat, Purnimanta, Amanta Month, Paksha, inauspicious and auspicious timings, currently transiting Sun Sign and Moon Sign and a lot more. 

  • Month Panchang

Get Hindu Panchang for the current month using Month Panchang astrology software for free. This online software is the simplest option to know the entire Panchang for a month. You can also find the Hindu Panchang information for any month of the year. The online monthly Panchang report includes the important Hindu festivals and Vrat dates along with the Hindu year, month and lunar cycle information. You can also find detailed information about the festivals and Vrats by clicking on the names of the festivals in the “Festivals and Vrat” section. 

  • Varshapahal 

Make most of your year with the personalized yearly horoscope. Your Yearly horoscope or Varshaphal is a complete roadmap for the entire year. The online yearly horoscope report generated by astrology software includes month-wise predictions for all 12 months. It helps in understanding the possibilities for your love, career, finance and health sectors. It offers marriage predictions and also shares insights about the good and bad times. With this yearly prediction report, you get a guide to attain success in a quick and proficient form.

  • Shubh Muhurat

Want to know the Shubh Muhurat for today? Tap to our online Shubh Muhurat astrology software to find the auspicious time of the day. With mPanchang’s Shubh Muhurat calculator you can find auspicious timings based on the Gowri Panchangam (Tamil Calendar or Tamil Panchangam). You can learn about the Nalla Neram-Amridha, Uthi, Laabam, Sugam and Dhanam. Moreover, you may find Shubh Hora software online for free. You can also find Abhijit Muhurat timings with our online astrology software without denting your wallet.

  • Rahu Kaalam Timings

Rahu kalam or Rahu Kaal timing is one of the most inauspicious periods of the day when you are forbidden by Vedic astrology to start any new or auspicious work. With mPanchang’s Today Rahu Kalam online software, you can learn about the Rahu Kaal in your city. You can also search for Rahu kalam timing on any date of the month for any city with the help of this accurate astrology software.

So, tap into mPanchang’s astrology software and open up the world of opportunities for yourself. Our online astrology software aims to provide you with the best astrology services so that you may use avail benefits of astrology and make your life substantially better and improved.

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