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Combinations That Indicate Inter caste Marriage In Astrology

combinations that indicate inter caste marriage in astrology

Updated Date : शुक्रवार, 12 मई, 2023 13:38 अपराह्न

Inter caste marriage is considered a partnership between 2 individuals who belong to different castes and have different cultures and traditions. The interesting part is that certain planetary combinations are responsible for Intercaste marriage in Astrology. With the help of these combinations, an individual can know about their chances of inter caste marriage. 

If you are also curious to know about your marriage then you are at the right spot. Astrology can offer meaningful insights into an individual’s marriage and other related aspects. Moreover, if someone is looking forward to an inter-caste marriage then this divine science can also tell the opportunities and challenges that will come across their journey. There are some factors that decide the failure or success of the marriage. 

Planets Indicating Inter Caste Marriage In Astrology

The placement of several planets in an individual’s Kundali can determine the likelihood of inter caste marriage. Let’s have a look at them. 

Venus Planet

Venus represents love, marriage, and relationship. If Venus is positively placed in an individual’s Kundali then this indicates a high chance of having a harmonious love marriage.

Jupiter Planet

Jupiter is a planet of growth and wisdom that represents partnerships and marriage. Strongly placed Jupiter can indicate open-mindedness and progressive thinking towards marriages. As a result of which a person feels the desire to overcome the traditional barriers of the society. 

Mars Planet

Mars is an assertive planet that represents energy and passion. Its positive placement in an individual’s Kundali gives them the power to fight all the hardships for their love. On the other hand, an afflicted Mars can lead to conflicts in an individual’s relationship. It can also be harmful in inter-caste marriages. 

Houses Responsible For Inter-Caste Marriage In Astrology

The 7th House in the Kundali of an individual represents their marriage & partnerships. Moreover, this house also indicates the type of partner a person will get and what type of marriage they will have. Though this house does not clearly indicate an inter caste marriage, some planetary combinations in this house can show the chances of having an inter caste marriage. 

  • If planet Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of a person’s Kundli, then it can influence the mindset of a person making them progressive towards the marriage culture. Jupiter blesses a native with wisdom and understanding thus this helps them to tolerate all the difficulties and challenges that will come their way during the marriage. 
  • Likewise, if Venus is placed in the 7th house of an individual’s Horoscope then it can indicate a harmonious relationship and the person will be ready to overcome all the social barriers just to marry the love of life. Since this planet represents pleasure, beauty, and passion, an individual’s chances to attract a potential partner from a different background increase. 

Also, know that these planetary positions are not the only factor determining the chances of an individual’s inter-caste marriage. Compatibility factors, the power of the 7th house, and some other planetary combinations are some other factors that determine the success of inter-caste marriage. 

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Important Combinations For Inter-Caste Marriage In Astrology

Let's look at several combinations of the planets and their position that can indicate the chances of intercaste marriage. 

Venus in the 7th House

Having Venus in the 7th house indicates a desire for love & harmony in relationships, irrespective of what caste an individual is from or what social standing they hold. Furthermore, this combination also makes a person learn to compromise in a relationship. 

Jupiter in the 7th House

It's possible to overcome traditional social barriers like caste when Jupiter is strong in the 7th house.

Venus & Mars Swapping Positions

People often exhibit strong passion & attraction or people from different castes or cultures when Venus and Mars interchange the positions in an individual’s horoscope. 

Rahu in the 7th House

Having Rahu well-placed in the 7th house gives a person the strength to set themselves free from the caste and traditional social rules.

Sun & Moon in 7th House

When there is a combination of Sun & Moon in the 7th house of an individual’s Kundli then it represents a strong urge of spiritual & social fulfillment in their relationship. This further gives them the strength to break social barriers. 

Factors Leading To The Failure Of Intercaste Marriages

There are several factors in Astrology that can lead to the failure of intercaste marriage. 

Incompatible Horoscope

Horoscope compatibility is considered one of the important aspects of any marriage. If there is a high compatibility between a couple then they look forward to a happy & harmonious marriage. 

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Weak Position Of 7th House

Marriage challenges and obstacles, including inter caste marriage, can be indicated by an afflicted or weak 7th house.

Lack Of Respect 7 Understanding Of Cultures

There can be cultural differences in these kinds of marriages. When not handled with understanding and respect, all of this can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Planetary Afflictions

Marriage can fail as a result of certain planetary afflictions leading to fights, misunderstandings, & emotional stress in the marriage. 

Remedies For Successful Inter Caste Marriage

There are several remedies that can be helpful. Have a look at some of the remedies. 

  • Offer puja and prayers to Lord Ganesha to reduce the negative planetary influence. 
  • Wearing some gemstones by consulting an expert Astrologer can also be helpful. 
  • You can also perform Rudra Abhishek puja to attract positivity
  • Observing fasts on specific days of the week like Monday, Wednesday, etc, can also be helpful. 

Final Thoughts…

This blog was all about the planetary combinations that can lead to the chances of having an intercaste marriage in an individual Kundali. 7th House in Horoscope is believed to indicate marriages and partnerships in a person’s life. However, it alone can not predict marriage, some other planetary combinations are also taken into account.

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