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Which Zodiac Sign Should Worship a Particular Hindu God

God to worship as per zodiac sign

Date : 30 जून, 2020

Have you ever wondered if your particular Zodiac sign should worship a particular Lord or God?

Basically, as humans we never give it a thought. We are too comfortable, worshipping the ones to whom we learn to pray. Now, there is no problem at all in praying to those Gods and Goddesses whom we come to know from our ancestors.

But then we might have often discovered a discord and due to this discord we often cannot fully pray to them. We though do not understand why this discord comes within us, why we are not able to bow before the almighty and this creates a misunderstanding within us, we often drop into various conclusions that are not true to our image and completely untrue to our lives.

Here, I would like to say that this might happen since according to your Sun sign or your Rashi, you might not be praying to the right Gods.

So, let’s go through the Zodiacs below to find out which Gods can we pray being of that particular Zodiac sign. After reading this article, you would know whom you can go to, and then following the advice offered here, on this site, try to find out if you are really in sync with that particular God.

Find Out Most Preferred God of Your Zodiac sign

You may find out a totally new experience when you pray to the most preferred God of your Zodiac sign.

1) Aries:

Aries is the cardinal Fire sign with masculine energy in motion. Aries is ruled by the planet Mangal or Mercury. As an Aries, you must pray to Sun God every day. Make sure you offer water to God every day after taking a bath in the morning.

Now, being an Aries your energies might match with few Gods that include

  1. Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar and the last Rudra of the clan.
  2. Rudra: The first Rudra who formed and established the clan.
  3. Kartikeya: Son of Shiva who is known to be the major reformer of the society.
  4. Subramanian: The Lord who is treated as a Shiva in the Southern dynasty.
  5. Narsimha: One of the Vishnu, who killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu.

2) Taurus:

Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus.

As a Taurus, you must worship the Lord Moon with feminine energy in motion. Moon is responsible for controlling our emotional framework. Moon can actually be required for the Taurus since that creates a strong emotional balance within the Taurus. The Moon is capable of ensuring that the feminine energy within your body is in-sync with your personality and thus creating within you, who you are.

You might also feel in-sync with

  1. Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is capable of creating a front where your Earthly qualities can be manifested well. Lord Ganesha’s energy protects us from many troubles and problems and it impacts the earthly energies of our body.
  2. Goddess Laxmi: Goddess Laxmi tunes in with your feminine side and thus it is very easy for you to connect with her.
  3. Goddess Tara: Tara is the emanation of Shakti and thus, Tara helps connect to the inner strength within you.
  4. Goddess Saraswati: Similarly, Goddess Saraswati also helps connect to your inner self, your feminine side blessing you with the skills that make you famous often.

3) Gemini:

Gemini is the Air mutable sign and is a masculine energy. Gemini is ruled by the planet Lord Mercury. Rahu is high ranking and Ketu is considered not so high ranking for Gemini.

Thus if you worship Lord Venkateshwara, you might find the connection, the masculine God might offer you some points of improvement.

  1. Vishnu: You can pray to Lord Vishnu. He might also be one to whom you connect quickly, your dual sides would recognise God very well.
  2. Narayan: You can pray to Lord Narayan, son of Brahma who played the role of Vishnu on many occasions.
  3. Buddha: Buddha would bring peace to you. He might bring prosperity to you and might help you achieve that inner peace which is so very missing within you given your dual nature often is busy playing different roles within you.

4) Cancer:

Cancer is the water Cardinal sign and is the emanation of the feminine energy. Jupiter is considered to be of a higher rank for the Cancerians. Thus worshipping those energy sources that connect you to the waters and also to your feminine side would immediately bring peace within you.

  1. Krishna: Worship Krishna, like the music of his flute, you would be carried off to the other world of waters within your soul.
  2. Gauri: A feminine energy, calm and mild, she can influence you in all forms.
  3. Lalita: She is also another form of Shakti.
  4. Saraswati: Saraswati Devi also influences you immensely since her peaceful aura infiltrates the very core of your soul.

5) Leo:

The Sun is the ruling planet of this fire fixed Zodiac sign with masculine energy.

Sun is capable of influencing the Leo zodiacs to a large extent. Leos would feel closest to

  1. Shiva: Shiva is the God that can connect best to the Fire energies due to his presence in the world in the form of a Pillar of Fire; the same is known as the energy of the Linga.
  2. Lord Rama: Similarly Lord Rama also deduced a path that was new to the world at one point of time. His cardinal effort is still valued in India greatly and thus, his singular cardinal power can actually influence these raging souls of the planet.

6) Virgo:

The Earth mutable sign that is made up of feminine energy. Mercury rules this Zodiac sign and the deities you can worship incorporates

  1. Vishnu: The keeper of the clan is who needs to be worshipped by these earthly mutable signs.
  2. Narayan: Narayan is worshipped by the hardworking Virgos and they know how to protect the world and people from something or some uneven forces.
  3. Buddha: Buddha is capable of blessing you with a thorough understanding.

 7) Libra:

The Cardinal Air sign with the masculine energy is ruled by the mighty Venus. You can worship

  1. Mahalakshmi for her artistic pursuits and can connect to her at a good level.
  2. Parvati’s power attracts the Venusians due to the power she exudes in the world.
  3. Maha Kali: Her energies are airy, and she is the Goddess who can defy the law of time for you, hardworking Librans.

 8) Scorpio:

With Mars sitting in the Scorpion kingdom, there are no planets that have a higher place in Scorpion.

  1. Lord Hanuman can save the watery fixed signs of the Zodiac world with light that helps penetrate their darkness.
  2. Rudra is capable of creating stability within water which can form several strong points to hold.
  3. Kartikeya or Subramanian can bring peace to their soul releasing them from all attachments.
  4. Narsimha and Ganesha can prevent you from weaving conspiracies for someone, even conspiracies around your own self.

9) Sagittarius:

Jupiter rules the mutable masculine Fire sign whose Lord is Jupiter. Ketu or Neptune is exalted in the zodiac Sagittarius and the greatest learnings in their life come through a lot of pain. The ruling God is Sri Dakshina Murthy the greatest wise teacher, the knowledge giver in the form of Dakshina Murthy.

  1. Hayagreev is the God who is a form of Vishnu and worshipping him would bring him close to the Gods.
  2. Vishnu himself is the greatest teacher of all for these silence seekers
  3. Parameshwara also cures their souls of various ailments.
  4. Dattatreya is the God who is also an emanation of Lord Shiva and helps the Sagittarian seekers in a million ways.

10) Capricorn:

Saturn is the planetary head of Saturn and Mars is highly placed in Capricorn.

  1. Brahma brings the knowledge of the origin to them and Brahma makes them bear the Cardinal Power.
  2. Vishnu is another form for them to be worshipped, since Vishnu can protect them as well as infuse them with the ability to transform the world.

11) Aquarius:

Saturn is the planet that is the planetary Lord for this Zodiac sign. There are no planets that have been placed in a higher rank in Aquarius similar to Scorpions. Devotees must fast and pray to Lord Saturn alone since there is nothing more than being a capable, impartial and good judge.

12) Pisces:

Jupiter is the main Lord of Pisces and Venus is highly ranked here on this Zodiac. Durga, Radha and Sita emanate the same power or force and all provide them the same grounds to flourish and develop in every way. A mutable, feminine Water sign, Pisces brings an end to something only to begin newly somewhere.

It is often good to connect to some higher power and to be able to understand the higher worlds. Connecting back to some Force or Power that connects back to you is a blessing in disguise, an ultimate boon, a desire that is preserved by all and many. We all expect to be heard, to be understood above everything else.

When we connect to that higher form of energy, it is only then that we can grow, if we cannot connect back to that higher form of energy, we often feel wasted after a prayer. The various Lords and Gods are preserved in the world to make our lives happier and more prospering.

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