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How to do Satyanarayan Pooja at Home

How to do Satyanarayan Pooja at home

Date : 26 मई, 2020

Lord Satyanarayan is the true emanation of Lord Vishnu and his truest form, so it is believed. Knowing how to perform Satyanarayan Pooja at home would be a must for every household. When once Lord Narada came down upon Earth and saw how humans suffered from hunger and deficiency diseases, Lord Narada ensured that this message reached Lord Vishnu.

To begin with, Satyanarayan Pooja at home should be done only when you know the Satyanarayana Pooja story and the benefits of Satyanarayan Pooja in its entirety. It was then that Lord Vishnu requested Lord Narada to carry the message back to the Earthlings as to what needed to be done in order to live and survive in a healthy manner. This process came to be known as Satyanarayan Vrat and the procedure of performing the Vrat was recited by Lord Satyanarayan himself.

This is the below given procedure that is followed even today for performing Satyanarayan Puja at home.

Procedure of Performing Satyanarayan Vrat at Home

On the previous day, ensure that you have mentally decided to perform the Satyanarayan Pooja at home, the next day. Choose a particular date from the numerous Satyanarayan Vrat dates. Next day, first thing you do after waking up, is you take a bath with Lord Satyanarayan’s name in your heart. If possible take an oil bath.

Now, in a new Kalash or pot pour clean water if you do not have Gangajal and place it in your altar. Cover it up and then ensure you fast for the whole day, if possible and if you have no medical challenges that prevents you from fasting.

Anyone can do the Satyanarayan Puja at home, it could be the husband and the wife, it could be you alone or it could be your parents or your siblings. There is no written law that only a married couple should perform this Pooja.

Invite your relatives, invite your friends and invite your neighbours on this holy occasion. Wear traditional, clean dresses if possible and keep all your ingredients ready for the holy hour when you can do the Satyanarayan Pooja at home.

Usually any Poornima (Full Moon) is considered to be the perfect day for the Satyanarayan Pooja at home. You can also choose an Ekadashi if you may like.

What you need for this Pooja?

We provide you a general overview of what you may need for the Satyanarayan Pooja at home, the Satyanarayana Pooja Samagri list is here for you.

  1. A Satyanarayan idol or photo
  2. Camphor
  3. A small lamp, you can use your lamp, the one you use every day in front of the Gods.
  4. Turmeric
  5. Vermilion
  6. Raw rice smeared with turmeric known as Akshath
  7. Incense sticks
  8. Two cups of water with spoons. Try not to use your everyday spoons
  9. Sandalwood paste
  10. Flowers
  11. Fruits
  12. Wheat powder
  13. Chironjee for the Prasad
  14. Milk in equal amount as the Wheat powder
  15. Coconuts
  16. Cloth
  17. Quarter coins or any coin
  18. Nava Dhanya (nine grains and nine beans)
  19. Mango leaves
  20. Wood pieces for the Hom

How to perform the Pooja at home?

You can do Satyanarayan Swamy Pooja at home all by yourself or you can invite a priest to pray on your behalf. Place the mango leaves on the Kalash and then place the coconut on the mango leaves. Tie it with a red thread and place some rice grains and upon it place the pot of water. You can arrange the Prasad around the place. Burn the incenses and the lamp. Smear God with vermilion sandalwood paste and turmeric.

Place the nine coins in a plate. These coins are made of multiple metals and coins are made after minting them together so you can use these coins instead of using the separate metals representing each planet since that might be difficult to obtain in the market in a short period of time.

After you have prayed to the God and performed the Hom for which you need the wooden pieces and you must apply ghee and burn the fire. You must also arrange 108 leaves of Bilva leaves (Aegle marmelos).

It costs around Rs.2500 to perform the Satyanarayan Swamy Pooja at home.

After you are done with the Hom, you must recite or listen to the five chapters of Satyanarayan Katha.

Each Chapter talks about a specific aspect of the Satyanarayana Pooja story and about performing Lord Satyanarayan Arti through stories and examples of people who, in the past either benefitted by observing the Vrat properly or who did not benefit or were harmed rather, when they did not observe the Vrat that was either expected out of them or on those occasions when they failed to keep the promises.

What does each chapter of Satyanarayan Vrat contain?

  • a) Chapter 1: Origin of the Satyanarayan Vrat is depicted here in this chapter.
  • b) Chapter 2: It talks about the benefits of observing the Satyanarayan Pooja.
  • c) Chapter 3: It talks about the mishappenings that might hit you if you fail to keep the vow that you would perform the Pooja.
  • d) Chapter 4: It narrates the importance of performing this Pooja and also tells you the importance of eating this Prasad.
  • e) Chapter 5: It narrates that the importance is to be paid to the Pooja and not to the devotees who participate in the Pooja.

Satyanarayan Pooja at home can be performed by anyone from your home in your home and no matter what you can always be a part of the Satyanarayan Pooja at home. Believe me, you can get addicted to the lip smacking delicious Prasad apart from listening to the main Satyanarayan Vrat Katha.

Performing the Satyanarayan Pooja at home can also bring inner peace, it can help you develop a true incite and you have to understand that Satyanarayan Vrat can make your life prosper with the blessings of the Lord and the people whom you feed during the Satyanarayan Puja at home.

Some people do keep a dinner after the Pooja as well to ensure they do not let anyone go away in hunger.

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