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Impact of The Moon on Your Life

Impact of The Moon on Your Life

Date : 23 जून, 2020

The Moon is as important as the Sun according to Vedic Astrology. In fact, the Moon is more important according to Vedic Astrology. Human psychology or psyche is closely tied to the moon’s position on Earth and this has been proven by many scientific researches.

Moon governs the various sectors of human life and living- intellect, money, longevity and spiritual connection. Moon governs what not? The tides, the birds and the animal behavior, the human behavior, alongwith the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of human beings is required to function appropriately for human beings.

In Vedic Astrology, each of the 27 constellations has 4 quarters each. Now, the influence of the Moon in either of the quarters tells a lot about how the native would be placed during their lifetime in various facets.

We know that during the Full Moon, the sea levels rise and the fishermen usually stay away from the frantic nature of the sea. During the New Moon, the sea levels go down and the sea is at its calmest with no or few high tides. The high tides and the low tides are a constant remembrance of the Moon’s impact in our lives.

We are composed of 70% water and thus being impacted by the Moon is not very unlikely for us. During Full Moon the water within us acquires high tide and the New Moon sees stillness in our moods.

When is Moon bad for us?

When is Moon bad for us? Moon is bad for us when the Moon lies in the sixth, eighth and the twelfth house of our horoscopes. We would try to see the impact on the individuals when the Moon is in any of the three houses. The usual impact of the Moon in any of the three houses is that Moon’s influence might reduce the longevity of a human being.

Effect of the Moon in the sixth House

Inmates can feel a lack of love and compassion when Moon is in the sixth House. You might be cheated in life or in matters of love. One or the other issue would bring stress to you. If there is a malefic planet in this House, it will rather help the inmate when it comes to their careers. You can dominate the competitors when it comes to your career and mostly you are a restless kind. For every small thing you may feel impatience and confronting others might always be an issue for you.

Your mother and you would not be happy together and you would feel detached from all your relations most of the time.

Effect of Moon in the eighth House

Moon in Eighth House would create emotional insecurity in your life. Emotionally you would be distant from everyone and why you feel scared of emotions would not be a well explained fact for you. Your low morale would be your constant companion. When Moon is in the eighth House you would be sort of a materialistic person. Materialism would be important for your survival and your secretiveness would ensure you a job in the secretive societies or the detective agencies. Whatever is found beneath the Earth like minerals and vegetables under the ground might be a source of revenue for you in the long run.

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Effect of Moon in the Twelfth House

The house represents expenditure and stress can make you restless even when Moon is in twelfth house as it would make you when it is in the sixth house. Travel to foreign countries and writing could be your stronghold and the Moon makes them highly imaginative.

If the Moon is weak around your twelfth House you might benefit by worshipping Lord Shiva on each and every day. Beautiful stories can come out of a highly imaginative mind like the natives in whom the Moon is in the twelfth House.

Three main ways Moon affects life on Earth

Moon affects life on Earth in three ways primarily, if you look around yourself.

  • Time
  • Tides and
  • Light

Humans easily get diverted by the lag time or the circadian rhythms. Animals usually respond to the circadian rhythms and the lunar clocks. Like the sand hoppers who have a Sun antennae in their brain and a Moon receptor in their antennae. So, they hide in the daytime and come out after the Moon appears in the sky.

Moon is directly influencing the water and the dissolved salts in out body. Luna is the term leading to the word lunatic and Moon’s impact on the lunatic nature of a person is influenced is at its peak on the Full Moon day.

A man born on the Full Moon day experiences expression of intellect and also experiences a bright mind in general. It is often the opposite for those born under the New Moon.

When people have an inferior Moon, they might suffer from asthma, mental issues, cough and cold and man such symptoms. When people have a superior Moon, they usually do not suffer from such diseases.

Weak Moon can also cause depression, lethargy, worries, restlessness, impatience and epilepsies, even hysteria at times.

Impact of Moon’s placement in the various Zodiacs.

Let us try to find out what happens when the Moon is in the various Zodiac signs.

1) Aries: Aries represent Ram and Mars is its planetary guardian.

 Moon’s presence in Aries can make the person impulsive and causes actions and reactions. Often rash reactions cause direct activities from the Aries, extremes in emotions are easily reached by the inmates.

2) Taurus: Taurus represents the Bull and Venus is the planetary guardian.

Moon’s presence in Taurus increases the natives desire for material wealth and possessions. Money and possessions gain importance and some of the Taureans might either act greedy or some may even act stingy.

3) Gemini: Gemini represents the Twin and Mercury is the planetary guardian.

Moon in Air zodiac Gemini can make the Geminis expressive. Such expressions need thorough analysis and often it is better to keep them locked than expressing them without a thought.

4) Cancer: Cancer is representing the Crab and Moon is their planetary guardian.

Over reaction is a part of such people and exaggerated or hidden reactions are what would make the person seem to be the one devoid of emotions. Usually, the strongest of emotions and feelings could be a part of the extreme nature of these individuals.

5) Leo: Leo represents the Lion and the Sun is the planetary guardian.

Moon represents stability as well as security. People usually have a flickering mental state that is rather lucid or extremely volatile by nature. Often such Leos try to live alone and often find a way through their expressive side in painting or writing.

6) Virgo: Virgo represents the Virgin and the Mercury is the planetary guardian of the Virgo.

Emotions in such individuals are rare and quite balanced, often calm. Extreme emotions are rare in these people and often the Virgos avoid such extreme emotions. If and when they have to face such emotions, they either might need time to deal with it or they may take the help of others in the process.

7) Libra: Libra represents the balance and Venus is the planetary guardian of the Librans.

Libra’s desire to achieve harmony and balance is paramount and their sense of beauty, refinement and their aesthetic surges reach their top. When the Moon is in Libra, the natives might be themselves very well balanced and justified, quite impartial in their approach and naturally attuned to understand the game of balance.

8) Scorpio: Scorpio represents the Scorpion and Mars is the planetary guardian of Scorpions.

Usually these scorpions have an active subconscious world and are blessed with an extremely strong intuition. The understanding and the mysteriousness of the natives is more and often intensified emotions and feelings would find a way into others life. Extremely sharp and better focus is a trait in these people.

9) Sagittarius: Sagittarius represents the Centaur and Jupiter is the planetary guardian of Sagittarius.

Emotions find an expressive way when the Moon is in Sagittarius. They are highly optimistic creatures, and they evoke positivity and vitality. Good intentions are a part of such Sagittarian minds and for such Sagittarians belief is the ultimate key behind all the goals.

10) Capricorn: Capricorn represents the mountain goat and Saturn is the planetary guardian of Capricorn.

Conservatism, prudence and increased concentration are a part of our daily goals. Such individuals often plan out their path and work prudently to the top. They usually believe in a step-by step goal and usually act in a secure and stable manner.

11) Aquarius: Aquarius is the man with the pitcher and Saturn alongside Uranus rules these Aquarians.

Moon in Aquarius makes the individuals quite unconventional and often gives them a heedful of ideas. They are also quite cautious and may often not ask for help, even when they need it the most. Self reliance often corners them and makes them act aloof.

12) Pisces: Pisces is the twin fish once upstream and once downstream and is ruled by the Neptune and Jupiter.

These individuals swim in a pool of emotions and their emotions often stand against their rational judgments, sometimes they might be rational and sometimes they may be emotional and too touchy and feelings just rise and evaporate with them.

Importance of the Moon Sign

Usually the Moon Sign can tell us a lot about our inner selves. It helps define your inner core and the unconscious side of your personality. Moon Sign can make two people very different despite carrying the same Sun sign. Your emotional habits would find a way of expression in accordance to your Moon Sign.

If the Sun sign and the Moon Sign of the person is same

If the Sun and the Moon Sign are the same for the person, then there would be harmony in nature and the signs traits would be amplified twice the time. Now, when the Moon and Sun act in harmony, the person’s nature is very different from those who are born under the similar Sun signs and different Moon signs.

For example if anger is a trait of a Sign then with both Sun and Moon in the same sign the person might become doubly angry. When the person’s Sun sign makes the person impatient, with the Sun and the Moon in the same sign, the human becomes doubly impatient or sometimes even might be impatient and patient at the same time. Sometimes, Moon and Sun balance each other and sometimes Moon and Sun accentuate each other.

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Thus, we can conclude that the Moon impacts our life in more than one way. Our mental stimulations, our spiritual health, our heart’s well being and physical strength depends a lot on our Moon Signs. When your willingness to act on a particular topic and your emotions clash again and again, you understand that there might be two opposing signs sitting under your Sun sign and your Moon sign.

This might be the reason behind the frequent clashes, the ineffective judgments and state of confusion arises. Thus, knowing your Moon sign and your Sun sign and knowing the characteristics of the two Zodiacs in which the Sun and the Moon sit would be extremely important to understand where you stand and what pulls you back, why and what pushes you forward and how. Make sure you do a thorough analysis at least of your Sun sign and Moon sign.

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