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Jupiter Transit 2022 Dates | Predictions For Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit 2022 Dates

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 25 नवम्बर, 2021 04:41 पूर्वाह्न

Jupiter transit 2022-2023 reveals the transitory impacts of the planet Jupiter in the lives of the natives. Read about various impacts of Jupiter transit 2022 and know what the future has in store for you.

Out of all the planets in our solar system, Jupiter is the largest and the most powerful planet with a long-lasting impact. It appears shimmering and bright when seen from the space.

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As per Vedic Astrology, this planet of sages is known as Brihaspati. All the devtas and priests are said to worship this planet as their Guru. This planet shows the right path and always encourages us to be truthful.

This planet is of the utmost importance in the matter of education, marriage, children, devotion, spirituality. The existence of Jupiter in an individual’s horoscope evokes religious instincts in him/her. Jupiter represents the higher authorities, Guru, elderly people, and your relationship with them. This planet is also responsible for your social prestige.

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Jupiter takes approx 1 year to transit from one zodiac sign to another. This long duration makes its impact even more powerful. This planet is taken into account before planning anything auspicious. No auspicious event takes place without the blessings of Jupiter. It has the ownership of two zodiac signs; the fiery sign Sagittarius and the watery sign Pisces.

Jupiter Transit 2022 Dates

The movement of Jupiter brings happiness and joy to an individual’s life and is thus considered the most auspicious transit. It is revealed that Jupiter is going to transit from the Aquarius in its own sign i.e, Pisces on 12 April 2022 around 4:58 P.M. Let’s learn the impact of this transit on all the zodiac signs.

Jupiter Transit 2022 for Aries Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be located in the 11th house of Kundli at the starting of the year. This period will be fortunate for the people indulged with foreign clients for business deals. This may not be the right time for big investments as you might go through financial instability. You can also Talk To An Astrologer to get various remedies. Your busy schedule will lead to a communication gap and weak bonding with your siblings and close ones. In April, Jupiter will move to its own zodiac from your 12th house. This period is likely to bring some adventurous trips for you. You will be inclined towards spirituality and several religious programs. You will show interest in social services and will also donate for the same. There are also chances that you might start spending on unproductive and unnecessary items. This transit is favorable for people who have been planning to move overseas for a long time.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Taurus Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be moving away from the 10th house of Taurus natives during the initial months of the Year 2022. You may plan to switch your current job role during this transit. Diversion of resources might be beneficial for the entrepreneurs. People engaged in mysteries and science are likely to experience a better time. This period can help in building a good reputation and can also increase your client’s convertibility rate.

People indulged in speculative activities are going to witness an increment in their monetary value in April. During this period Jupiter will enter the 11th house of your horoscope. There are chances of you to earn from hidden sources although it is advised that you stay away from such malpractices as it can lead to several harmful results in the near future. There is the possibility that you might meet new people and befriend them, be careful while making new relations as they can take advantage of you.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Gemini Zodiac Sign

At the beginning of the Year 2022, Jupiter will transit from the 9th house of Gemini natives. This house is considered the house of fortune and luck. This period can be fortunate enough for the people who are in search of a suitable partner. There are chances that your parents and family will set you up with the partner you have been looking for. You may start hunting for a perfect guru or preacher due to your sudden inclination towards spirituality.

During this period you might come across some powerful personalities who will help you in enhancing your career. This is the right time for the people who have been thinking about starting something new for so long. The service class natives will also experience a good reputation and respect from their seniors and colleagues.

Expansion of the existing business will give fruitful results during this period.

You can also Ask the Astrologer about what this transit has in store for you. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Cancer Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be placed in the 8th house of Cancer natives during the initial months of the Year 2022. There are chances that you might experience uncertainties in your professional life. You might witness conspiracies and politics at your workplace. If you have invested in shares or the stock market be ready to suffer losses during this transit. 

You may get prone to some health issues such as diabetes, liver issues, obesity, etc. you should take proper care of yourself by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

You will experience a favorable time when Jupiter will transit in your 9th house of Horoscope. This period will majorly favor the natives who are into the property dealing as you will crack some good business deals. This transit is a green signal for the people who have been thinking of buying a new house. You might do some unproductive travels which will ultimately impact your savings. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Leo Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be placed in the 7th house of Leo natives during the initial period of the Year 2022. This transit will favor the married couples as during this time your bond of love will become stronger. Although, you might face disagreements on several matters with your inlaws. You should handle the situation with patience and calmness.

Couples are likely to take a step ahead in their relationship. Love birds may look forward to their marriage. Business partners may face some hardships during this period and may also generate revenue from unknown or hidden sources. Your spiritual inclination will increase your quest for a preacher or a Guru during this phase. 

There are chances that you might face some troubles in your relationship due to the interference of a third person. This intervention by an outsider will make you doubt your partner. You are likely to have trust issues. It is therefore suggested that you sort out all the misunderstandings between you two by trusting your partner. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Virgo Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will move from the 6th house of Virgo natives during the initial phase of this year. This phase will be fortunate for the people who are into judiciary or litigation as you might fetch some potential clients. This will further improve your goodwill and reputation in the market. This period may lead to some fights between you and your spouse. 

You will be able to plan some vacations and trips for yourself when Jupiter will be transiting from your 7th house in April. During this planetary transit, singles might get hitched. You also need to take care of your health by eating right. This transit will be positive because couples who are going through a rough phase will start to improve their bonding. People engaged in the family business can expect high profits and good returns. You might also generate more than one source of income.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Libra Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will transit from the 5th house of Libra natives during the initial period. This period might not favor the Libra students who are preparing for competitive exams. 

You should take proper care of your health. As you might fall victim to the liver or stomach-related issues. It is a favorable time for the couple who have been thinking about conceiving or extending their family. 

In the month of April, Jupiter will transit in its own sign in the 6th house. This duration is going to favor the students who have been preparing for Chartered accountancy, Law, administrative jobs, and other courses like these. This period is also favorable for freshers or people with zero experience as you might get your dream jobs. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be in the 4th house of Kundli of Scorpio natives. You will become too active in your personal life during this transit. The bond between you and your mother will grow stronger. This time is favorable for buying a new property or a house as you might make some good deals. 

In April, Jupiter will transit to your 5th house. This period will increase your financial wealth as you will be able to earn from multiple sources. Your bond with your children will likely improve and grow stronger during this period. You might plan to go on some recreational vacation with your children. The students will be able to study with full concentration during this time. They will go through every topic very thoroughly. There are chances that you will be graduating with flying colors. 

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will move from the 3rd house of Kundli of Sagittarius natives. During this transit, you might face difficulties in achieving your desired goals. You will be bonding with your siblings, friends, and other close ones and will also feel safe and protected in their company. You might plan to go on short trips with them. Natives engaged in the writing profession can experience good times as they might receive appreciation for their improvised work. 

You might develop your interest in exercises and yogas. 

Jupiter will get placed in your 4th house in April, during this phase, your inclination towards your family will highly increase. You will be ready to go to any extent for their happiness. Those who live far from their parents will start visiting their family frequently. You will also witness huge returns in your business which will enhance your social prestige.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will transit from the 2nd house of Kundli of the Capricorn natives. This movement is not favorable. You might witness an increase in your spendings and a decrease in your savings. There are also chances that someone in your family might fall ill and due to this you will be disturbed and distracted. This period is favorable for people who are planning to travel overseas. 

Jupiter will be moving from your 3rd house in April, this period can be favorable for the people who are engaged in yogic practices, gymnasts, etc. Your fitness will be able to attract new clients for you.

There are also chances that you might get into some arguments or confrontations with your friends or siblings which ultimately affect your bond. Your relationship with your father will get better during this period.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The Aquarius natives will see a favorable period during the starting of the year. You can expect good financial gains from your business. You will be highly energetic and quick on your feet during this phase. Although in context to your personal life, you might turn a bit egoistic which will impact your relations with the family members.

Jupiter will transit in your 5th house of Kundli, this movement will also be favorable for you as you will be experiencing some huge financial gains during this period as well. You will also find an increase in your savings. This phase will also improve your relationship with your immediate family. Your family will further support you in all your endeavors.

Jupiter Transit 2022 in Pisces Zodiac Sign

At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will move from the 12th house of your birth chart. You should take care of your health to stay away from any kind of disease. There are chances that you might become spendthrift by spending on unproductive things. If you have been planning to travel overseas then this period is a green signal for you. 

The existence of Jupiter in your zodiac sign during this period will empower you by making you confident and strong. You will have wisdom and charisma in your personality. People will be seeking advice and guidance from you. It is also important that you keep a healthy track of your eating habits. Eating junk and unhealthy food will make you gain weight. You will be able to win all your battles and challenges by becoming optimistic. Your bond with your significant other will grow stronger during this phase and you might think of extending your family. You are also likely to incline towards spirituality.

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