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Mole Meanings - Lucky Moles on Body Meaning

Lucky Mole Meaning on Body

Updated Date : बुधवार, 30 सितम्बर, 2020 12:22 अपराह्न

Moles are the little brown or black spots that are found on the different parts of a human body. In Vedic astrology, these unique birthmarks are considered very significant to predict destiny and characteristics of an individual. Mole meanings reveal the luck and foretells the hurdles or misfortune that may occur in a person’s life. Meaning of moles varies according to their size, color and placement on the body. For instance, mole meaning on face parts such as the chin represents tenacity and determination while meaning of moles on body parts such as legs signifies bold and extrovert personality. Do you have moles on your body? Know what are the meanings of moles on face, what are the lucky moles on a female body and what does the mole on your body indicate.

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Lucky Moles on Female Body Meanings

Here is the list of lucky moles on the female body and their mole meanings. Read on to know which moles are lucky, what are the good marriage moles , which moles represent beauty and much more. 

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Lucky Mole on Forehead Meaning

Mole on the forehead indicates strong confidence and success. It represents that you are a confident person and with your self confidence and efforts, you can achieve great fame and success. If a female has a mole on the median line of the forehead, it means they are very confident and will have a high chance of travelling abroad. 

Lucky Mole on Eyebrows Meaning

Females with moles in between their eyebrows are very lucky. They find good luck in their life and will get riches and wealth. They are blessed with wisdom and maturity to act right in every situation.

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Lucky Mole on Chin Meaning

Moles on the chin are very lucky. Females born with this mole are fortunate enough to get all the comforts and pleasures of life. However, they don’t socialize and prefer to stay alone or with family or close friends only. 

Lucky Mole on The Right or Left Eyebrow Meaning

Mole on the right or left eyebrow of the female means that they will earn a lot of wealth. They will never feel any short of money in their life. There will be financial stability. However, they will tend to overspend the earned money. 

Lucky Mole on the Right or Left Eyeball Meaning

If there is a mole on the right or left eyeball of a female, then she will have an intelligent and calm persona. They will be reliable and wealthy. Mole on any of the eyeballs is also considered as a good marriage mole. This mole on the female body represents marriage with a rich boy. 

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Lucky Mole on Ears Meaning

Mole on the ear is considered as a lucky mole on the body. Females with moles on the ear tend to be very fortunate. They will be intelligent and quick in decision making. If a female has moles on both of her ears, then they will enjoy luxuries and comforts of life. They could influence others easily and make a good impression on others. These moles are also known as good marriage moles. Moles on the left ear of females signifies good and happy married life. 

Lucky Mole on the Edge of the Eye Meaning

Females with a mole on the outer edge of the eye are said to be very lucky and fortunate. They gather wealth in their life and make lots of friends. 

Lucky Mole Below or Near Nose Wing Meaning

If you have a mole near or below your nose wing, then it means that you will have a lot of money and there won’t be any financial problems in your life. Presence of this mole on the female body means good financial prospects. 

Lucky Mole on Waist Meaning

Moles on either side of the waist indicates wealth and abundance. If a female has a mole on her waist then she will get opportunities to study for a longer period of time. Mole on the left side means worries in the life of the individual.

Lucky Mole on Cheeks Meaning

Moles on the cheeks of females means that they will have a lot of friends in their life. They will be influential and would be able to accomplish their work by manipulating people easily. Such females often love gossiping and face setbacks due to their back bitching nature. 

Lucky Moles Meaning on Lips

Mole on the upper lips of the women is a sign of beauty and attractive personality. These moles are thus known as beauty moles. Females with moles on the lower lips show studious nature. They work hard for their goals and have a great ability to achieve any goals. 

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Lucky Moles on Neck Meaning 

Mole on the neck of a female has great patience and intelligence. They will be clever and hard working. They will work hard to achieve their goals and may choose a life partner who is stronger and polite in nature. These women can get success in their life if they plan things well and make careful decisions in life. 

Lucky Moles on Shoulder Meaning

Those females who have moles on their shoulders will lead a luxurious and royal life. They will be polite in nature and will show philanthropic nature. They will serve society and needy people. These women should always prefer a partner who is stronger than them and has good conduct. 

Lucky Mole on Feet Meaning

Mole on the right feet indicates intelligence and success in academics. Such people achieve great height in education. If there is a mole on the left side of a person, then they are very unconventional in their approach. Their thoughts are unique and out of the box. 

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