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New Moon or no Moon Calendar

New moon or No moon calendar

Updated Date : सोमवार, 07 सितम्बर, 2020 13:47 अपराह्न

New Moon or no Moon Calendar 2020, unlike the Full Moon Calendar promises no spectacles precisely as a New Moon cannot be seen in the night sky. New Moon, though, is spiritually a more awakening process as it is the beginning of a new Lunar cycle as opposed to the Full Moon that marks the completion of the Lunar cycle.

During the New Moon/ Amavasya you can set your targets and make sure you fulfill them by the Full Moon. So, during this time, just take some time off, relax and rejuvenate. 

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During the New Moons/ Amavasya, there is nothing to expect out of Nature, there is no anticipation and hence there can be no troubles. Thus, spend the whole day making small goals, try and achieve them by the next Full Moon and try to live peacefully forward. There is no celebration around the Amavasyas and thus, there is no need to participate in anything. You can just keep it still and quiet and live as per your needs.

Here is Full Moon Calendar 2020.

Do you know the New Moon dates for 2020? Let us bring you the New Moon Calendar 2020.


New Moon date

New Moon Time


January 24, 2020 on a Friday

at 21:41


February 23, 2020 on a Sunday

at 15:31


March 24, 2020 on a Tuesday

at 09:28


April 23, 2020 on a Thursday

at 02:25


May 22, 2020 on a Friday

at 17:38


June 21, 2020 on a Sunday

at 06:41


July 20, 2020 on a Monday

at 17:32


August 19, 2020 on a Wednesday

at 02:41


September 17, 2020 on a Thursday

at 11:00


October 16, 2020 on a Friday

at 19:30


November 15, 2020 on a Sunday

at 05:07


December 14, 2020 on a Monday

at 16:16

Use moon sign calculator to Know your moon sign.

Let us see what the New Moons bring for you this year.

The New Moon Calendar 2020 for January would bring to you a complicated phase of emotions. Moon in Aquarius means there is a strong need for emotional freedom lying latent within you. Tap your feelings, and let go of negative emotions.

New Moon January

Moon Sign

24 January 2020


The New Moon Calendar 2020 for February would make you sensitive and help you perceive the surroundings. Insecure feelings, passiveness can grip you. You would benefit if you are on a spiritual search during this point of time.

New Moon February

Moon Sign

23 February 2020


The New Moon of March brings to you a problem solving capability. You would be solving your problems faster than the normal rate. Take a break, slow down, there is no end line to reach and proceed as peacefully as possible.

New Moon March

Moon Sign

24 March 2020


The New Moon Calendar 2020 for April in Taurus makes you seek stability but then change is on your cards. Thus, you have to seek out a change on one hand and manage your self respect on the other hand. Do not delve into anything that does not seem to fit your current scheme of things. This is what this particular New Moon says to you.

New Moon April

Moon Sign

23 April 2020


In the New Moon of May in Gemini, you need to understand that sharing your feelings easily can make you feel comfortable. During this point of life, you may be able to communicate better than on other times, however mental communications may not be enough as you need to connect your heart in these conversations as well.

New Moon May

Moon Sign

22 May 2020


When the New Moon happens in Cancer, then there are greater demands for obtaining security and stability. Bad things of the past need to be forgotten, forgiven to further move forward. Do not dwell in your past. In short, move on with your life and move in a direction that you deem fit. Subjective thought processes might need to be replaced by more distant and careful observations. 

New Moon June

Moon Sign

21 June 2020


The New Moon in July occurs in Cancer again, you would still be having the same kind of feelings that you had in the previous month. Unable to forget some inequalities, you may still be wondering if forgetting and forgiving them should be done without containing the lesson you learnt from them. If you have learnt to let go, make sure you catch up with the lessons you learnt from it.

New Moon July

Moon Sign

20 July 2020


When the New Moon is in Leo, you would find greater peace when impressing others however, you do not like it, when a stage is set for you. Be open to criticisms and admit within you the mistakes you have done while walking down the road. It may be anything starting from your inability to recognise others or their responses towards you. It could be your inability to gossip or vice versa, in short.

New Moon Auguest

Moon Sign

19 August 2020


The New Moon Calendar 2020 when in Virgo, is the time when you would want to feel safe and clear, about the various fuzzy facts that run in your mind. In this case, you may want to make sure that you don't have much expectations from your life, let it run at its own speed. There are certain things you can’t change from your position so you have to either change your position or you have to let it go.

New Moon September

Moon Sign

17 September 2020


With the New Moon in Libra, you have a strong need to create a balance in your life. There is a need to harmonise and there’s also a need to find out the true purpose of your life and living. You need to understand that there would be a need to shape up your feelings, whether they are good or bad, you need to create a fine balance between the good and bad ones.

New Moon October

Moon Sign

16 October 2020


While the New Moon is in Scorpio, shallow relationships would no longer seem important to you, deeper relations would seem more important and you would be eager to prioritise deeper relationships more.

New Moon November

Moon Sign

15 November 2020


When the New Moon Calendar 2020 focuses on Sagittarius, you might want to broaden your horizons. With the Moon in Sagittarius during this point of time, make sure you’re optimistic and skeptical at the same time- optimistic that whatever the mess is, you would make through it and be skeptical to understand that overoptimism is not an option for you now. 

Weigh your chances, make peace and ensure that you’re focusing only on yourself. There is no one else who matters at this point of time. You have chosen the parts you want to play in this world, you have declared them to the community, to the people concerned as to what you would like to be there in your life and what you don't want in your life. Now, there is nothing much you can do, except focusing on yourself.

New Moon December

Moon Sign

14 December 2020


So, in all this while taking your time out is most important for you. Make sure you clear a space, burn some candles and incense, and have a notebook with you. Begin fresh with all that you want to accomplish in the next 29 days. Write down, speak out loud, do whatever you want to, but make sure you understand all that you want to achieve.

A New Moon Calendar 2020 indicates 12 days when there are no celebrations, no Moon or Amavasya marks the beginning of a new phase or a new Cycle of the Moon as well as our lives.

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