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Pythagorean Numerology Meaning, Calculator, Chart and History

pythagorean numerology meaning

Updated Date : बुधवार, 08 फरवरी, 2023 13:17 अपराह्न

Pythagorean numerology are sometimes known as Western or contemporary numerology. The Greek mathematician and metaphysician Pythagoras is credited with creating it. The Pythagorean system exclusively employs integers with single-digit origins. In this post, you will learn more about numerology, including its background, chart, and calculator.

Meaning of Pythagorean Numerology 

Numerology is a broad area of astrology that uses numbers to explore the underlying significance of the cosmos. Few people may be aware that numerology is a field that very recently entered the 20th century. Even so, there are traces of it in prehistoric human culture.

Numerology is practiced in many different ways across the nations where it started.

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History of Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, and mathematician, is credited with creating numerology. He must be versed with the geometry theorems you learned in elementary school given his name. The mystical connection between numbers and nature inspired the Pythagoreans, a group of ancient Greek schools that studied Pythagoras. They contend that the universe cannot exist unless everything is in absolute harmony.

Pythagoras spent 22 years studying Chaldean numerology in Egypt due to his obsession with numbers. In his opinion, everything and anything in the cosmos is governed by the power of numbers, and everything and anything can be boiled down to a single digit when it comes to a numerical value. The Pythagorean Number System is the name given to this theory of assigning numerical forms.

History of Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean is an old and enigmatic system that repeats several digits after defining their meanings, often from 1 to 52. However, it does not offer a comprehensive way for creating a full Pythagorean number chart from a person's name or birthdate.

It can be used to assess if a number is lucky or unlucky, but even this does not provide a precise, useful, or comprehensible manner to apply it effectively. Pandit Sethuraman examined in depth both the Chaldean and Kabbalah systems. He discovered that the Chaldean method is the only precise numerology methodology that is now in use. Then, Chaldean Numerology was categorized by the field's creator, Pandit Sethuraman, up to 108 digits.

What is a Pythagorean Numerology Calculator?

The numerology calculator uses numerology numbers and names to help you decipher your magical numbers, secret abilities, personality qualities, and life challenges. Your name and birth date serve as the foundation for numerology, the study of numbers. The correlation of energies that exist in the cosmic scheme is provided by the total of values, which later becomes your governing number. So, by utilizing the Numerology Calculator, you can find your secret gift and learn what the future holds for certain numbers.

Let's look at how to utilize the calculator for numerology. The sum of the numbers in your birth date will give you your ruling number. Your ruling number is the sum of your date of birth. The road map to your life is included in your personal numerology number.

You can get specific details about your parents, your partner, your kids, your health, your in-laws, and your job using the Numerology Calculator. Numerology is a mathematical technique that uses your birthdate and name to determine your Karmic Pathway. Your chosen destiny in life is revealed by the day of your birth. Every breath you take is a part of the Cosmic Universe's Heavenly Spheres.

Add the month and day of your birth to the current year to determine your Personal Year. Bring the numbers down to one digit. This illustrates your Personal Year and your existence throughout a nine-year cycle. By adding the person's birth month and date to the present year, you may also determine their number and cycle. Therefore, give the numerology calculator a try and share your insightful observations.

In the end, which numerology system is correct?

The main difference between these two is that in the Chaldean numerology alphabet, the number nine is not assigned a letter. The Pythagorean system assigns the number 9 to several letters. Pythagorean numerology analysis is the original numerology technique. Contrarily, astrology and Chaldean numerology are related. However, the Chaldeans attributed a particular planet to each number. There isn't any explanation for this relationship, though. Consequently, the Pythagorean System is more accurate when seen from a numerological perspective.

About Pythagorean Numerology Alphabet Chart

The below-given table is how calculations are going to take place as multiple letters are assigned to a digit.





































Typically, the Pythagorean System focuses on five fundamental numbers.

1. Life Path Number

The Pythagorean system mainly focuses on this number. How your life will unfold in general, is related to this number. It has a significant impact on both the possibilities you will encounter and the types of obstacles you will encounter in life.

Simply take each digit of your birthdate, round it down to the nearest single digit, and use that result to determine your Life Path number.

2. Expression Number

These are also referred to as the Destiny number and are calculated using the entire name listed on your birth certificate. This helps you determine the inherent strengths and limitations that you have accumulated from birth. Discovering your life's hidden talent can be beneficial.

This number will draw your attention to the challenges you must face in order to complete any task. The purpose of this is to teach you a skill that could help you achieve your personal objectives.

3. Heart's Desire Number

This is the number that speaks to the purpose behind everything you accomplish in life. Your given name's vowels are used to calculate this. This may provide a window into your unconscious desires, which are sometimes ignored in favor of material desires. When you begin doubting yourself, it can make you realize who you really are.

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It also affects the decisions you make in your private and professional life, much like the people you interact with or draw.

4. Personality Number

This type of number, which is all about your first impression, is derived using the consonants of your name. This is the façade you present when meeting new people.

This, in essence, is the fact that you are letting the world see. You are not who you are at your core because of this characteristic. This number is similar to a mask you put on, and only individuals you trust can see through it.

5. Birthday Number

This number sums your date of birth down to one digit for all save the master number, which is then left alone. Given that it represents a single quality that will eventually become relevant in your life, this is thought to be the least crucial of the core numbers.

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वैवाहिक संघर्ष, प्रेम संबंध समस्या। कॉल पर गुना मिलान और रिलेशनशिप परामर्श।


नौकरी में संतुष्टि की कमी, करियर की समस्याएं? करियर और सफलता के लिए ज्योतिषी से सलाह लें।


धन की कमी, विकास और व्यावसायिक समस्याएं? कॉल पर ज्योतिषी द्वारा उपाय और समाधान प्राप्त करें।


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