Remedies For Rahu Ketu Transit


Remedies for Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019

Rahu and Ketu are considered as the two most fiery which usually don’t have a separate or individual identity. Because of their imaginary nature, they are likely to have a direct impact on the emotions of the natives. There are very rare chances when the celestial placement of these planets is termed as favorable.

It is the time of Rahu-Ketu transit which takes place once in a period of eighteen months and thus the transition would have a major impact upon all the zodiac signs as well as on the lives of the natives.

Both these planets move in a retrograde motion. Rahu is responsible for numerous problems such as legal issues, loss of family member, theft, stress, mental illness, breathing problems, leprosy, and various other health-related problems. There is a vital role played by Rahu behind the sudden failure or instant success of the native. If the celestial placement of planet Rahu is favorable then it bestows the individual with fame, recognition, and courage.

On the other hand, Ketu also has several negative aspects associated with it. When Ketu has an unfavorable placement in the horoscope, then it can cause many troubles to the native such as intestine problem, ailments related to ear, lungs, and brain. It also represents bad company, sufferings, and participation in mystic activities. There are various other aspects linked with the placement of Ketu including spiritual pursuits, philosophical pursuits, salvation, and sudden gains.

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Following are some of the remedies to cope up with the malefic and ill-effects of Rahu-Ketu transit as well as for nullifying the impact of Rahu Dasha and Ketu Dasha:

Remedies for Minimizing The ill-effects of Rahu

  • To overcome the obstacles and hurdles caused due to the wrong placement of Rahu, the natives must chant ‘Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah’ mantra. This mantra is for Lord Shiva which helps in calming down the nerves as well as to open doors towards abundance and prosperity.
  • The natives must perform donations of blue and black colored clothes and blankets, edible oil and black sesame seeds to poor and needy people. To get the utmost benefit, this act should be done primarily on Saturday and Wednesday.
  • The natives should wear a silver chain
  • The individuals must feed a black dog or keep a black dog as a pet.
  • Natives must visit the temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Bhairav as often as possible

Benefits of Observing The Remedies:

  • The natives get harmony and peace in their lives
  • Improvement in the financial position
  • It supports the spiritual development of the individuals
  • The natives get protected from all sort of negative energies and influences
  • Experience improvement in issues

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Remedies for Minimizing The ill-effects of Ketu

  • To overcome the obstacles and problems caused due to the unfavorable placement of Ketu, the natives must chant ‘Om Strim Strim Strim Sah Ketave Namah’ mantra. This mantra is for Lord Ganesha which helps in getting rid of the negative energies of Ketu. It helps you in seeking the right direction in life.
  • The natives must perform donations of ash-colored clothes, coconut and seven kinds of grains to poor and needy people.
  • The natives should observe a fast on Thursday
  • Donation of multi-colored blankets is beneficial

Benefits of Observing The Remedies:

  • The natives get relieved from obstacles and hurdles that exist in the path of career growth.
  • It helps the individuals to get the right direction in their lives
  • It offers spiritual growth
  • The natives get peace of mind


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