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Role and Importance of Jupiter in Astrological houses

Role and Importance of Jupiter in Astrological houses

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 27 अगस्त, 2020 13:23 अपराह्न

The role and importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is immense. Jupiter is known as the Devguru (teacher and guide of the Gods). It is the largest planet of the solar system, it is so huge that a 1000 earths can be accommodated within it. It can make the Sun wobble on its path when placed on one side of the Sun with all other planets placed on the other side.

Jupiter is made up of Yang energy and is by nature. Jupiter is a hot fiery ball of fire and gases. Jupiter is capable of showing you the way, when life is filled with darkness. It is a symbol of true wisdom and knowledge. Jupiter is known to bestow his natives with gentility, calmness and sombreness of an old man. It can bless you with wisdom, humility and compassion.

Jupiter does not believe in being fake, he does not believe in being manipulative, however the nature of the natives is so mysterious due to their imbibed wisdom, they would automatically turn out to be different from the rest of the mass. 

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Let us look at a few of Jupiter's characteristics.

  1. Energy Type: Yang energy 
  2. Metal: Tin
  3. Stone: Turquoise, blue topaz, golden topaz, amazonite
  4. Colour: all shades of purple, violet and yellow
  5. Ruling zodiacs: Sagittarius and Pisces
  6. Exalted in Cancer
  7. Debilitated in Libra and Capricorn 
  8. Rules Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra.
  9. It guides our liver and bile system.
  10. Jupiter matures from 35 to 42 years.
  11. Jupiter’s vimshottari dasha stays for 16 years.
  12. Jupiter helps you become committed, sober, and the person is free from all whisperings in the mind. It makes you a good teacher, a good writer and also blesses you with eloquence and a just nature.

Role of Jupiter 

Role and Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology, can be seen in the following way,

Jupiter makes you sane.

Jupiter keeps you calm.

Jupiter helps to show you the bigger picture of life.

Jupiter gives you wisdom that can be given by none.

The vast expanse of luck, beauty, congeniality and orderliness is given by Jupiter.

You can always recite the Beej mantra of Jupiter and that is

Om Graam greem graum saha: guruve namaha:

You can also recite the below mantra if your Jupiter is not placed right.

Om Suraachaarya Vidmahe, Surasreshtaya dhimahi, tanno guruh prachodayat”

Let us see what happens the role and importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology, when Jupiter is in conjunction with other planets.

Jupiter with Moon creates ”Gajakesari Yoga, ” and this Yoga can make you wealthy, strong and very powerful indeed. It gives you oratorical skills.

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When Jupiter is with the Sun, the person stands for graceful behaviour, is honest and is quite very congenial.

When Jupiter is with the Moon, the native turns out to be a beneficial, distinguished and high minded person.

When Jupiter is with Mars, the native turns out to be very enthusiastic and involved with his job. He or she might be positioned in a defence or police role.

When Jupiter lives with Mercury, he turns out to be wealthy, with a mind that is research-oriented and obviously turns out to have a high intellect.

When Venus joins Jupiter the native never turns out to be poor ever in his life.

When Saturn and Jupiter combine they make the person very successful.

Let us now jump to what happens when different houses have Jupiter in them.

Jupiter in different Houses

Effect & Nature of the natives

First House

Long life, good living, in short would be the owner of a happy family and would be able to acquire everything required for a comfortable living.

Second House

The natives have good wealth, they are loquacious, useful-looking people who often turn out to be honourable and well respected in the society.

Third House

Though the native would have money, yet they would be stingy and frugal. The person would not have a good relationship with his wife. The mother might be in the health care sector and the children of such natives may turn out to have a lot of friends. 

Fourth House

Charitable, wealthy, good looking, reasonably eloquent and would be extremely fond of their mother. The person would have difficult relationships with his or her children and would definitely have concerns about his relationship with his or her children. 

Fifth House

Art, drama, writing skills, good looks, wealth the native would have it all. There would be some challenges with children but otherwise the native may be able to enjoy a good life.

Sixth House

The person may have a good life, might be otherwise healthy except in matters of overindulgence, would be spendthrift and quite prolific with money. They might gain good through bosses and might have some trouble with family.

Seventh House

In the seventh house, the person might have a healthy and generous disposition. The person would be friendly and quite soft in his dealings with people. The people might be quite affable and humble, understanding and compassionate by nature.

Eighth House

In the eighth house, Jupiter when placed brings struggle with jobs and income. Otherwise the native has a smooth life.

Ninth House

In the eighth house, Jupiter will make native a thief with a mask of honesty around him, it will make the person struggle with education and would need to take care of the money.

Tenth House

People would be more rich and would have the so called golden touch. They would be successful in everything they pursue.

Eleventh House

The person will get all the comforts of life and the person would be quite fortunate experiencing the magic touch of the people.

Twelfth House

The native would not be fond of money and would mostly spend his entire life in a spiritual quest. The native would not be capable of moving out of their spirituality and would expand with it.

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Importance of Jupiter

Role and Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology, if favorable, can help you even when other planets are not right or not in favour.

When Jupiter is placed in different Zodiac signs then their impacts would be such,

  1. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Aries: The person is freedom loving, the person would believe in their own abilities and would be extremely optimistic and positive thinking by nature. The person however can turn out to suffer from restlessness and would be quite impatient towards life.
  2. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Taurus: These natives usually have a strong sensual way of life, they always desire to live a grand life. They attract happiness and try to achieve great heights in their occupation. They are often successful in what they want from life. They like to do charity, and are often very liberal. They think differently and know what they want and what they don’t. They usually show a lot of patience towards life and they must know when they are being over indulgent.
  3. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Gemini: The natives are often intelligent, social creatures. They are quite witty, and curiosity rules these races. They are quite clever in finding out suitable opportunities to grow and flourish. They succeed in life mostly by applying their writing skills, their verbal skills and their intellect. They believe intelligence and keys serve the most important role in solving the most important problems of life.
  4. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Cancer: In such a circumstance, the natives turn out to be kind and quite sympathetic by nature. They love to do charity. They look after the comfort of others and often save well in life. They might be found to believe in hoarding. They are traditional by nature, and believe in securing their life. They depend on their guts for their instinctive nature when their career and jobs are involved.
  5. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Leo: When these natives show their generosity, they draw maximum luck. They require to serve others with dignity, they need to be sincere and egotism cannot be their way of life. They do well in creative fields, in the fields of entertainment and television. Generosity would undoubtedly bring success in their paths. Thus, these Leos need to be always serving the greater good to benefit the maximum.
  6. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Virgo: The Virgo can be too attentive to the details, often come out to be helpful, organised, and honest. They might be practical people and technology is greatly valued by such natives. They are not ambitious nor do they often receive the favour of luck, but instead value hard work and strive hard to reach their goals.
  7. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Libra: When in Libra the natives turn out to be extremely fair creatures. They treat others as equals and would accommodate everybody without being underneath everyone’s feet. Often very graceful, their talent lies in their ability to promote and mediate through others' work. They value a solid relationship and it is very important for them to treat everyone at par. They do well in almost everything in life and especially can be successful in the fields of art, architecture, politics, media and mathematics.
  8. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Scorpio: These natives are often interested in the mysterious cult of life, they dive into the unknown to understand ancient sciences and culture. They can solve problems very easily and scientific research is often a field of interest for them.
  9. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Sagittarius: Extremely talented, philosophically tuned, and well tolerant towards others, these natives usually are quite the opposite of stingy. They often believe in “practising what they preach.” Quite philosophical, futuristic and eager these people have a fortress for their morals. They value freedom of their own as well as others, and often believe in expressing their thoughts.
  10. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Capricorn: Mature, indignant, responsible, resourceful, they usually prefer spending time in activities that yield benefit to them. A high position matters to them, and status is extremely important to them. They have certain standards and ethics.
  11. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Aquarius: Fair, quite tolerant and quite impartial these people value freedom extremely. Experimental, humanitarian, well tolerant they have a very original view about life.
  12. Jupiter’s Astrological Significance in Pisces: The natives have a peaceful persona, has faith in goodness and gives generously. These values of compassion and kindness take them a long way down the line.

Jupiter’s Astrological Significance can be found when Jupiter plays such important roles in our lives. If you have seen, Jupiter can help us through all odds, given Jupiter is in good shape. We need Jupiter's help in every phase of life be it our study life, our career, our families, it brings hope everywhere and touches our lives with a magic wand. Often while we see no hope Jupiter brings a thin streak of magical hope in our lives making it look like a simple good time.

Here is your daily rashifal in Hindi.

However, when the role and importance of Jupiter does not favor our existence, we may try to pray for him and that often works since Jupiter seems to be a benevolent planet quite consistent in his approach towards life. Jupiter wants you to expand and hates when people are scared of the vast expanses which Jupiter wants you to reach.

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