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Role and Importance of Rahu in Astrology

Role and Importance of Rahu in Astrology

Updated Date : बुधवार, 26 अगस्त, 2020 14:56 अपराह्न

The role and Importance of Rahu in Vedic astrology is immense and equally deep. Rahu is the northern node of the Moon. Rahu is that point, where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic point. He is believed to be a shadowy planet as per Vedic astrology and is believed to be Rahu as per Western Astrology.

These nodes do not follow any particular sign’s rules however favours Mercury and Jupiter, and is said to work in favour of the Sunsign Aquarius. 

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Character sketch of Rahu

Let us look at some of Rahu’s characteristics below.

It is not in Rahu’s character to understand good from bad and differentiating one from the other is almost impossible for Rahu. According to the deeds of a human, Rahu blesses them with just results, and whether they’re good or bad results depends on the bearer. Rahu does not know discrimination between good and bad, hence acts according to the deeds of the people. 

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Rahu is known to enhance the quality of that planet with which it resides, thus in Aquarius, the sense of justice is enhanced to unsurmounted levels living aside Saturn, the God of deeds and justice. 

Rahu’s characteristic colour is smoke grey or smoke blue. It has very less spiritual connections but manifests the materialistic side of human existence. It is well conquered by Maya (illusion of the world) and getting out of its grip is only possible when placed with mighty Saturn or with Jupiter.

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Thus, an Aquarian enrobes Rahu’s characteristic feature of deviating from reality can catchback very quickly, understanding their follies even though the damage is done and there is no way they can undo the damage and there is no way they can compensate for it. But then, they do understand and once they stop creating troubles they move away very swiftly restoring peace into that condition.

Sudden gain in wealth is a Rahu’s blessing often. Winning a lottery, winning a contest when one has no hopes or through stealing and other means.

It is in Rahu’s character to be a friend of the downtrodden. He is mostly benevolent towards the lowly, the lowermost communities, the poor, the disgraceful, the untouchables, the afflicted masses.

Rahu’s blessings can cure snake bites, leprosy and the mental afflictions and diseases like bipolar, depression and many more. 

  • Coca Cola colour, blue black colour of iodine are Rahu’s colours.
  • Saturday is Rahu’s day as much as Saturn's day.
  • Lord Hanuman is the deity you need to worship for pleasing Rahu. 
  • Ideally you cannot worship him as a God, since he knows he is not one, he would not take it but you can still pray to him requesting him to lessen your pain.
  • You can use this mantra while praying to Rahu.

“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah:”

  • Wear a Hessonite if you are under Rahu’s impact. You can also wear a turquoise since this stone does good by expanding the amicable zones between Jupiter, Venus and Uranus.
  • Rules the Middle finger with Saturn
  • Gold is the metal 
  • South west is the direction ruled by Rahu
  • Rahu is exalted in Virgo

Role of Rahu in Vedic Astrology

Role of Rahu within humanity is all about materialism. They are a friend of all discretionless objects and beings in the world. However, the three grave planets are definitely not Evil strangely, neither Rahu or Ketu and definitely not Saturn. 

They are a part of the big scheme, placed perhaps strategically to have a good grip of the human soul. It is said that even Gods do not perfect the understanding of the souls they send down to Earth, so by the use of every possible means the souls are tested and their true colours are revealed to the Gods, if not to men at least during the course of a man’s life.

Rahu does not understand spirituality they say, but if Rahu is placed aside Saturn or Jupiter, then Rahu’s role is in their understanding of spirituality that is incomparable to any other planets, since at that point of time, Rahu treats spirituality in a materialistic manner.

Rahu’s role is in understanding everything that is perceptible and tangible and hardly understands anything that is non tangible and non perceptible for the human masses.

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Importance of Rahu in Vedic Astrology

Role and Importance of Rahu in Vedic astrology stems out from being a malefic planet primarily since humans cannot often stand tall in front of Rahu’s challenges and snares. Not always humans go wrong, but then the results deemed from a certain action, may not be completely acceptable to a human’s expectations.

However, Rahu is usually known to play the role of a benefactor for the ones whose Guru is Sagittarius, Venus or Saturn. Rahu teaches humans the ways of the Maya, for those who are willing to learn. There is no one in this entire Universe who can teach you the finesse of Maya, unlike Rahu.

It is also an indicator of high intellect, manipulations, greed, obsessive behaviour. Rahu is often known as the mleccha planet (foreign planet).

Rahu’s importance roots in its nature that is Airy, primarily composed of the elemental Air. Naturally, it is quite lightweight, flitty, and does not stop at a place. Roaming all across the world, knowing every small thing, tapping various secrets is what the Air loves doing all throughout their lives. Rahu reaches full maturity at the age of 42.

Rahu’s Astrological Significance

Rahu is astrologically more significant than Sun, it is often believed. People do pay more importance to the maturity of Rahu than any other planets.

On the positive side, Rahu is a planet of creativity. It is the planet of inspiration. It is responsible for the advancement of information technology, for the world wide web and the internet.

There can be no one standing concretely behind you than the Rahu and its descendants when Rahu believes that you are doing something that can revolutionize the world more than anything. Rahu’s role & importance lies in its rebellious nature similar to the Air that needs freedom of thought and living more than anything else. 

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Let us now focus on a few lesser known facts about Rahu.

Benefits of Rahu’s Beej Mantra

  1. He can turn enemies into friends.
  2. He can enhance your social status.
  3. He can remove the problems from the path of your success.
  4. He can remove the fear of accidents from your path.

Friendly and unfriendly signs of Rahu

Rahu is friendly to Sagittarius, Pisces, and Libra. 

Rahu has permanent enmity with Leo and Cancer, thus being the strongest enemy of Sun and Moon.

Rahu is friends with Saturn and Mercury.

Rahu does not directly rule any sign however, Rahu influences and couples with Saturn in Aquarius.

What parameters can make Rahu extremely strong?

Rahu is strongest,

  1. for those that are placed within 5 degrees of Sun in a preferably good house with aspects of Jupiter covered.
  2. Rahu is placed in the third, sixth and eleventh House of your Horoscope.
  3. When Rahu is in the sixth House with Jupiter in the ninth aspect, it creates an Ashtalakshmi Yoga, that is considered to be good for the bearer.
  4. When Rahu is placed in the centre of the triangle and the dispositors stand in the corners, making it the Yoga Karaka planet.
  5. When Rahu is positioned in the Dagdha Rashi.
  6. When people have Ardra, Satabisha or Swati as their constellation.

Impact of Rahu in different Houses.

Rahu’s astrological significance


Rahu’s astrological significance when in First House

Ill health for the owner

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Second House

Native is inexpressive, would mislead others and might lie. The native might not maintain any relationship with the family & might have diseases of mouth & face.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Third House

The native would be bold, efficient & might live long.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Fourth House

It would make the native orthodox. The native might not have a good relationship with the mother. His mother may live long but will be unhappy.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Fifth House

The native might have problems with children and might suffer from several debilitating diseases.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Sixth House

The native maybe capable of tempering the enemies, the native might have good health and good wealth.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Seventh House

This is not a favorable position for Rahu to be in, the native might squander off the life behind illogical pursuits, might find pleasure in the wrong things and might associate themselves to wrong thinking

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Eighth House

Rahu would act nicely when in association with a good planet in this House and when associated with a bad planet might cause harmful circumstances

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Ninth House

It's a good position as here Rahu makes the person profitable and extremely devoted & religious.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Tenth House

Doubtful integrity, the native might be ruthless, famous and might turn out to be a leader. However, they may have many affairs and few children during their lifetime.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Eleventh House

Bad for the children of the family, though the native will be bold, powerful and strong.

Rahu’s astrological significance when in Twelfth House

The native can be linked to various secret societies, the naitve may have an unfulfilled sexual life and thus he may suffer from numerous diseases due to affairs with many, during his lifetime.

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Thus, if we have to conclude here, then we may say that Rahu’s astrological significance lies in gifting you immense intellectual capabilities but testing you on the other hand by snatching away your spiritual goals, sometimes even your spirit from you. Materialism fills you, entwines you within its bounds and then you may never come out of it, when Rahu blesses you. So the role and Importance of Rahu in Vedic astrology would fulfill when you can keep an eye on the “oil in the spoon” in your hand while watching the wonders of the world. If the oil spills and the spoon dries off, you are presumably emptier than you can imagine. If you’re focusing on the spoon alone and miss enjoying the wonders, you are saved but you have missed the fun, being on Earth.

Thus, the malefic planets often try to balance your life and its problems no matter what your story is, on this Earth.

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