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Ruling Number

ruling number

Updated Date : बुधवार, 29 सितम्बर, 2021 13:34 अपराह्न

All About Ruling Numbers And How They Affect Your Life

Do you believe in numerology? Are you fascinated by the ruling numbers? You should read this article if you answered yes to these questions. Like your astrological sun sign, your Life Path Number or Ruling number reflects your destiny. It takes into consideration what you have experienced through your life and what has been happening around. 

The science of numbers, or numerology, is a window into the soul.

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Among the founding fathers of numerology is the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

A numerology reading today uses your birth date to illuminate some key aspects of your inner self, shedding light on character traits that are present and those you lack in an effort to help you discover who you are and discover your full potential.

What is the ruling number?

Numerology and astrology go hand in hand. All of the events that happen around you and all the experiences you have in relation to them are projected with these numerology ruling numbers. They are also known as the life path number. 

An individual's ruling number can be derived by adding the digits of his/her Date of Birth.

Several aspects of a person's life are affected by their ruling number, such as defining their personality, understanding their positive and negative qualities, and influencing various aspects of their lives.

 By knowing your ruling number and your partner's number, you can determine what traits you have, how compatible you are in your relationship, and what career options best suit you. You can also estimate your lucky colours, lucky gemstones, and more by knowing your ruling number.

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Meaning of Each Ruling Number

The types and significance of each ruling numbers are: 

The numbers revealed by your birth date can be analyzed in depth by numerologists. Additionally, they can convert your given birth name to numbers and provide insights based on those calculations.

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There are a certain types of ruling numbers and each has its unique significance;

Ruling number 1: The people born under it are highly active, energetic, motivated, artistic and brilliant, as this number is governed by the sun. Although, in Pythagorean numerology the 1 is not a Ruling number rather, it symbolizes fresh starts and independence. It is also a symbol for the new beginnings, as it reflects the power of positive thinking. 

Ruling Number 2: The 2s have exceptional skills which can make them work under a vigorous atmosphere but one needs to provide good leadership to them . They rarely possess the quality of leadership but due to their special traits, they are the best fit for the team work. Although immensely confident and capable, the ruling birth number 2’s can have a feeling of insecurity and stress when asked to take their own decisions as a leader. 

Ruling Number 3: The primary purpose of the people born in this month is associated with their mental capabilities. Their entire working of life and personality development revolves around their intuitiveness and their practical involvement. The people under this ruling number can leave others behind due to their mental speed. They have a surprising acute mental alertness, which can be reflected in their sense of humour and wit. They can express themselves more fluently via their mental space rather than emotionally and physically.

 The lively sense of humour, active brain and their mental alertness is something which makes them distinctive from others. Therefore it can be concluded that ruling birth number 3 people are a best fit for the fields that involve mental activities such as, academic fields, IT fields etc. as their minds are constantly active.

Ruling Number 4: These people have a conventional and practical attitude towards life. The people born under this number lays their major emphasis on materialism. It will be wrong to say that their only focus is on materialism, there are other parameters to focus on, as well. Rather than thinking about the pros and cons of certain things, they believe in practicality. Sitting unproductive is not really their thing. They are known for manifesting an extraordinary patience, but they become restless in matters akin to spiritual or intellectual concerns. Sometimes, they get so caught up in their work that they have no time left for their personal and social life.

Ruling Number 5: A common trait that is found in the people born under this ruling number is that they contend to be free from any sort of impediment. These people are good at expressing their feelings due to their over-sensitive personality. This is also one of the real purifications of human endeavors. Most of the time these people fall victim to the stress-related illness when they are abided by certain restrictions. Their best versions come out when they are set free to express themselves.

Ruling Number 6: These people are known to have great creative skills. They are able to explore their immense creative power only when they have a positive environment around them. As they become relentless when surrounded by negativity. If you are born under this ruling number then, having exceptional creativity and ceaseless anguish are the two extremes that you usually face. If talking about the brighter side, people under this ruling number have a deep humanity and are of a loving nature. Sadly, many succumb to anxiety and worry. Sometimes, they need to put in a lot of effort to attract the positive energies around them and drive away excessive anxieties. 

Ruling Number 7: The 7s are known to be the great teachers of life, as they acquire boundless experience from their life’s lesson book. Their life’s lesson book consists of their sacrifices and efforts. The most essential prerequisite of these people is that they should not be abided by anything, rather should be set free to learn in their own way.

These people are said to be the most active homosapiens and therefore this is marked as one of their distinctive traits. These people are abided by the philosophy that “everything happens for a reason” and sometimes this leads them towards bad-decision making.

Ruling Number 8: Independence and freedom is something that is very precious to the people born under this ruling number. These people find great difficulty in the avenues of love and how to express it. To outstrip these limitations is what they strive to. The 8s sometimes become confident and dependent simultaneously in order to become successful in their business.

Ruling Number 9: The altruistic qualities of idealism, ambition and responsibility are ternary aspects of people born under this ruling number. Although known as ambitious and responsible, their major focus is on their personal obligations. They are known for their kindness and helping nature.

The 9’s should try to include more laughter and enjoyment to maintain a balance in life. 

Ruling Number 10: The 10s are known to turn from a really likable personality to a lost, stumble, insecure soul, real quick. They are said to be the most happy people when they are surrounded by positivity. Their contagious happiness is what attracts people towards them. Flexibility and compromises are the cornerstones of the ruling number 10’s life. 

Ruling Number 11: This birth number is associated with a particularly high level of spirituality, offering unique opportunities for the development of self-awareness. Numero 11 typically only applies to birth dates of 29 and 38.

They may be among the few most capable of guiding humanity into the emerging era of consciousness. 

Their incarnation is a very responsible one. Unfortunately, many people get distracted from their higher purpose due to life's physical appeals (through their basic self). In spite of this, real values are gaining traction as a counterweight to manipulation and false prophets.

It is natural for Ruling Birth Number 11 individuals to drift toward such an environment because it gives them the freedom to express their spirituality and elemental beauty.

Ruling Number 22/4: This number is the master number. 22/4s are born with almost limitless potential and are often able to achieve seemingly unattainable goals. 

There are two distinct ruling birth numbers 22/4 - the aware and the unaware. There is a vast difference between them, as extreme as the number itself. It is the former who are successful in whatever area they are directed; the latter drift into a lazy indifference, becoming useless misfits, and many of them end up in mental institutions. 

A Ruling Birth Number 22/4 only occurs with one to two percent of the population, and it's the number 22.

The apparent lack of emotion is one of the most noticeable characteristics of those born under the ruling birth number 22/4. Rather than appearing distant or difficult to understand, they adopt emotional control to minimise reactive behavior.

How Does Ruling Numbner Impact Your Life?

The science of numerology is concerned with self-discovery and forecasts. It helps one to find the camouflaged meaning of the world. The ruling numbers of numerology can perform as your characterized guide to life, your odds of becoming something, and can also help you in your SWOT Analysis. A person’s personality is a reflection of their ruling number.

People are often curious to know about their ruling number and its impact in their life. A person’s ruling number is obtained by simply adding up the digits of his/her DOB.

My Ruling Number

Let’s say if your DOB is 15th October,1995, then your ruling number will be calculated as follows: 

1+5+1+0+1+9+9+5= 31


3+1= 4

Therefore, your ruling number is 4. It is said that people born under this ruling number have a conventional and practical attitude towards life.

Although there are several approaches to find your ruling number. Adding up the digits of your birth date and deducting down the sum to a single digit is the most common approach. It is also quite obvious that a common man can not find out their ruling number with the utmost accuracy so, it is always a good suggestion to to talk to an astrologer or a numerologist. These people have a great mastery in this field and will always give you the right advice.

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