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2nd house in Kundli: All About Wealth, Luxury, and Opportunities

2nd house in astrology

Updated Date : रविवार, 24 सितम्बर, 2023 10:59 पूर्वाह्न

A blueprint of the sky at the time of your birth is the birth chart. Sounds remarkable?

Yes, it kind of is!

In your birth chart (Kundali), each of the nine planets according to Vedic astrology is located within a House (Bhava). In addition to offering priceless insights into your personality, the planets' positions also show how linked you are to others and how to get along with those around you. Additionally, your 12 Kundali Houses serve as a road map for your history, present, and future. All kinds of events, both concrete and emotional, are triggered in your life as the planet moves through these houses in the sky.

The second of the twelve astrological houses, also known as the "Kutumb Bhava" or "Dhan Bhava," is sometimes referred to as "The House of Possession" and is one of the twelve astrological houses. The Second House of the horoscope is mostly used to determine what we value daily. This House handles financial issues. There are several ways to characterize the Second House.

What is the second house in Astrology?

According to Vedic astrology, a person's relationship with their family and finances is represented by their second house in Kundali. It has to do with how well an individual's morals and ideals mesh with those of their family and cultural traditions. This home aids in comprehending one's financial situation and method of income generation. This is readily comprehended via Kundali analysis and is crucial for understanding family wealth and values through Kundali matching.

What do the positions of the planets in the second house suggest?

When multiple planets occupy the second house in Vedic astrology, it shows diverse impacts and meanings for a person's money and family. Let's examine how several planets might impact a Janam Kundli from a celestial perspective:


Vedic astrology states that having the Moon in the 2nd house bestows the native with a charming and appealing demeanor. The native is charismatic and makes an impression on everyone. When it comes to their families, these folks become emotional. They must deal with a good childhood and a devoted upbringing. They are devoted to their family and will go to any lengths to keep them safe. 

Natives with the Moon in the 2nd house tend to start family businesses and prefer carrying on their traditions. They cherish the customs, values, and culture of families and are family-oriented individuals. They rent inherited riches and assets because of their tight links to family and kin. 


The second house in Vedic astrology, which is associated with the sun as the powerful planet, expresses a person's riches, values, and familial ties. In a Janam Kundali, a person's ego and avarice are influenced by the Sun's placement in the second house. These folks are frequently viewed as selfish and ungrateful. Strong, independent, and possessing dominating personality features are natives with the sun in the 2nd house in their birth charts. Due to ego conflicts, these individuals frequently get into arguments and experience difficult relationships with family members. 

Astrologically, having the Sun in the 2nd house favors the native with employment in the government or connections to those who occupy leadership positions within it. Spending is extravagant for those whose second house in their Kundali is occupied by the Sun. They should be careful since they have a tendency to spend a lot of money. The locals receive an inheritance and family riches thanks to the sun's favorable placement in the second house in Kundali. 


According to astrology, Jupiter bestows riches and success to the natives in the second house. Because Jupiter is positioned favorably in the native Kundali, they are happy and respected by the community. Since Jupiter is seen as a Guru, it pushes natives to pursue careers as teachers, professors, educators, preachers, priests, consultants, religious leaders, or businesspeople. 

Jupiter is a sign of growth, thus when it is located in the second house in Vedic astrology, an individual's riches and belongings expand significantly. These people focus more on investments than on spending money, creating wealth for themselves and future generations. These are also fortunate enough to inherit assets.


Venus in a birth chart's second house represents comfort and luxury. The native has a preference for music and art. They start amassing nice object collections and taking pleasure in their affluence. The natives select a vocation in fine arts, architecture, design, music, literature, jewelry, or gastronomy when Venus is in the 2nd house of astrology. These folks have wonderful collectibles, are wealthy, and value fine art. 

Venus endows the native with a charming personality as well as a lovely face, hair, eyes, and voice. It gives the locals several opportunities to make money and a respectable reputation in society. 


A native with Mercury in the second house in their Kundali is practical and clever. Mercury is a planet of numbers, thus those who possess this information tend to be very analytical and have a practical approach. Because of the knowledge they acquire and the way they express their ideas, these people have an enormous impact. Vedic Astrology natives with Mercury in the 2nd house pursue careers as financial planners and advisors, Chartered Accountants, attorneys, statisticians, and mathematicians. 

Mercury is strongly positioned for financial stability and growth while it is in the second house in Vedic astrology. The people never experience a financial crisis and see their wealth and money increase. The native is prone to making bad financial judgments because of the weak mercury.


Vedic Astrology views Saturn in a Janam Kundali as unfavorable for the second house. The local people are left in a state of low wealth, despite their ability to work hard and earn money. The indigenous are often frugal and have no investments. As a result, their money and things remain unchanged. 

The second house in Vedic astrology represents a rough childhood for people with Saturn there. They grow up in a rigid and controlling atmosphere that makes them resentful and rebellious. They leave their homes early and become wealthy as a result of their hard work and commitment.


Mars in the 2nd house is considered to be unfavorable in Vedic astrology. An individual becomes hostile and nasty as a result. These locals like working by themselves, yet they put in a lot of effort and get wealth ethically. Natives with Mars in the second house of astrology are concerned with morality, ethics, and values. They have an assertive attitude and uphold their values.

Mars in the second house of astrology indicates that the native lacks financial management skills. They are ineffective savers and investors. They enter the realms of medicine, surgery, engineering, the military, athletics, and other daring vocations. 


Rahu is a shadow planet, and in Vedic astrology, its placement in the second house in kundali is seen to be unfavourable for a native. The individual, whose values diverge from those of the family, leaves the family soon to pursue his or her own moral course. If someone joins the incorrect firm, they engage in unethical behaviour. 

Even though Rahu's second house in Vedic Astrology may provide the native unexpected financial gains, the native's propensity for excessive spending raises questions. Regardless of the means of earning, a person gains respect in the family based on the money they have. 


According to astrology, if Ketu is residing in the second house in a Janam Kundali, the person's family ties are bad. They have no connection to their extended family or ancestors. This is mostly due to the tension between the family values and customs they were raised with and those they have become used to. 

Such indigenous experience financial hardship because they do not place a high value on money and belongings. They are aware of one's self-image and sceptical about one's abilities and value. 

These planets' positions influence a person's Kundali both alone and in concert with the positions of other planets. To correctly comprehend the consequences of the positions of the planets on a native's life, these should be evaluated together through a Kundali study. Get your Kundali analysis from a professional astrologer and consult with them to discover answers to your problems if you want to understand more about the astrological significance of your governing planet being in the second house of your Kundli.

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