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Shubh Muhurat For Purchasing Home & Property in 2024

Shubh Muhurat For Purchasing Home and Property Registration in 2024

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 28 दिसम्बर, 2023 06:52 पूर्वाह्न

Are you looking for shubh muhurat for property purchase in 2024? Well, then you are on the right screen.

Buying a property is one of the most auspicious occasions in one’s life. As per Indian customs and traditions, we always rely on shubh din, best nakshatra and appropriate dates for property purchase.

But have you ever thought why to wait for the best muhurat for property registration? The reason behind waiting for muhurat for buying the property is to bring favourable conditions and promise success.

See Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2024 Dates.

Here are charts and tables for property purchase muhurat 2024 followed by frequently asked questions that answer auspicious nakshatra for property registration in 2024, good days for land registration/ property registration in 2024 and much more.

shubh muhurat

Shubh Muhurat For Purchasing Home/Property 2024

Looking for Auspicious 2024 Dates to Buy or Register a New House, Flat & Plot? Check out the list of Property Purchase muhurat 2024 comprising auspicious days for land registration 2024, property registration muhurat 2024, auspicious days to buy a house in 2024 and also Shubh muhurat for house registry 2024.

Read Property Purchase Shubh Muhurat in Hindi.

Auspicious dates for property registration in January 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
11 January, Thursday 07:14 AM to 05:39 PM Purva Ashadha Amavasya
25 January, Thursday 07:16 AM to 08:13 AM Punarvasu Purnima
26 January, Friday 10:25 AM to 07:10 AM, January 27 Ashlesha Pratipada and Dwitiya

Auspicious days for land registration in February 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
2 February, Friday 05:56 AM to 07:04 AM, February 03 Vishakha Ashtami
22 February, Thursday 04:44 PM to 06:52 AM, February 23 Ashlesha Chaturdashi
23 February, Friday 06:52 AM to 06:51 AM, February 24 Ashlesha and Magha Chaturdashi and Purnima

Auspicious days for house registry in March 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
1 March, Friday 12:49 PM to 06:43 AM, Mar 02 Vishakha Shashthi
21 March, Thursday 06:25 AM to 06:21 AM, Mar 22 Ashlesha and Magha Dwadashi and Trayodashi
22 March, Friday 06:22 AM to 06:20 AM, Mar 23 Magha and Purva Phalguni Trayodashi
28 March, Thursday 06:39 PM to 06:12 AM, Mar 29 Vishakha Chaturthi
29 March, Friday 06:15 AM to 06:13 AM, Mar 30 Vishakha and Anuradha Chaturthi and Panchami

Auspicious days to buy house in April 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
12 April, Friday 12:53 PM to 05:57 AM, April 13 Mrigashira Panchami
18 April, Thursday 05:52 AM to 05:51 PM, April 19 Ashlesha Dashami, Ekadashi
19 April, Friday 05:51 AM to 05:49 AM, April 20 Magha Ekadashi, Dwadashi
25 April, Thursday 05:46 AM to 05:45 AM, April 26 Vishakha Dwitya
26 April, Friday 05:44 AM to 03:45 AM, April 27 Anuradha Dwitya, Tritiya

Shubh muhurat for flat booking in May 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
3 May, Friday 12:06 PM to 05:37 AM, May 4 Purva Bhadrapada Ekadashi
10 May, Friday 10:49 AM to 05:32 AM, May 10 Mrigashira Tritiya, Chaturthi
16 May, Thursday 05:31 AM to 05:27 AM, May 17 Magha Navami
17 May, Friday 05:28 AM to 09:18 PM Purva Phalguni Navami, Dashami
23 May, Thursday 05:27 AM to 05:24 AM, May 24 Vishakha Purnima, Pratipada
24 May, Friday 05:25 AM to 10:12 AM Anuradha Pratipada
31 May, Friday 06:15 AM to 04:48 AM, June 1 Purva Bhadrapada Ashtami, Navami

Auspicious dates for property registration in June 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
6 June, Thursday 08:17 PM to 05:21 AM, June 7 Mrigashira Pratipada
7 June, Friday 05:24 AM to 07:41 PM Mrigashira Pratipada, Dwitiya
13 June, Thursday 05:24 AM to 05:06 AM, June 14 Purva Phalguni Saptami, Ashtami
20 June, Thursday 05:25 AM to 06:08 PM Anuradha Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
21 June, Friday 06:18 PM to 05:22 AM, June 22 Moola Purnima
27 June, Thursday 11:37 AM to 05:24 AM, June 28 Purva Bhadrapada Shashthi, Saptami
28 June, Friday 05:25 AM to 10:10 AM Purva Bhadrapada Saptami

Auspicious days for property registration in July 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
4 July, Thursday 05:29 AM to 03:54 AM, July 5 Mrigashira Chaturdashi
5 July, Friday 04:05 AM to 05:29 AM, July 6 Punarvasu Amavasya
11 July, Thursday 05:30 AM to 01:04 PM Purva Phalguni Panchami, Shashthi
18 July, Thursday 03:26 AM to 04:33 AM Moola Dwadashi.
19 July, Friday 05:34 AM to 05:34 AM, July 20 Moola Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
25 July, Thursday 05:38 AM to 04:14 PM Purva Bhadrapada Panchami
26 July, Friday 02:31 PM to 05:40 AM, July 27 Revati Shashthi, Saptami

Auspicious dates for property registration in August 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
1 August, Thursday 05:44 AM to 10:24 AM Mrigashira Dwadashi
2 August, Friday 10:48 AM to 05:42 AM Punarvasu Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
15 August, Thursday 12:52 PM to 05:51 AM, August 16 Moola Ekadashi
16 August, Friday 05:52 AM to 05:52 AM, August 17 Moola Ekadashi, Dwadashi
22 August, Thursday 10:54 AM to 05:52 AM, August 23 Revati Chaturthi
23 August, Friday 05:56 AM to 07:52 PM Revati Chaturthi, Panchami
29 August, Thursday 04:40 PM to 05:56 AM, August 30 Punarvasu Ekadashi, Dwadashi
30 August, Friday 05:59 AM to 05:54 PM Punarvasu Dwadashi

Good days for property registration in September 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
12 September, Thursday 06:06 AM to 06:03 AM, September 13 Moola Navami, Dashami
13 September, Friday 06:04 AM to 09:33 AM, Purvashadha Dashami
19 September, Thursday 08:05 AM to 05:15 AM, September 20 Revati Dwitiya, Tritiya
26 September, Thursday 06:13 AM to 11:34 PM Punarvasu Navami, Dashami
27 September, Friday 01:21 PM to 06:21 AM, September 28 Ashlesha Ekadashi

Auspicious dates for property registration in October 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
10 October, Thursday 06:18 AM to 05:41 AM, October 11 Purvashadha Saptami, Ashtami
17 October, Thursday 06:24 AM to 04:20 PM Revati Purnima
25 October, Friday 07:41 AM to 06:27 AM, October 26 Ashlesha Navami, Dashami

Auspicious dates for land registration in November 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
1 November, Friday 03:30 AM to 06:31 AM, November 2 Vishakha Amavasya
7 November, Thursday 06:39 AM to 11:47 AM Purvashadha Shashthi
21 November, Thursday 03:36 PM to 06:51 AM, November 22 Ashlesha Shashthi, Saptami
22 November, Friday 06:52 AM to 06:47 AM, November 23 Ashlesha Saptami, Ashtami
29 November, Friday 10:19 AM to 06:53 AM, November 30 Vishakha Chaturdashi

Auspicious dates for property registration in December 2024

Date and Day Time Nakshatra Tithi
19 December, Thursday 07:10 AM to 07:07 AM, December 20 Ashlesha Chaturthi, Panchami
20 December, Friday 07:10 AM to 07:08 AM, December 21 Magha Panchami, Shashthi
26 December, Thursday 06:08 PM to 07:10 AM, December 27 Vishakha Ekadashi, Dwadashi
27 December, Friday 07:13 AM to 07:13 AM, December 28 Vishakha Dwadashi, Trayodashi

Frequently Asked Questions - Auspicious Days For Land Registration

Which Nakshatra is favourable in buying property?

Rohini, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada and Uttara Phalguni are constellations favourable for buying land , property, laying the foundations for building, factory, construction of home, etc.

Which planet is responsible for buying a home?

Mars is the planet of land and property and it influences the 4th house. Even Jupiter and Venus are also important as they are benefic planets which help in owning the house.

Here is Muhurat for Opening a New Business.

In which direction should your house be facing?

Well, as per Vastu Shastra,there are defined directions for a house.

  • Entrance - East facing 
  • Slop - From West to East or South to North
  • Do not block the north direction as it brings prosperity.

Where to put Kalash in a newly bought house?

Grah Pravesh should be taken place on the auspicious day and Kalash (Kumbh) should be placed in the east facing direction.

ज्योतिषी से बात करें

वैवाहिक संघर्ष, प्रेम संबंध समस्या। कॉल पर गुना मिलान और रिलेशनशिप परामर्श।


नौकरी में संतुष्टि की कमी, करियर की समस्याएं? करियर और सफलता के लिए ज्योतिषी से सलाह लें।


धन की कमी, विकास और व्यावसायिक समस्याएं? कॉल पर ज्योतिषी द्वारा उपाय और समाधान प्राप्त करें।


सटीकता और संतुष्टि की गारंटी

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