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A Guide To Synastry Charts in Astrology

Synastry Chart

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 30 सितम्बर, 2021 12:27 अपराह्न

A Guide To Synastry Charts in Astrology 

What is your relationship status? Are you in love? If so, have you ever felt the urge to check or know the compatibility between you and your partner, but don’t know how you can check it? Well, in that case you are at the right spot! This post will guide you about the ways to check the compatibility via Synastry chart, which is the right fit, as it takes all the important aspects into consideration.

Synastry chart in Astrology plays a very vital role in determining the similarities and the kind of adjustment that will be required to build up a harmonious relationship between two individuals who are in love. Studying soulmate Synastry chart is the first step towards finding out what our partner wants mentally, physically, spiritually, and academically. Synastry chart calculator is something that can help you to find out about the things related to the compatibility of you and your better half.

Know how can astrology help you find your soulmate?

What is the Synastry chart meaning in astrology?

Astrology of relationship, also known as Synastry, facilitates the comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the couple by analysing their Synastry charts.

Synastry has basically originated from the two words; “syn” and “astron”, which denotes the rejoining of the stars.

To put it in another way, it is the clustering of the stars in a sky of at least two masses of force, that come together for the fulfilment of some common goals.

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The planets of you and your partner collide with each other’s astrological houses when you come together.

The alignment of stars and planets plays the most important role in an astrology Synastry chart. Mars, Venus and Moon are among the most important luminaries in Synastry chart reading.

Finding the compatibility astrologically is not only confined to the sun signs, rather it has got something bigger than this. An astrologer keeps a track of all the important aspects which fall in the parameter of compatibility. Thus, this helps the couple to get the accurate Synastry chart interpretation.

What is the significance of Synastry Astrology?

At some point in life, we come across a person and feel an instant connection. Ever wondered why? It’s due to the coinciding of the planets of both the individual’s astrological houses which makes them connect with each other in an unique way. A connection and a bond, which cannot be established with anybody else!

The correspondence of the planets to one another is an evidence to why people feel a unique connection with each other. Simultaneously, this correspondence is also a reason why some people are unable to make a good bond, despite knowing each other for a longer period of time.

Various aspects need to be kept in account as every planet reflects the different characteristics of a person. When one of your planets makes an angle with your dearest’s planet, this clearly shows how various parts of your characters communicate with each other.

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How to read a Synastry Chart? 

A Synastry chart examines all the dynamics and characteristics of a relationship, by analysing and overlapping the birth charts of two individuals to find their feelings towards one another. There are people who love to keep a daily track of the horoscope reading of their partner and themselves. Some couples’ curiosity to know more about their compatibility with each other makes them look out for wider options. A Synastry compatibility chart is there to provide a detailed insight into the relationship that you carry with your partner by analysing the birth charts. Birth charts play the most essential role in making Synastry charts.

There are certain information that are required for a Synastry chart interpretation, which are: 

  • Name of the person,
  • date of birth,
  • place of birth, and,
  • time of birth.

After providing the above information, your chart will be readily available to you. A Synastry chart majorly consists of planetary listings and their signs and astrological houses.

The positive aspects in this chart occurs during the 3 conditions: 

  • Conjunctions: when two planets coincide at 10 degrees. This prospect brings two planets together which are alike. It is one of the most powerful forms in Synastry as it is responsible to bring consonance and dissonance, both.
  • Trine: when 2 planets are away from each other at 120 degrees
  • Sextile: when 2 planets are away from one another at 60 degrees

The adverse aspects in a Synastry chart occurs during 2 conditions: 

  • Opposition: when 2 planets are away at 180 degrees
  • Square: when 2 planets are away at 90 degrees.

What are the most important planets in an astrological Synastry chart?

When considering a Synastry chart, the Moon, Venus and Mars play the most important part in determining the compatibility of two individuals. The emotional factor is governed by the Moon which is one of the important factors in a relationship. Mars is responsible for the sexual compatibility and the attraction that two individuals feel towards each other. Venus also determines how strong the attraction is.

Thus, any sort of communication among these planets and stars will ultimately lead to a strong and powerful bond in a relationship.

Having significant compatibility is the key to a successful relationship. You and your better half should always hold each other during the highs and lows. If you are willing to know how intensely you are compatible with your partner, then you can also choose to talk to astrologers who will be able to guide you through.

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