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What is Birth Star in Astrology

what is birth star in astrology

Updated Date : बुधवार, 09 सितम्बर, 2020 05:13 पूर्वाह्न

Life is unpredictable, Birth star astrology is a way to ascertain good times and bad times that are coming your way. Gemstones, colors, symbols, lucky no. are also determined through birth stars. If a person is born under specific birth star positions he gets lucky or unlucky.

Is that true? How Birth Stars Affect Your life. What are the results of birth in various birth stars? Let’s try to unveil these questions. 

What is Birth Star?

Birth Stars according to Vedic astrology are zones of Zodiac. Zodiac is divided into 360 Degrees and these 360 degrees are further divided into 27 birth stars (Nakshatras). 12 signs each with 30 degrees makes up the zodiac of 360 degree and these signs are further divided into birth stars. So they are just the 13 degree 20 minute’s portions of the zodiac.

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These are sometimes also referred to as lunar mansions. The Moon remains in one Birth star for a day so it’s found in a particular birth star for 13 degree and 20 min. That’s what we call the Lunar Calendar which continues for 27 days. Each Birth star is filled up with depth and understanding. Some of the birth stars flank between signs of zodiac, so one birth star may fall in two different zodiac signs. 

How to determine your Birth Star?

Results of birth in various stars are calculated in Vedic astrology through Dashas. System of Planetary periods which is based on the Birth star of the Moon at the time of birth. These planetary periods are the most authentic way to decide what will be the impact of a particular planet at different stages of our lives. 

The star that the moon is present in at the time of the baby's birth will give four sounds. Choose one sound out of the four & name starting with it. Pick a sound, and also use numerology to pick a name that gets good luck.

An individual takes birth under different zodiac signs governing the twelve houses; the celestial presence of the twenty seven birth star governs our birth. Lunar placement in the birth chart determines the birth star of a person.

Birth Stars tend to have Deva Gana, Rakshasa Gana and Manushya Gana.

These guna indicate the anger temperament, so it’s difficult to judge which birth star is good or bad.

Deva Guna natives have good tolerance whereas people born with Rakshasa Gana may not have good tolerance. Manushya Guna people show some of the middle traits.

Whenever any activity is done at a particular time it’s affected by the surroundings and most importantly the stars in which it’s taking place. It becomes the birth chart for that particular activity. Similarly whenever any native is born a birth chart gets attached to him which is the current positions of various planets.

Nature & Impact of different Birth Stars can be analyzed as follows:

They are called steady or immovable constellations. They favor activities which are permanent in nature. For example building or construction, praiseworthy feats, laying foundations etc.

They are called as lenient or gentle constellations. They favor activities which are related to pleasures, Fine arts, marriage, culture, agriculture and travel.

They are Well-lit or Hasty Constellations. They favor activities which are related to luxuries, sports, loans giving and receiving, buying and selling, visiting relatives & friends etc.

They are called outrageous constellations. They favor activities of war, Imprisonment, acts of destruction, Separation and break ups etc.

They are called transitory constellations. They favor activities such as movement, travel, gardening, Vehicle acquisition and other activities of temporary nature.

They are called as aggressive or forbidding constellations. They favor activities which are cruel, destroying enemies, poisoning, ill repute etc.

They are called assorted constellations. They favor activities which are of day to day importance like professional duties, daily routine etc.

Any one of the 27 birth stars can be the best depending upon the placements of their ruling planets and sign lords. Rohini, Magha, and Uttarabhadrapada are considered magnificent stars. It's commonly observed that these three stars tend to make their natives quite wealthy.

Any activity that we do in our day today will yield results according to the Birth star in which it has started. If you are curious to know what is my birth star? What star should you start any activity? You can use an online Birth Star Calculator to know the impact of a particular star on your life and activity.

Use: Nakshatra Calculator

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