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What is my moon sign?

What is my moon sign?

Updated Date : मंगलवार, 20 अक्तूबर, 2020 11:10 पूर्वाह्न

Moon sign signifies the position of the Moon at the time of birth of an individual. It is the second most important sign after the sun sign that strongly influences your birth chart. Your moon sign governs your mind and reflects your inner feelings, fears, longings, obsessions, mannerisms, habitual reactions and inner mood. According to astrologers, your moon sign provides significant information about your inherent qualities, behaviour, character and inner nature. It shows how you feel and react about something in your life.

Your Moon Sign is determined by a Moon Sign Calculator that calculates the position of the Moon based on your exact date, time and place of birth. Although the birth details are the same, it is not necessary that a person have the same Sun sign and Moon sign. Your Sun sign can be different from your Moon sign, i.e, you might be an Aries but your Moon sign could be Aquarius. This happens because of rapid change in the position of the Moon. Since the Moon is the fastest planet in the Zodiac, it takes less time to move into different signs as compared to the Sun or other planets. As per astrology, the Moon enters into the next zodiac sign every 2 or 3 days while it covers the entire Zodiac circle in the duration of only 28 days which is very fast.

What Your Moon Signs Says About You?

Like Sun Signs, there are 12 Moon Signs raging from Aries to Pisces. Position of the Moon in these signs influence the minds and emotions of the natives differently. Here is what your Moon Sign says about your inner self.

Aries Moon Sign

Key traits: Impatience, incredible perseverance, impulsive

People born under this moon sign are impulsive, dominant and impatient to get what they desire. They are active learners and never scared of taking challenges. They want to be first and foremost in everything they do. 

Taurus Moon Sign

Key traits: Dependability, reliability, notorious inner wisdom

These people seek affection and admire beauty around them. They are a little insecure in heart but have a mentally stable mind that makes them strong and poised. 

Gemini Moon Sign

Key traits: Curious, friendly and social communicative skills

Gemini possess dual mindset. They are full of ideas and love long conversations. These people love people who share the same beliefs and ideas as them. 

Cancer Moon Sign

Key traits: Motivated, great love for home and family

People born under Cancer are very sensitive and caring. They are family oriented and are very scared of losing their loved ones.

Leo Moon Sign

Key traits: Self-obsessed, charming and intelligent

Leo is a born leader. They possess a very confident and charismatic personality. These people love being in the spotlight and believe in living their life to the fullest. 

Virgo Moon Sign

Key traits: Detail oriented and intuitive

Virgo people are very pragmatic and helpful. They possess great problem solving skills and love serving people. 

Libra Moon Sign

Key traits: Seeks complimentary balance. Strong need for relationships

People under the Libra Moon sign seek balance in their lives. They desire equality and believe in maintaining peace and harmony. 

Scorpio Moon Sign

Key traits: Emotionally intense, intuitive

Scorpio people seek privacy and honesty from others. They are quite unsteady and readily believe people who show love and affection to them. These people want all or need nothing. 

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Key traits: Need for freedom, strong sense of justice

Sagittarius people are very religious and adventurous. They possess inclination towards materialistic possessions and easily get bored of things that don't feel exciting or challenging. 

Capricorn Moon Sign

Key traits: Productivity, effectiveness, easy going

People of Capricorn Moon sign seek solitude. They are stable in thoughts and are very ambitious and rigid in their approach. 

Aquarius Moon Sign

Key traits: Analytic, incredible intellect, spiritual

Aquarius Moon sign people are friendly, communicative and rebellious. They prefer independence and crave for individuality. 

Pisces Moon Sign

Key traits: Creative, day dreamer, amazing intuitive abilities

Pisces people are very sensitive, emotional and sympathetic. They are spiritual in nature and have great creative skills. These people spend most of their time fantasising and searching for something creative.

Moon Sign Predictions are elaborate and precise. It tells a lot of things and throws light on the hidden aspects that you might be unaware of.

Want to know what is your Moon sign and what does it say about you? Check your Moon Sign Calculator and get accurate Moon Sign Predictions for you and your life.

Significance of Moon Sign

In Vedic astrology, the Moon Sign is considered very important and influential. Accurate Moon sign predictions help astrologers to create accurate Birth chart analysis and understand the influence of planets on native’s lives. Read on to know why Moon sign is important and How Moon Sign Predictions by Moon Sign Calculator can be helpful.

  • Moon Sign Predictions offer precise and elaborate information about celestial movements.
  • As the Moon governs your mind, Moon sign predictions offer insights into your inner personality, likes, dislikes and attributes inherited from parents. 
  • Helps in finding mental compatibility with spouse and other people such as father, mother, brother, friends and acquaintances. 
  • It helps in understanding relationships and establishing harmony and balance. 
  • Helps in predicting daily life scenarios and determining luck, life path, and emotional bondings with others.

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