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Zodiac Signs Element

what power element are you

Date : 15 जनवरी, 2020

12 Zodiac Signs Element

Did you ever ask this question to yourself- What element am I?

To know your element, you can go back to your Kundli and check your Sun sign and your Moon sign again (technically termed as Zodiac sign). Having done that, you can come back to the article here.

To begin with, we must acknowledge four natural elements have led to the construction of all other substances in the Universe. The four natural elements are:

  • Fire element
  • Water element
  • Air element
  • Earth element

In some places and customs, they also consider Space/ Sky/ ether to be another element of Nature.

Every single individual is ruled by the element controlling that particular Sun sign in which he or she was born. Indirectly, it means the Sun at that point of time is conversant with a specific element.

Each of these elements is attributed to three Sun signs, and there are a total of four elements. This arrangement accounts to three zodiac signs under one element. Now let us look at the Sun signs that are falling under a particular element. 

The 12 zodiac signs elements are classified accordingly,


Sun sign 1

Sun sign 2

Sun sign 3

Fire sign zodiac




Water sign zodiac




Earth sign zodiac




Air sign zodiac




You may indeed stumble slightly when you ask the question What element am I? To cover the above question, we need to cover more on the topic of elements. Let us understand as to why our ancestors assigned three zodiacs to one element.

It is because each element in itself can exist in three forms. 

  • One form of elemental energy is useful in creating stability in this world.
  • Another form of elemental energy can help survive by destroying the immediate surrounding to construct another world better or worse than the one before.
  • The third form can support living through mutation from one way to the other in the world.

Generally, this is why they classified three zodiac signs under one element.

Let us look briefly into the characteristics of each sign to identify what defines the Fire element, Water element, Air element, and Earth element.

zodiac signs fire element

Aries is the Fire element that is a born leader leading others, marching forward. 

Leo is the Fire element and are the generous Leos have a jealous streak with Fire defining their whole existence.

Sagittarius is that form of Fire element with a Fire lit beneath their existence- wanderlust and curious, they never prefer settling.

zodiac signs water element

Cancer is again a Water element that can be fluid and their mood is like the Water’s nature changing from time to time.

Scorpio is the Water element that can grow in the tiniest, darkest, and even the most unknown places of the world.

Pisces is the Water element embodying the elemental depth.

zodiac signs air element

Gemini is the Air element & is primarily the most versatile and dynamic of all signs.

Aquarius is the Air element often confusingly humanitarian.

Libra is the Air element used to balance the world through their wit and clear visions.

zodiac signs earth element

Virgo is the Earth element, generally known as the builders of the Zodiac.

Taurus is the Earth element & are safety conscious who can get panicky if you threaten their comfort zones.

Capricorn is the Earth element and is often the most sturdy creatures of the world.

Let us look into each element in detail.

how elements affect you zodiac signs

  • Aries element thus is said to be that stable Fire element that runs your hearth, warms you up, protects you from cold, gives you comfort and keeps you from being attacked and attenuated. 
  • Taurus element is the Earth element that usually works best by destroying the land on which they often stand to create new.
  • Gemini element is the mutable Air element that works by bringing a mutation ascertaining the survival of things that remain and the things that would be created fresh and anew.
  •  Cancer element is the Cardinal Water element and it ensures that again helps your life sustenance in millions of ways, if used correctly. 
  • Leo is the Fire element that usually works best when allowed to destroy the Fire on which they run and burn, often to create anew.
  • Virgo is the Earth element that works by bringing a mutation ascertaining the survival of things that remain and the things that would be created fresh and anew.
  • Libra is the Cardinal Air element that burns through the lungs of the newborn baby, innovations, new aspirations, new dimensions.
  • Scorpion is again that form of Water element that works best through the part of the destruction of one to create another.
  • Sagittarius is the Fire element that, can mutate into every form to survive and ensure survival around for others.
  • Capricorn is the Earth element that works through cardinal energies.
  • Aquarius is the Air element that, again, is a fixed element and works best through the path of destruction of one to recreate another. Their energies need to suppress one to make the other rise. 
  • Pisces can be that Water element that can mutate from one form to another to create or destroy life equally changing in shape and pattern.

To conclude, we can safely say, everything in the world is influenced by all those things that have created them. The influence of one element is often more than another on a particular individual and thus that element, sort of rules the individual’s nature, their efforts, desires and motifs.

The answer to the question, What is my element power? is given above for you to explore. You might sometimes be wondering to know if that is the element with which you resonate?

So, then crops up the question, What is my true element?

Your true element is often the one that rules your Sun sign and as an individual, you might be often weakly guided also by the element of your Moon sign. Thus, usually under the impact of two different elements, we may behave differently, not atypical of any one single element. 

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This factor can often confuse us profusely, and this confusion may not let us understand our true nature and our one true element. Fire element and water element when function together might show a different nature. Thus, when we are capable of understanding how each element works, it is then that we can make things better for ourselves.

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