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All About The Significance Of March Month Birthstone- Aquamarine

march birthstones meaning

Updated Date : बुधवार, 11 जनवरी, 2023 12:24 अपराह्न

The color and energies of certain gemstones are associated with the individuals born in a particular month and thus they are known as birthstones. One can enhance the positive aspect of their life by adorning these birthstones in their jewelry or while using them in meditation.

The birthstone of March, Aquamarine, is mined deep underground and has a color reminiscent of the ocean. The name of this birthstone originated from Latin, meaning Sea water. In ancient times, the mariners claimed that this stone had the power to calm the waves, and protect the sailors at sea. Moreover, this gemstone also brings marital bliss. 

Aquamarine is among the gems that are included in the high priest's breastplate in the biblical Old Testament. Let’s dive into this blog to learn more about this March month birthstone!

Meaning And History Of March Birthstone

The soothing Aquamarine has healing properties and characteristics of the sea. The name of this gemstone is derived from the word ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marine’ meaning sea. The Aquamarine March Birthstone is a kind of beryl that also resembles a diamond at times. This gemstone is formed by hard silicate minerals and thus it is associated with several gemstones like emeralds, morganites, etc. 

The Aquamarine birthstone is said to be lucky for the owners as these stones were known as “the stones of eternal life.” In addition to it, there was also a myth according to Roman mythology that this gemstone was gifted to the mermaids by Neptune.

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This March month birthstone has been popularized since ancient times. This stone was historically associated with mermaids and the calming and soothing energies of water. This powerful stone represents intuitions and emotions and thus it is believed to bring emotional balance and clarity to the wearer’s life. Moreover, it is also associated with purity, love, and friendships and this makes it a perfect gift. 

This gemstone also radiates several healing energies. During ancient times, Aquamarine was believed to cure health ailments related to the throat, jaws, stomach, eyes, and much more. The magical properties of this gemstone also helped the sailors during the tides of the dangerous ocean. It is also used as an amulet against poison and accidents. 

Other Benefits Of March Birthstone

Wearing Aquamarine, the March month birthstone daily can bring several benefits into one’s life. From good luck talisman to emotional growth, this gemstone offers amazing benefits-

  • This magical stone has a soothing energy that can help an individual in calming their restless thoughts. Moreover, it also helps in reducing constant feelings of stress and anxiety. 
  • Placing this stone near the bed while sleeping can help in providing relief from insomnia.
  • Aquamarine stone can offer vocal power to individuals who lack confidence while speaking in public or while expressing their feelings to their loved ones. 
  • As associated with love and compassion, this gemstone not only helps in forming romantic relationships but also promotes self-love and care.

Ways To Re-Energize March Birthstone, Aquamarine.

It becomes necessary to re-energize the gemstone after prolonged usage in order to remove the negativity. Look down to these steps in order to recharge your March month birthstone. 

  • Soak the gemstone in salt water or keep it under cold running water for a few minutes and then keep it in the sunlight for 2-4 hours
  • Now take shower and wear tidy clothes
  • Avoid all kinds of distractions and meditate
  • Hold the Aquamarine birthstone in between your palms and try to channel your body’s energy into your palms. 
  • After doing the process, imagine the intentions for which you have adorned this birthstone and start manifesting it.

The most important thing, chant “Om” during the entire process of recharging the Aquamarine birthstone. 

Final Thoughts On The March Month Birthstone, Aquamarine

This blog was all about the benefits and healing properties of Aquamarine, the March month birthstone. This powerful stone is a symbol of love and harmony and calms the restless mind. Apart from it, this Aquamarine can also provide aid during several health ailments.

There is a misconception that an individual can wear the stone of their respective birth month. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, it is always better to consult an expert Astrologer before adorning any gemstone. They will recommend you the best gemstone by properly analyzing your birth chart and issues.

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