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All About The Significance Of August Month Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel, And, Sardonyx

august month birthstone

Updated Date : मंगलवार, 14 मार्च, 2023 13:29 अपराह्न

Every month has a single birthstone but people born in August are fortunate to have 3 birthstones; Peridot, Spinel, & Sardonyx. Out of these 3 birthstones, Sardonyx is believed to be the oldest August month birthstone. As per the Bible, this gemstone was placed on the high priest’s breastplate.

Besides this, Peridot was also known as the original Biblical birthstone. On one hand, Sardonyx and Peridot are the traditional birthstones whereas on the other Spinel is an alternative and modern birthstone of August. To know more about these birthstones, dive into this blog!

Meaning and History Of Peridot Birthstone

As this is a very rare stone thus there are a few superstitions adhered to it. The word ‘peridot’ originates from the Arabic word ‘faridat’ which means gem. This gemstone was also a revered symbol of the Sun and the Greeks adorned it to attract royal dignity. 

This gem is a variety of mineral olivine and its color varies from yellowish green to greenish yellow. In the ancient period, Peridot was mistaken for a few other gems like emeralds and topaz. The name "topaz" has been attributed to the fact that peridot was once mined on Topazios island. Over the centuries, this gemstone has protected the wearer from evil spirits and other negative energies. 

This gemstone is usually gifted to a couple on their 16th wedding anniversary. 

Most of the Peridot that is used for the jewelry comes from China, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. Whereas, some of these stones are also found in Peridot beach and Hawaii. The sharpness of this stone ranges from 6.5-7 on the Moh scale. Thus, it is among the soft gems and needs extensive care.

Meaning and History Of Sardonyx Gemstone

Sardonyx is the oldest August Birthstone out of the three birthstones. This gemstone is a combination of cryptocrystalline quartz: Sard and onyx. The formation of red bands is done through Sard whereas the Onyx gives the color contrast to this gemstone. 

Unlike other August month birthstones, Sardonyx is not an average-colored gem. This stone does not have a jelly-like transparent appearance. Rather its appearance is similar to that of banded gems such as jasper, agate, and chalcedony.

This gemstone was favored by the carvers due to its bands of color. The carving of this stone can be found in Roman and Greek wax seals and Hebrew temples. Stones like Sardonyx can be found fairly easily and inexpensively. Besides being attractive, it was widely accessible in ancient times, making it a favorite gemstone. Sardonyx was accessible to less-wealthy people, unlike rare gemstones only accessible to royalty and nobility.

During the medieval period, people believed that this stone had healing powers. The stone worked as an antidote against snake bites and their venoms. Additionally, the stone was supposed to grant eloquence to its wearer during the Renaissance, which made it valuable to public speakers. Women born in August were also believed to be assisted by Sardonyx in attracting their desired mate and in living a happy life after marriage. 

Meaning and History Of Spinel Birthstone

The word ‘Spinel’ originated from a Latin word ‘spina’, meaning thorn. Spinel is known as the birthstone of the new century since it gained popularity in recent times. 

This gemstone comes in a variety of colors like intense red, orange, purple, vibrant pink, bluish green, and violet. This gemstone is said to cure all types of inflammatory and blood-loss diseases. Besides this, the red color of this gemstone helps in anger management and promotes harmony. This August month birthstone is popularly gifted on the 22nd wedding anniversary. Spinel is called the ‘mother of ruby’. 

Today, Spinel gemstones are found in many locations. However, the major sources of it are Myanmar, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. On the Moh scale of hardness, this stone is 8. Thus, this stone can be considered quite a durable gem for jewelry. Though this gemstone is stable even after being exposed to chemicals and lights, its color can fade away under high heat. 

Final Thoughts On The August Month Birthstones

So, this blog covered the meaning and significance of the August month birthstone. Unlike other month’s birthstones, the natives born in the month of August are fortunate enough to have 3 birthstones. 

Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel are the August month birthstones. The 1st two stones gained popularity in the ancient period whereas Spinel became popular recently. If you are also born in August then before choosing your birthstone it will be better to consult an expert Astrologer. Since every birthstone has its own significance and powers, it is always better to wear a gemstone as per your personality traits and needs.

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