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Is She Cheating?- Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You – Is She Cheating?

Updated Date : सोमवार, 12 अप्रैल, 2021 10:20 पूर्वाह्न

Is my girlfriend cheating on me? How to know if my girlfriend is cheating and not interested in me anymore? Get answers to all these questions in this post- the signs your girlfriend is cheating. 

Cheating is the worst thing that can happen to a person in a relationship. It not only breaks the trust but shakes the faith in love and relationship. So, if you don’t want to get hurt and live a life of despair due to cheating and infidelity, then you should definitely learn about the signs when your girlfriend is cheating.

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By learning the signs, it is easy to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you or it is just a mere assumption that you were making. Afterall, accusing your girlfriend for cheating is not a small thing but a very disastrous step in a relationship that you can take.

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So, read the post carefully and know how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you with sure signs. 

How to Know Your Girlfriend is Cheating?

Dear men, here are the 10 sure signs to know your girlfriend is cheating on you. Read these “girlfriend cheating on you signs” and get hints before you become a victim of cheating. Take a quick glimpse and be cautious if you notice any of these signs in your relationship. 

She Seems Distracted

The girl who was once madly in love with you now doesn’t seem any more interested in you. She seems distracted constantly. Be it when you are out or having conversations at home, she always looks over your shoulder. Even if she is with you, her body language clearly says that her mind is somewhere else. Her emotional unavailability at the time you need her is the biggest sign your girlfriend is cheating or may have someone else in her mind.

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She Spends more Time on Her Phone

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Observe how she spends time on her phone. No, it is not about checking her phone or tracking her but analyzing if she is spending more time on the phone when she is with you. Although being on the phone is common these days, it is alarming when your girlfriend pays more attention to her phone than talking to you. As per counselors, hiding things from you on the phone are one of the main signs when a girlfriend is cheating and pretending to be loyal. So, if you feel your girlfriend is choosing to scroll on social media or texting or calling or smiling after reading text messages, then there are chances that there is someone else who is now more important than you.

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She Is Protective Over Her Devices

Does she behave protective of her device? Does she hide your phone when you are around? If the answer is yes, then there are strong chances that your girlfriend is cheating. Signs of cheating such as putting your devices away, shutting your phone away and concealing the screen are the red flags of the relationship. Moreover, if she accuses you of getting too nosy while you are around her devices then she’s probably trying to prevent you from sneaking into her new turnarounds. 

She has Changed Her Dressing Sense

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you? For sure signs of cheating, observe if she has changed her appearance or dressing differently these days. If she has suddenly started giving importance to her looks and trying to look more attractive and fashionable at some special occasions, then it is probably an indication that she has fallen for someone else. However, keep in mind that dressing differently can also mean that she is improving herself or may be trying to rekindle the love that you both had earlier. 

She Doesn’t Want to Introduce You to her Friends

One sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is her hesitation to introduce you to her friends. If she is not comfortable introducing you or inviting you to her friend’s place or watching any movie in friends’ group, then this is a sure sign that she has fallen out of love. She may have someone in her life and she doesn’t want you to get any hints from her friends. There are also chances that she has started feeling uncomfortable around you when she is with her friends. This may not be a sure sign your girlfriend is cheating but definitely an alarming situation that she is no more interested in you. 

She Has Different Perspective for Future

In a relationship, the future is always denoted with words like- “our” and “we” but if by any chance your girlfriend has started using the word “my future’, then be alert as this may be a sign your girlfriend is cheating on you. Difference in perspectives is okay but when the relationship goals are different, there are clashes and arguments. Thus, be sure that your girlfriend has no different ideas of the future than you. Even if says that she was kidding and by “my future” she meant “we”, don’t fall. Be cautious as this is when you can end up saying “my girlfriend is cheating on me”.

She Needs Now No Reason to Fight

Regular clashes are the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. If your girlfriend fights a lot these days and she yells on you over the things that doesn’t matter then it is a clear indication that your girlfriend is cheating. Since she cannot express her disappointments with you, she does constant nagging and complaint in one way or another. Understand that her complaints and arguments are just a way to say that she isn't happy with you and she wants you to leave the relationship. So, next time when your girlfriend tells that “Why don’t you dress well?” or “When is she ever going to choose or play music or go out?, know that your girlfriend is cheating and this is the sign. 

She is Busy and Hides Where She’s Been

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Simple, if she is too busy for you but can get time to be with her friends or work then probably she has someone else in her life. As per the relationship experts, if your girlfriend is cheating then she would like to spend more time with others than you. She won’t be available for you and would avoid spending time with you giving reasons that are not convincing. So, be cautious and look for other signs of your girlfriend cheating if you find her busy all the time. 

Her Scheduled Has Changed Suddenly

Change in routine is obvious but when it happens suddenly then this can be an alarming sign. If your girlfriends’ schedule has changed suddenly and she started going to work early or staying late there, then be alert. Observe her and communicate to her about the sudden change. If your girlfriend is cheating then possibly she will not be able to give you a genuine reason or be as confident when you observe every day. 

She Doesn’t Want to Make Love

Making love is the most beautiful thing in a relationship and if your girlfriend is not comfortable during cuddling and lovemaking with you anymore, then know that there is someone else in her mind. Not getting physical and going cold during lovemaking can be due to some emotional turbulence but when it becomes routine then it is an early sign that your girlfriend is cheating and trying to get away from you. 

So, is your girlfriend cheating on you? If you are still confused, observe her more and check if your Love compatibility with your girlfriend is still as strong as earlier. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship but keeping a blindfold on your eyes is not a good thing. So, don’t become foolish and if you notice any signs of cheating by your girlfriend, get ready to confront her and clear the air.

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