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Bengali Marriage muhurat 2023| Shuvo Bibaho 2023 Dates | Bengali Wedding Dates Calendar

bengali marriage muhurat shuvo bibaho dates

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 23 दिसम्बर, 2021 10:08 पूर्वाह्न

Bengali Marriage Dates 2023

Marriage is a very auspicious occasion. In Bengali, it is referred to as Biye or Bibaha. Like every Indian culture, Bengali wedding is performed on the Shubh muhurat or auspicious dates as per the Bengali Calendar, known as Bangla Calendar or Bong Calendar or Bangla Panjika or Bengali Ponjika (বাঙালি ক্যালেন্ডার). Bangla New Year starts from the middle of April and is called as Poyla Boishakh. Muhurat Calculator to know best date to get married.

Bengali Calendar is followed by the natives of Bengali culture mainly. It is a solar calendar that includes Tithi, Shuvo Bibaho dates (শুভ বিবাহো তিথি), Annoprashan dates, Atrikta Bibaha, Shadbhakan, Panchanga, Shuvodinr Nirghonto dates and all the festival dates. There are two types of Bengali Calendar, one is the official Bengali calendar used in Bangladesh while the other is used in Indian states- Tripura, Assam and West Bengal.

Ask an Astrologer for your marriage dates in 2023.

For considering Bengali Hindu marriage dates in 2023, Bengali calendar 1428 (As per Bengali calendar 2023 is 1428 ) will be followed. So, if you are planning to marry in 2023 and want to know the Bengali Hindu marriage dates in 2023, we are here to help. Get report Online Kundali Match Making for Marriage.

In this post, you may find 2023 Bengali marriage dates or marriage dates in 2023 as per Bengali calendar 1428 or Bengali Panjika 1428. Take a look at the Bengali calendar 1428 marriage dates from the English months, January to December.

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 January - Bengali Panjika 1428

As the Bengali year starts from 14 April of English Calendar, the year 2023 will include marriage dates from Bengali Panjika 1427 and 1428. According to Bengali Panjika, Till 14 January, it will be the month of Poush which includes no Bengali marriage dates. From 15 January, a new month, Magha will begin which will last till 12 February 2023 and will have Shuvo Bibaho muhurat or auspicious marriage dates. Here are the Bengali Panjika 1428 marriage dates for January 2023.

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 January - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
January 15 Sunday
January 18 Wednesday
January 25 Wednesday
January 26 Thursday
January 27 Friday
January 30 Monday

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 February - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
February 6 Monday
February 7 Tuesday
February 9 Thursday
February 10 Friday
February 12 Sunday
February 13 Monday
February 14 Tuesday
February 16 Thursday
February 22 Wednesday
February 23 Thursday
February 27 Monday
February 28 Tuesday

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 March - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
March 6 Monday
March 9 Thursday
March 11 Saturday
March 13 Monday

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 April - Bengali Panjika 1428

From March 22 to April 20 is the Chaitra month. It is the last month of the Bengali Calendar and Bengali Panjika. During this time, there are no auspicious Bengali marriage dates and times. The Bengali new year or Poyla Boishakh begins on April 20. As there are no new updates about Bengali marriage dates in 2023 for now, we will update the list for the remaining months once they are out.

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 May - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
May 3 Wednesday
May 6 Saturday
May 8 Monday
May 9 Tuesday
May 10 Wednesday
May 11 Thursday
May 15 Monday
May 16 Tuesday
May 20 Saturday
May 21 Sunday
May 22 Monday
May 29 Monday
May 30 Tuesday

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 June - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
June 1 Thursday
June 3 Saturday
June 5 Monday
June 6 Tuesday
June 7 Wednesday
June 11 Sunday
June 12 Monday
June 23 Friday
June 26 Monday

Most auspicious Bengali Vivah Muhurat date For July, August, September, and October 2023.

Due to Chaturmaas, there are no auspicious muhurat for Bengali Marriage in the months of July, August, September and October 2023. Consult an astrologer for finding the best bengali vivah muhurat date during Chaturmaas. 

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 November - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
November 23 Thursday
November 27 Monday
November 28 Tuesday
November 29 Wednesday

Bengali marriage dates in 2023 December - Bengali Panjika 1428

Date Day
December 6 Wednesday
December 7 Thursday
December 9 Saturday
December 15 Friday

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We suggest you check the auspicious marriage dates for your wedding based on your horoscope to know which date is best for your wedding. You may ask expert astrologers for the best marriage date for you and enhance the auspiciousness of the most special day of your life.

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