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About Lord Sri Krishna

know about lord krishna

Updated Date : सोमवार, 10 अगस्त, 2020 11:08 पूर्वाह्न

About Lord Krishna, what can we say? Lord Krishna is the God above all Gods. Lord Sri Krishna is the name that can protect you from the illusions of this world and is synonymous to Lord Shiva. The darkest blue of all Lords is the Lord who will help you immensely help you live your life. Shri Krishna is the human emanation of Shri Vishnu, the live form of Shri Vishnu on Earth.

Shri Krishna Ji was born in prison at midnight. Lord Krishna’s mother’s name was Devaki and his father’s name was Vasudev. The couple was put in prison by Kansa, Devaki’s brother who feared an Akashvani. According to the Akashvani, Kansh was to be killed by a child who was supposed to bring forth Kansa’s death.

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But, soon after the birth of Shri Krishna a miracle happened and the soldiers slept off amidst a heavy rainfall. Vasudev carried the child quietly out of the prison and left the child in his sister’s care. Yashoda did not know for long that it was Devaki’s child that she was bringing up in her arms. Despite everything Yashoda took care of the child. Krishna was a child prodigy and grew up to become the slayer of Kansa. In his childhood, he was also involved in killing a lot of other demonic forces.

The world celebrates this miraculous day as Krishna Janmashtami.

Janmashtami is a day of decorations. It is believed Shri Krishna loved to dress and thus cities after cities get decorated in the peacock colour.

So huge is the history of lord Krishna’s life that it can clearly divided into four phases- 

  • Lord Sri Krishna’s Childhood
  • Young age of Lord Shri Krishna
  • Adult age of Lord Shri Krishna
  • Old age of Lord Shri Krishna

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Lord Sri Krishna’s Childhood

Since childhood, Radha from Barsana has been Shri Krishna ji’s love of life. Radha and Krishna were together and they were brought up in each other’s company. Radha, Krishna and Balram were a threesome who grew up together. In his childhood the most prominent works he did included 

  • Killing demons was his speciality and he was also a friend of those who were weak and frail. 
  • He would protect every being around him whenever there was a danger. 
  • Sri krishna leela was amazing. He was the one who lifted the Govardhan Parvat in his little finger to save the shepherds and cowherds and cows from being carried away by the heavy rainfall that happened during that point of time.
  • He was the Makhan chor and we remember this act of his every year with the Dahi handi festival.

Janmashtami is the festival that leads to the celebrations of Lord Sri Krishna’s childhood.

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Young age of Lord Shri Krishna

Youth of Shri Krishna was much celebrated as the period of time when he danced, sang and played flute with the Gopinis in the forest. Shri Krishna leela was celebrated whenever he played his flute. It is believed whenever he played flute, animals and every other form of life came to a standstill around Lord Krishna.

His youth is described in Mahabharata and in all texts, as a golden era for humanity. Krishna seemed to have brought peace for some years before Jrasand, Kansh’s father-in-law seeked revenge and attacked Krishna and the troop 17 times. During his young age he was also close to Sudama, one of his friends from old and Shri Krishna ji was a very just and fair man in his dealings with him.

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Adult age of Lord Shri Krishna

During this time of his life, the battle of Mahabharata was fought and the famous Bhagavad Gita came into existence. It was during this time that he fought the seventeen battles. It was during this time that he guided the Pandavas to fight for their legal rights. It is now that he married Rukmini and the other queens.

Lord Shri Krishna actively never became the king due to the curse on the Yaduvansh. However, Krishna was not the reason behind these wars, neither did he fight these wars. He merely directed these wars. Balram and Shri Krishna ji remained in the backdrop and did everything. 

Old age of Lord Shri Krishna

His old age was mostly spent in the western lands of Dwarka. A great palatial building once existed where the Kingdom of Dwarka stands but a heavy Tsunami drowned the entire kingdom. Lord Sri Krishna was killed by a poacher who came to the forest to kill a bird.

Lord Shri Krishna died and his descendants were left behind. Lord Krishna was propagated by the clan of Krishna. Old age was a very depressive phase of Lord Shri Krishna.

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There were a lot of devotees who preached Krishna at times whenever His name went out of the world, whenever there was disparity and disillusionment and all sorts of darkness in the world. Shri Krishna Chaitanya mahaprabhu, Meera Bai, Sri Ramunajacharya, Sant Tukaram and many more of this kind preached Krishanity. Lord Sri Krishna’s name and life is an emblem, his every action is a symbol which can help life flourish in a positive way.

To conclude, Shri Krishna ji’s entire life is a message for the Kali-Yug since he was the one whose death is said to be the point where Dwapar Yug moved into the Kali Yug. Lord Shri Krishna moved people by his deeds and messages through Bhagavad Gita. Even now, Krishna is worshipped by people all around the world. Krishna’s philosophy is followed by many people. Lord Shri Krishna is the one who made people aware all across the world about the conscious world and the unconscious self. The subconscious mind and its importance was put forth by the Hindu God Shri Krishna.

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