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East Facing House Vastu Plan

East Facing House Vastu Plan - Best Vastu Tips for East Facing House

Updated Date : मंगलवार, 08 जून, 2021 07:04 पूर्वाह्न

Vastu Tips for East Facing House

Are you thinking of constructing an east-facing house? Considering Vastu tips for an East facing home can help you channel positive energy and bring auspiciousness and prosperity to your house. As per Vastu Shastra for houses, East facing homes are very lucky for the owner and residents of the house, however, there are specific East facing house Vastu tips that need to be followed while buying and designing East face house Vastu plan.

Check out the Vastu for East Facing House Plan and learn about the Vastu tips for making your house more lucky and propitious.

East Facing House Vastu Plan

As per East Facing house Vastu, east-facing properties are good for buildings and multi-story apartments, however, when it comes to building independent houses, east-facing houses are not as lucky as former. On the flip side, east-facing houses are considered very lucky for people who are associated with authority and power-exercising jobs. Since East is the direction of agility, creativity and focus, these houses can prove beneficial for freelancers, artists, creative writers, self-employed people.

Here are the certain East-facing house Vastu rules and principles that one should follow while building their homes.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House: Main Door

One needs to be more cautious with the main door Vastu for an east-facing house. Here are the Vastu principles for the east facing house that you need to follow:

  • Always keep the main entrance or main door of the East facing house in the middle.
  • Never place the main door or entrance in the South-East or North-East direction of the East facing house. As per East facing house Vastu, these two corners are very unlucky and may bring negativity and adversity in the house.
  • Main Door in North- East Corner of East Facing House: If by any means the placement of the main door is in the North-East corner, then make sure that doors don’t touch the corners. Try to leave a gap of 1/2ft or 6 inches between the main door and the wall.
  • Main Door in South- East Corner of East Facing House: If the main door of the east facing house in South-east corner, then follow these vastu tips for Main Door in East Facing House:
  • Place Vastu pyramids on each side of the door and above the main entrance.
  • Create Om, Swastik or Trishul on both sides of the door.
  • Use Siddha Shukra Yantra or Siddha Vastu Kalash on the main door to amplify positive energy at home.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House: Master Bedroom

  • As per Vastu for the East Facing house, place your master bedroom in the South-West direction.
  • Keep your bed on the South or West side of the room in such a way that while sleeping your head is in either South or West direction and your legs are in either North or East direction.
  • Bathroom in the master bedroom of the East Facing house should not be placed in front of your bed. The doors of the bathroom should be shut every time.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House: Living Room

  • Place the living room in the North-East direction in the East facing house. This direction is considered to be auspicious and fortunate as per East Facing house Vastu Shastra.
  • As per large and thick walls of South and West direction brings success and prosperity in personal and professional life. Thus, the walls of the North and East side of the living room should be shorter and thinner in comparison to the walls of the South and West.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House: Kitchen

  • If your kitchen is in the South-East direction, make sure you face the East direction while cooking.
  •  If your kitchen is in the North-West direction, make sure you face the West direction while cooking.
  • Avoid placement of the kitchen in the North-East corner of the East facing house.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House: Puja Room

  • As per Vastu for the East Facing house, the Puja room in an East facing house should be in the North-East direction.

Do’s for East Facing House 

  • As per the east facing house Vastu principle, always leave open space in the East and North side of the house.
  • Make sure the boundary walls of an East Facing House should be higher in the Southern and Western sides of the plot.
  • Make sure there is no toilet or bedroom in the North-East direction of the house.
  • Never construct Septic Tanks in the North- East corner of the East facing house. Follow Septic tank Vastu for house for the right placement of the waste water outlet.
  • Keep a crystal globe in the North-East corner of the house. As per the East Facing House Vastu principle, this improves the concentration of students in the house.
  • If the plot of the East facing house is sloped, then it should be from South to North.
  • Always prefer having open space on the East side of your house.

Don’t for East Facing House 

  • Avoid placing mirrors in the front of the bed. Mirrors should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t have your reflection when you sleep.
  • One should never plant large trees in the North or East direction of an East Facing House. However, if there are trees then they should not be cut. Instead, you should consult an Online Vastu Expert for eliminating the Vastu Dosha. Talk to astrologer on phone free for Vastu tips .
  • The garage should not be built on the Northeast side of the house. 
  • Make sure there is no obstruction on the entrance and North-East side of the house.
  • As per Staircase House Vastu, the North-East direction is not auspicious for constructing stairs in an East Facing house. 
  • Prefer to buy a property with a plot attached to it in the North direction. As per Vastu for East Facing house, this brings luck and prosperity to the owner. 
  •  Never buy a plot with a slope from North to South as per East Facing House Vastu.

If you have constructed or already bought an East Facing House, then you should Ask an Expert astrologer of Vastu to make your home more positive and prosperous. Expert consultation can help you find the best possible way to implement Vastu principles and bring more positivity into the house.

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