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North Facing House Vastu Plan, Vastu for North Facing House

North Facing House Vastu Plan, Vastu for North Facing House

Updated Date : गुरुवार, 10 जून, 2021 11:06 पूर्वाह्न

North Facing House Vastu Plan for Positivity and Prosperity

North facing houses are considered very auspicious as per Vastu for houses. It is said that the North is the direction of Kuber, the God of wealth and prosperity and thus there are more chances of having a good flow of money in the house. However, the fact is that the inflow of wealth and positive energy into the house depends upon Vastu compliance. If a North facing house is built as per North facing house Vastu plan, then there is a strong probability of attaining success, well-being, happiness and positivity into the house.

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In this post, you can explore the Vastu tips for North facing houses suggested by the famous Vastu experts to build a positive home. So, take a quick look and explore the ways to make your North facing house a real blessing. 

North Facing House Vastu Plan

A North facing house is auspicious but it is not suitable for everyone. Depending upon the profession and zodiac sign of the natives, the effects of North facing houses vary. These houses are suitable for businessmen, accountants, bankers, investors, communicators, stock market traders, astrology and Vastu service providers, people working in hospitality, hotels, traveling and tours. As per zodiac astrology, these houses suit best to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces people. 

Wondering how to ensure happiness and prosperity in a North Facing House? Check out the North Facing House Vastu Plan for maximizing positivity and auspiciousness into the house.

Main Door Vastu for North Facing House

  • As per North Facing House Vastu, the main door should be in the north direction. 
  • If the main door length is divided into nine equal parts from North-East to North-West, then the fifth part or Pada is considered auspicious. 4th, 3rd and 8th Pada in the North direction is also believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the house. 
  • Avoid the main gate or entrance of the house in the North West direction of the house. North-West placement of the main door may cause ill effects on the health of the residents. 

Kitchen Vastu for North Facing House

  • Never build the kitchen of a North facing house in the North-East corner. 
  • Kitchen in the North-East direction causes neurological disorders and family disputes in the house. Sometimes, owners face legal and financial problems due to this Vastu Dosha. 
  • Always prefer South-East or South direction to construct a kitchen in a North Facing House. 
  • North-West direction is also good as it is auspicious as per North facing house Vastu principles. 
  • Make sure while cooking in the Kitchen, you face East or South-East directions. 

Bathroom and Septic Tank Vastu for North Facing House

  • Bathroom placement should be in the South of South West. West of North-West and East of South-East corner are good to build bathroom and septic tanks in the North facing house. 
  • Since bathroom and septic tanks are places where water accumulates most of the time, these are considered to be sources of negative energy. 
  • As per Vastu for Septic tanks, one should never place a septic tank in the front or underground level of the North facing house. It may disrupt the water element and cause kidney issues among the residents. 
  • Building bathrooms in the front is also not allowed as per Bathroom Vastu for houses. It may cause financial problems and health ailments. 

Puja Room Vastu for North Facing House

  • Puja is the place of worship where you place your deity and offer your prayers. Thus, as per Vastu for North Facing House, puja rooms should always be placed in the West direction. 
  • West is the best direction for a Puja room in a North facing house because it ensures the idols or photos of God's face towards the East. 
  • You may also build a Puja room of a North-facing house in the East direction to place the position of idols and Gods in the east while facing in the West. 
  • North-East is also considered auspicious for the placement of Puja Room as per North facing house Vastu. 

Bedroom Vastu for North Facing House

  • Master Bedroom of the North facing house should be in the South-West direction. 
  • East, South or West directions are the auspicious directions for placement of the master bedroom.
  • As per North Facing House Vastu, bedrooms should never be in the North-East direction. 
  • The best direction to build a Guest room is in the North-West as per Bedroom Vastu.
  • Kids bedroom should be in the West direction.

Staircase Vastu For North Facing House

  • Never place the staircase of your house in the North direction. As per Vastu Experts, the placement of the staircase in this direction causes financial problems. 
  • Always make sure the staircase is in the clockwise direction. 
  • Never build a staircase of a North facing house in the Northeast direction. According to Vastu Shastra for North Facing House, it may cause nerve-related disorders. 
  • South, West, South-East, South-west and North-West directions are good directions for the placement of Staircase in the North Facing house.
  • Always consult a Vastu expert to determine the right placement of Staircases concerning the rooms in your house. 

Garage/Parking Area Vastu for North Facing House

  • Never build a garage or parking area in the North direction. 
  • As per North Facing house Vastu plan, Garage in the North direction may cause lack of mental peace in the house. 
  • South-East and North-West are the best directions to build your garage or parking area.

Do’s and Don’ts of Vastu for the North Facing House

There are certain Vastu principles for a North facing house that you need to keep in mind while building a North facing house. These Vastu tips for North facing houses help bring peace and prosperity. Here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow. 

Do’s as per North Facing House Vastu

  • Plant a money plant on the North side of the house. As per North facing house Vastu principles, money plant brings wealth and its plantation in the North side enhances prosperity in the house. 
  • Create auspicious symbols such as Swastika or Om within the house. One should always Ask Vastu Expert to explore the most auspicious and beneficial place to form the auspicious symbols. 
  • Always build the living room of the North facing house in the North- east direction. 
  • Always buy a North facing house plot with a slope from South to North direction. 
  • Make sure the walls of the North and East side are shorter than the other side walls. 
  • While building a North facing house, leave open spaces in the North and North-East sides. 
  • As per Water Tank Vastu Tips, bore wells should never be in the North-East direction. It should be slightly away from North-East when a diagonal line is drawn from North-East to South-West. 
  • The Electric meter of the North facing houses should be in the South-east direction. 
  • Mirrors should be placed in the North zone of the North facing house. 
  • The North and East side slopes of the North facing house plot should be smaller than the South and West side slope.
  • Always use warm and tones shades of white, warm grey, green, blue and Khaki color for painting your North facing house. 
  • Tulsi plants should be planted in the North or North- East direction to get rid of negativity and bring positive energy. 
  • House Vastu suggests placing the idol of Kuber on the North side of the house for attaining more opportunities. 
  • West is the suitable direction to build a dining or a study room.

Don’ts as per North Facing House Vastu

  • No mirrors should be placed in the South and South-East directions. 
  • Make sure there is no obstruction in the front of the main door of the North facing house. 
  • Avoid 6th Pada while making the main entrance or main door of the North facing house. 
  • Red or yellow colors should be avoided to paint the front side of the North facing house. 
  • Garden and plantation of trees should never be done in the North-west side of the house. 
  • Guard room should never be on the North-East side.
  • If the bedroom of the house is placed in the North zone of the house, then make sure that you don’t sleep keeping your head in the North direction. 
  • Drainage or flow of wastewater in the house should not be from the North to South direction. 
  • While preparing the North facing house Vastu plan, make sure there are no toilets in the North or East or North-East direction of the house. 
  • Red or Maroon colors should be avoided while painting the main door or entrance.
  • Avoid black color marble slab for kitchen placed in the South-East zone of the North facing house. 
  • There should be no clutter, trees or plants or light posts in the front of the house.

The above Vastu tips are helpful to turn your North Facing house into a prosperous and happy home. In case of doubts and queries, you may consult our Vastu experts and know more about Vastu principles and remedies of Vastu Dosha by simply asking your questions through online ask an astrologers.

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