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West Facing House Vastu Plan

Vastu Tips for West Facing House

Updated Date : बुधवार, 09 जून, 2021 10:13 पूर्वाह्न

Vastu Tips for West Facing House

Are you planning to buy a West Facing House? Do you want to know about Vastu for West Facing House? You can build a positive and auspicious house by following the West Facing House Vastu Shastra. Read on to know about the West Facing House Vastu principles and explore the best way to channel positive energy into your house. Talk to Astrologer on Phone to know the remedies for vastu dosha.

What Is A West Facing House According To Vastu?

A West Facing House is the house with the main door or gate opening in the West direction. To find the direction of the house, stand inside the house and if your face when you go out of the main entrance is in the West, then it is a West Facing House. The other and simple way to find the direction of the house correctly is by using a magnetic compass. Get Your Puja Room Designed By Expert Astrologers.

Are West Facing Houses Auspicious as per Vastu? 

This is a myth. As per Vastu for houses, no direction in the Universe is inauspicious and unfruitful. Even the South facing houses that are said to be less auspicious can bring positive effects if planned and designed as per Vastu principles. Moreover, there are various benefits of having a West Facing House. According to Vastu experts, houses in the West direction bring money, happiness and prosperity. Its owners have good social status and they don’t have any foes. West Facing Houses are best for teachers, politicians, religious leaders and business owners. It is also good for youngsters as it brings fun, warmth and positive energy into the house. 

West Facing House Vastu Plan

As per House Vastu, Vastu applies on the entire layout of the house. From the main door to the bedroom to the septic tank, there is Vastu for all. Here are the Vastu for West Facing Houses consisting of recommended Vastu tips for West Facing Houses: main door, bedroom, kitchen and much more. 

Main Door Vastu for West Facing House

Main door or entrance is an important part of the house from where the energy directly comes into your house. Thus, you need to always follow these Vastu tips for the West Facing House main door while building your home. Take a look for main door vastu

  • Main door of a West Facing House should always be at the mid-West or Northern part of the house. 
  • As per Vastu for a West Facing House, metal should be used to design and decorate your West Facing House main door. 
  • Avoid South-West direction for the main door placement as per Vastu for West Facing House. 
  • From the North-West to the South-West corner if you divide the length into nine equal parts (Padas), then the best Padas for the main door will be the fifth Pada, sixth Pada, first Pada in the North-West, and ninth Pada in the South- West direction. know south facing house vastu plan.

Master Bedroom Vastu for West Facing House

  • South-West is the best direction to build your master bedroom in a West Facing House. As per West Facing House Vastu, this direction enhances the connection between couples. 
  • If the house is multi storeyed, the master bedroom must be on the highest floor. It is believed that this brings harmony, success and prosperity from the blessing of ancestors.

Useful tips sleeping direction as per vastu.

Children’s Bedroom Vastu for West Facing House

  • Children’s room should be in the South direction. 
  • The other directions where you can build the children's bedroom in a West-facing house are West and North-West. 
  • The doors of the children's room should always open in the East or North direction.

Living Room Vastu for West Facing House

  • North, East and North-East are the auspicious directions to build your living in a West Facing House. 
  • Never place any heavy pieces of furniture in the West or South-West direction of the living room, suggests West Facing House Vastu principles. 

Kitchen Vastu for West Facing House

  • The kitchen of a West Facing House should never be in the South-West part of the house as per West Facing House Vastu principles,
  • South-East or North-West directions are the best directions for building a kitchen in a West Facing House. 
  • Always make sure that you face towards the East while cooking in the West Facing House kitchen.

Kitchen Vastu Tips by experts.

Guest Bedroom Vastu for West Facing House

  • North-West or South-West direction can be used to build your guest rooms as per West Facing House Vastu. 
  • South- West direction should never be considered for Guest bedroom placement in a West Facing House.

Things to Follow As per West Facing House Vastu - Do’s

As per Vastu for West Facing Houses, one should always follow the below principles while building their home. These Vastu tips for a West Facing House can help you attract maximum positive energy and good luck to your house. 

  • Always keep an even number while designing doors and windows in the West Facing House.
  • Dining room, Water sources, Study room, Children’s room and Bathroom should be in the West direction.
  • The slope of the West facing plot should be from South to North. 
  • One should always consult a Vastu Expert for nullifying the Vastu Dosha effects.
  • As per West Facing House Vastu, the walls of the South and West corners should be thicker and higher than the walls of East and North corners.
  • One should use white, yellow and beige colors for the West Facing Houses.
  • Always use neutral tones for walls of West Facing Houses as it attracts more positive energy from the West direction.
  • Tulips, Roses and Daffodils are the ideal plants to grow in your West Facing House.
  • Always design more windows in the North and East directions.

Things to Avoid As per West Facing House Vastu - Don’ts

There are certain things that need to be avoided to keep the flow of positive energy into the home. Read on to know about them.

  • Never have a bore-well or water pump in the South West corner of the house as per Water tank Vastu plan.
  • Avoid purchasing a flat with extension in the South-West. 
  • Never purchase a West facing plot which is higher in the North than in the South.
  • Avoid buying a plot with slope from North to South.
  • Do not use a lot of bright colors for the walls of a West Facing House. 
  • Avoid having clutter at the main entrance of the West Facing House.
  • Never have any obstructions in the West corner of the house as it blocks the light and hinders the positivity in the house. 

Hopefully, now you know how to make a positive home with the West Facing House Vastu plan. You can also Ask Vastu Experts at Mpanchang and get help in designing your home and finding the important Vastu tips that may enhance positivity, happiness and prosperity in your house.

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