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cancer and cancer Compatibility



One way to look at same sign compatibility - a union of two identical zodiacs has twice the goodness and half the madness.  And if the sign is Cancer, then you’re in for a treat because unlike others, they have the potential to be soulmates.

Cancerians are known to be very passionate lovers and caring individuals. They have a profound sense of attachment to people who are close to them, especially in love. They would achieve great satisfaction with commitment oriented relationships and would go on to make an excellent household incorporating family values and sympathy.  

Cancer-Cancer compatibility looks absolutely amazing but can get even better if both the Water babies can keep in check their fluidity and frequent mood swings.

Are Cancer Cancer Compatible?

Love and a lot of emotions make up a romantic relationship between a Cancer and Cancer. When they come into a relationship, we get a love which is meant to last. Cancers are intensely devoted and extremely loyal to their partner and when they get the same kind of devotion and loyalty from the other side, then love is bound to blossom.

Cancer-Cancer Relationship Compatibility works because they both understand each other in a way that nobody does and nobody can. They have an idea of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know how to bring both passion and calmness in their relationship.  

Their end goal is the same i.e. to have a home and a family, which is what makes them tick in the first place. They share the same values and have a similar approach towards everything in life. Whether they are lovers or friends or siblings, one can never find them hurting one another. Cancers are too sensitive and emotional to hurt anyone let alone each other.

However, they need to keep a check on their mood swings and their possessive nature. Too much brooding or not giving enough freedom to their partner can be the cause of several conflicts in this otherwise beautiful association.

Overall, Cancer-Cancer Compatibility looks excellent and has a great potential to become a long-lasting relationship.

Before we get on to the details about Cancer-Cancer Friendship Compatibility, Cancer man Compatibility with the Cancer woman, it is essential to gain an insight about this Zodiac sign.


Cancer, an element of water, is the most challenging, profoundly sentimental and intuitive sign. They are very sensitive and emotional; they care a lot about matters of their home and family. Cancer seems to very loyal and attached to people they are close. People born with their Sun in Cancer are able to empathize and have loyalty to other people's suffering and pain. Moon is the ruler of this zodiac, fractions of the lunar cycle deepen their inner mysteries and create brief of their emotional patterns that are far beyond their control. Click to know more about the sensitive Cancer

Can Cancer And Cancer Be Good Friends?

A relationship between two similar signs can be a little tricky because here we are talking about two individuals who have identical credentials in the Astrological backdrop. And since they come from the similar element, one can hardly predict anything substantial; it can go anywhere.

Fortunately, when it comes to Cancer, they always seem to have a great bonding with their horoscope twin. And as far as friendship goes, it is as beautiful as it can get.

Cancer is a water sign, so they value human emotions more than anything which forms the basis for most of their relationships. Friendship too gets benefited from this particular aspect and lasts pretty long.

The best part about Cancer-Cancer friendship is their respect towards each other’s personal space, making them outstanding companions and life buddies. They stand by each other through thick and thin and make sure their mate feels like home every time they are around.  

Cancer-Cancer friendship compatibility can be rated highly as it’s practical and palpable.  

Cancer- Cancer Romantic Compatibility

When it comes to Cancer-Cancer romantic compatibility, the percentage of success is incredibly high. What else do you expect when two highly emotional, loving and caring people meet.

Cancer is considered to be the sign of closeness and family love. They give priority to family, home and their partner above anything else in the world which forms the essence of a stronger and deeper Cancer-Cancer Love.

When two Cancerians come together in love, they are usually pretty clear about their feelings towards each other. As a result, they enjoy a peaceful and mutually satisfying relationship because there is no hidden agenda.

Their emotions are best shared, dealt with and understood when they share a life and home together.

Cancer Cancer Sexual Compatibility

When it’s about having an intimate relationship with someone, Cancers seem to have it all figured out. They have the perfect sense of timing and know exactly when to lay their moves. Plus, they intend to connect emotionally with their partners which is a great advantage to having a stimulating sex life.

Another good thing about Cancer Cancer sexual compatibility they don’t need much time to open up and get comfortable. Since the basis of their relationship is a deep emotional connect, they would just naturally indulge in romantic encounters and take things forward. However, this might look a little boring considering they lack the initial build up, but Cancers hardly look to care about something like that.

Two Cancers together can be as dull as they can be exciting because sometimes they might lack that essential motivation a couple needs every now and then to spice things up. This may lead to intimacy issues, loss of appetite for sexual encounters, or even worse. So in order to have a better and more satisfying sexual compatibility, Cancers must learn to experiment with new ways to make their relationship more interesting.            

Cancer Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

Cancer man and Cancer woman make the most beautiful couple that there is. It all looks so wonderful and romantic as if it’s a flawless match, which for the most part, is absolutely true. Their faithfulness and complete dedication towards creating an ideal household make them even better life partners.

A Cancer sign is intensely emotional who simply requires a responsive partner when in a relationship. Therefore two Crabs together would be a perfect match. They could expect the similar emotional support from their twin zodiac and share an excellent understanding of each other’s needs.

Both Cancer man and Cancer woman hate solitude and can’t function alone so they are one of those few signs who always seek partners. Together, they would cling on to each other for dear life and would never let go.

However, Cancers, be it men or women, always find it difficult to make rational choices or practical decisions. Well, they are Water signs after all and it’s only obvious to expect something like that from them. But the point here is that it leads to disagreements and causes a little friction between an otherwise perfect couple. But again, Cancer Man and Cancer woman Relationship compatibility is way too strong to get influenced by a few conflicts and therefore, they would be absolutely fine despite all that.   

A match between female and male crab is simply phenomenal, and with a bit more understanding, nothing could ever affect their partnership.  

How Well Do They Click Emotionally?

Every Cancer sign is known to be the most emotional ascendant on the list. This is absolutely true, although the credit must be shared by all the Water signs. The crabs represent closeness and affection, may not be in a very sexual or sensual way one would expect but they do otherwise. When Cancer and Cancer come together in a relationship, they would perfectly understand one another’s emotional needs because they feel it themselves and would make a great couple.

Both the individuals are ruled by the Moon so their frequent mood swings would probably clash, but the ability of Moon maidens to cope with emotions is way bigger than we expect. They have an incomparable capacity to carry on with their emotional state despite how exhausting it is.  This is the reason Cancer Cancer emotional compatibility is so great and makes them probably the best match in terms of emotional connect and similar natural instinct.     

Are Cancer Cancer Soulmates?

Cancer is a sign who believes in living an ideal life. Family, kids, spouse, picnics, green backyard, and a peaceful environment is what they dream of. They would never do anything that hurts someone close to them, especially if it’s their life partner because they value human emotions and respect people around them. They are humble, mellow, and a have a very loving nature. It’s only obvious to imagine they would expect the same from other people. And if you think practically, there is no one better than a Cancer sign itself who could reciprocate the same devotion towards family and friends virtuously. Therefore, despite a few ups and downs, which is natural, two Cancers together would be a great married couple and considering them soulmates won’t be wrong. In fact, they would probably be the best match for themselves in the entire zodiac wheel.

Cancer-Cancer Celebrity Couples

  • Brigitte Nielsen and Sylvester Stallone

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