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capricorn and sagittarius Compatibility



Zodiac Compatibility Capricorn Sagittarius is literally a fire and ice association. This relationship between a fire element and an earth element can work only when both of them focus and play on their strengths. Capricorn-Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility is indeed going to be a challenge but the best part is that both of them love challenges and this partnership can surprisingly work really well.


Capricorn Sagittarius Love Compatibility is a fire and earth partnership so the differences seem obvious. However, what seems obvious is not always true. It is an unusual match but can work out really well, much better than other obvious star sign partnerships. Both of these signs possess such unique qualities that each of them find attractive. Sagittarius admires the Goat's control on themselves and the wisdom while Capricorn admires the Archer's courage and the ability of playing the game of life like a pro. Their opinions and view-points about life and everything else involved are poles apart. If they blend these polarities in a cooperative effort, then Capricorn Sagittarius Romantic Compatibility can attain glorious heights

In a Capricorn - Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility differences are bound to take place. Travel and money are two areas where there differences get slightly difficult to pacify. Sagittarius is an adventurous soul and likes to live its life literally out of the suitcase which is quite difficult for a Capricorn to comprehend. Moreover, a Capricorn has more than one savings account and is quite cautious when it comes to money matters whereas a Sagittarius is a spendthrift. The Archer is extravagant and spend more than they earn which can be a cause of conflict between the two. Both these signs are highly ambitious and are on their own journeys; while Sagittarius wants to explore different horizons and learn new things, Capricorn is on its journey of ambition and status. Each of them help another in their quest making it a relationship which is one-of-a- kind and has the potential to succeed.

Before knowing about the Capricorn Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Woman Compatibility with Sagittarius Man, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

CAPRICORN (22nd December - 19th January)

'Slow and steady wins the race' - a true Capricorn lives by this motto. Much like its symbol 'The Mountain Goat', this earth sign treads the path towards its ultimate goal, slowly but successfully. Ambition is the word for Capricorn and they definitely possess the resilience, determination and grit to fulfill all things they have set their eye on. Discipline and patience, being their core strengths, help the Goat to achieve the impossible in life. Being highly practical individuals, Capricorn would never take the road less travelled. It is just about making plan to reach the top of the ladder and simply sticking to it. The ruling planet Saturn gives Capricorn the discipline and authoritative abilities that they are known for. This Earthy sign, much like its ruling planet, loves to control and command and wants to be revered for the same. In contrast to a tough exterior, a Capricorn is a warm and a friendly person. They open up rarely and only to those who are extremely close to them. One has to dig really dip to find what it beneath the surface of the serious and stern Capricorn.

Capricorn like to be busy, whether it is about working on a project or spending time with family. Work hard and Play hard is what they abide by. They love working towards their goals but they would never neglect their family or loved ones in the quest of the same. Work and family go hand in hand for them and they handle it quite efficiently, as well. Once they have set their eyes on the prize, the Goat will climb steadily to cross the finish line and that too without any shortcuts. And the best part is, they will ultimately win. The most active, energetic and ambitious Zodiacs will fail against the stubbornness and the steely dedication of Capricorn. However, at times, in the pursuit of their ambition, they set some impossible goals which if they fail to attain can leave them getting all frustrated and sulky. They live by traditions and can come across as those who are serious, stern and too disciplined for the modern times. A decision once made by a stubborn Capricorn cannot change in any circumstance. They simply refuse to accept any innovation in their already set plan. Capricorns are pessimists to the extent of going into deep depression. It is very difficult for a them to get into any relationship as they find it difficult to trust people. They take time to choose their partner and once they do, they show love and commitment like no other.

SAGITTARIUS (23rd November - 21st December)

Sagittarius, the Fire sign, can be easily recognized in a group of people as they will be the liveliest and most energetic people in the group. Being a fiery sign, a Sagittarian is always pumped to explore new avenues, learn new things and travel to far off places. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius seeks things that are larger than life; they want the best for themselves and can indulge in extravagant activities to achieve them. It has an unending zeal for adventure and there is no limit for a Sagittarius when it comes to quenching its thirst for the same. High on optimism, it loves to take risks and never shies away from speaking their mind.

Sagittarius are rightly called the 'clowns' of the Zodiac owing to their sense of humor. They will be the wittiest and the most entertaining people you will ever come across. People in this Zodiac sign are extremely outspoken to the point of being blunt. They are extremely honest and loyal and expect the same amount of honesty from the people around them. On one hand they can be the most goofiest people around, while, on the other hand, they are philosophical, wise and knowledge-seekers. The Archer is an extrovert and this is the reason they have a large group of friends and their life is always bustling with activity. You just cannot keep a true Sagittarius at one place and you might not find them by your side all the time. But, if a crisis arises, you can always put your money on them, irrespective of the distance or the time.

Their quest for something new and adventurous all the time can make them a little impatient and restless when things do not go their way. The pace of their life should match the pace of their mind and body, which, if fails, can leave them all grumpy and frustrated. Sagittarius are tactless and reckless in action as well as words which can hurt the ones around them. They find it really hard to commit to a relationship, but when they do, it is for life. They are loyal to a fault and seek warmth and passion from their beloved. Independence is something that a Sagittarius cannot compromise with, come what may. So a relationship that will work best for them is the one in which both the partners savor freedom.


Capricorn Male-Sagittarius Female Marriage Compatibility works on the fact that both the partners complement each other as both have qualities that other lacks. For a Capricorn Man-Sagittarius Woman Compatibility to work, efforts are required from both the sides. A Sagittarius woman will have to give up her adventurous and free spirit and settle down for domestic happiness as nothing comes above for a Capricorn man than his family. It would be wiser for her to understand that family will always be a Capricorn's priority. He, on the other hand, should fill her life with all things that she wants for her to sacrifice her freedom.


The toughness and authority of a Capricorn woman is what attracts the Sagittarius man the most. They both are two entirely different individuals with distinct aspirations from life; a Sagittarius man loves taking risks and is always on the lookout for new horizons while a Capricorn woman is all about the present and aims to build her dreams right here and now. However, Capricorn Female and Sagittarius Male Marriage Compatibility does exist.

The Archer appreciates and admires intellectual attitude and knowledge which a Capricorn woman has in abundance. The Goat admires, though secretly, the way a Sagittarius man brings an element of spontaneity and fun in her ordered life. As both the partners have something to offer each other Capricorn Woman-Sagittarius Man Compatibility is bound to work. Surprisingly, a Sagittarius man not being that faithful is extremely loyal when it comes to his Capricorn woman. He will stay thoroughly committed to her all his life as this woman never takes away his freedom and does not show any signs of jealousy. He can live his life at his own pace when he is with a Capricorn girl. Despite minor problems such as money or Sagittarius man's not living life by the rules, the Capricorn Woman-Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility is quite strong.


Capricorn-Sagittarius Love Compatibility is an adventure of a kind. They have several clashes when it comes to their opinions about life but they support each other in their respective worldly ambitions. The first few dates between them would require the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius to make some wise conversations to break the ice which the traditional and serious Capricorn might find strange. However, soon the jovial and fun nature of the Archer will succeed in disarming the traditional Capricorn behavior and they will enjoy each other's company like no other.

The love of a Capricorn is serious, sensual, sincere and sometimes status oriented while Sagittarius romance is all about experiment and freedom. The Capricorn-Sagittarius Romantic Compatibility is bound to have a distinct sparkle, which if works, can do wonders.


When a fire and earth sign meet, they have an incredible time. The passion of a Sagittarius and sensuality of a Capricorn makes the Capricorn-Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility one of a kind. The physical intimacy between the two will take some time to come in sync with each other. Capricorn seeks a meaning and depth in their physical encounters while a Sagittarius is quite casual about it and doesn't understand the same. It will take some time for both of them to understand each other's needs but once they do it is one of the most intimate physical partnership.

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