leo and libra




Zodiac Leo-Libra Compatibility is a powerful relationship from astrological point of view. Located two star signs apart, the combination seems to enjoy an unusual high rate of success. They experience a deep sense of understanding and enjoy a very smooth Leo-Libra Relationship Compatibility as they share similar outlook and are constantly fascinated by each other's personality.


Leo-Libra Love Compatibility is a spiritually connected partnership. Leo is a fire sign ruled by Sun, Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. As elements air and fire perfectly complement each other to make a fiery association. The unmatched Leo Libra Relationship Compatibility between the two signs is based on the similarities they share which lays the ground for a harmonious relationship. However, at the same time there are enough differences which keep the spark alive in their relationship.

In Leo-Libra Marriage Compatibility, the harmony resulting from the union of Venus and Sun helps each partner to make up for what the other is missing. Venus and Sun coming together form the foundation of this relationship. The masculine Sun and the Feminine Venus strike a perfect balance resulting in a perfect bonding.

Before knowing about the Leo Man Compatibility with Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility with Leo Woman, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

LEO (23rd July - 22nd Aug)

The Lion loves attention and can go to any extent to maintain his pride and dignity. Symbolized by the fierce Lion, Leos believe that they are the rulers of the Zodiac. They have a commanding air about them and this sign cannot help but feel superior to those around them. The Lion also has the dramatic streak in him and you can find many Leos working as theater artists or actors. Being extremely extrovert, Leos are the life of a party and hate all things boring and dark. Ruled by the majestic Sun, Leo savor their respect, ego, dignity and anyone who tries to hurt it will face the wrath of lion. This Fire sign are born leaders and they have a burning desire to be on the centre stage and be in the limelight all the time. They want to shine wherever they are. Also, being a fiery sign, they like to dominate and boss those around them.

Leos are entertainers to the core and are the perfect hosts to their friends. Sympathy and forgiveness is a part of their nature and they tend to forgive easily after the sudden outburst and anger fades away. They love responsibilities and would shoulder all of the responsibilities and troubles of their loved ones with effortless ease. However, the opposite of it is not true. Leos consider it against their pride and dignity to seek help, in any form, from others. The Lion is a fiercely loyal friend and an equally powerful enemy and boasts of a colorful personality shining playfully like a sun wherever it goes. Leos are exceptionally romantic and they would love to pamper and get pampered with luxurious but meaningful presents and lavish dates.

LIBRA (23rd September - 22nd October)

Symbolized by the Scales, Libra is always on the lookout for attaining balance in life. They can be incredibly balanced and want to give an equilibrium to all their life affairs, however, big or small. Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about luxury, beauty and love. They are extremely gentle, calm, loving and charming beings who are loved and admired by all. This Air sign is the sign of peace and harmony and is not in favor of anything unfair in all aspects of life. They are great conversationalists and are people's person; leave them in a room full of unknown faces and true Libras will own it like a boss. This Air Sign is a true diplomat and know how to resolve disputes between two parties with their sense of justice.

It is indeed true the first impression of a Libra comes as the one who is balanced and calm person. However, it is true just half of the time. Libra is much beyond just the loving, charming and harmonious individual. Just like the Scales, a Libra achieves this perfect balance and harmony with certain dips and lows. During this dip this gentle and charming air sign can get depressed, confused, restless and even stubborn. Being the sign of justice, this Air sign can take justified decisions for others but when it comes to their personal life, Libra can be highly indecisive. A true character of Libra is a mix of fairness, kindness, logic, stubbornness and indecision. When it comes to love, Libra is a hopeless romantic. They would sweep you off your feet with surprises every now and then.


Leo Man Libra Woman Love Compatibility is full of romance, passion and excitement. The couple shares a great chemistry with minimal problems. A Libra woman lacks the ability of decision making and happily allows her strong, solid Leo man to take the charge. The Leo Male Libra Female Marriage Compatibility is a promising and fruitful partnership as they belong to signs which perfectly complement each other and allow mutual understanding to grow between them.

Libra woman is fun loving, enjoys life and is perfectly uplifted by the zeal of Leo who ensures that she doesn't feel bored. The stylish Libran beauty is perfectly balanced by passionate and charismatic Leo and together they explore a new and exciting world. The match however has few downsides as well. Leo enjoys fights and arguments while Libra is peace loving which may disturb their smooth sailing boat. The two get along really well in normal circumstance and are suggested not to take each other for granted. Respect and admiration adds on to all the spark required to keep their relationship lively.


Leo Woman Libra Man Love Compatibility is a healthy partnership with a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy. Both Libra Man and Leo woman are interestingly romantic and quite expressive which makes their relationship deeper and stronger. Leo Woman loves royal treatment and the Libra Man perfectly pampers her by making her feel the best woman on earth. The thirst for attention of Libra is well balanced by selfless and devoted Leo woman.

Leo Male and Libra Female Marriage Compatibility is exceptionally strong as they share deep talks and are emotionally intimate. Communication is the best way to strengthen your relation. Discussing and talking about differences eases out the aggressive nature of Leo woman. There is a fair amount of give and take required from both partners for a solid relationship with perfect balance in their lives. The jealous nature of Leo Woman may cause certain drifts in the relation. Leo-Libra Marriage Compatibility can be wonderful between the two signs. They both have great taste and plenty to share and more often enjoys a long lasting relationship.


The pair is exceptionally fortunate to share a high level of Leo-Libra Romantic Compatibility not only because of numerous similarities but also because of the way their differences complement each other. The major similarity between these couples is their social nature as both of them love being in the circle of people. Leo–Libra Love Compatibility is ruled by the bond of friendship they share. They make a fun loving and friendly couple in long run.


Leo Libra Sexual Compatibility is quite passionate when Leo's enthusiastic passion meets warm and loving appreciation of Libra. Sex and physical intimacy are a big stronghold for both. Sexual life of Leo-Libra is usually filled with respect and mutual attraction and they feel free to try out new things to keep their relationship lively in the long run.