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pisces and pisces Love Compatibility



Zodiac Compatibility Pisces-Pisces provides an elaborate insight Pisces Pisces Love Compatibility and Pisces-Pisces Marriage Compatibility. Having the same sun sign, Pisces Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman gives way to a blissful life together. Pisces Pisces Relationship Compatibility gives details on the course of the journey between a man and and a woman in terms of friendship, romance, marriage and adaptability to each other’s behavior.


Pisces, being a water sign, are rightly called the 'Dreamers of the Zodiac'. High on the empathetic and emotional quotient, they are extremely sensitive, timid and compassionate. The Fish is highly intuitive and depends a great deal on its instincts and impression in its routine life. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are known to impress those around with their innate creativity and an endearing and charming persona. They are introverted individuals and love to live in their own little world and are always on the quest of inner peace and spiritual bliss. Just like the fish, Pisces tend to go with the flow and one thing that they lack is the ability to confront any adversity. They tend to live in their dreamy world and view the world with rose colored spectacles. So, when they come face to face with the harsh realities in life, they simply refuse to accept the same. It is difficult for them to adapt to the changes and in such a situation they might become passive and lazy. Being overemotional can influence the capacities and abilities of a Pisces and can be one of the main obstacles in their life's journey.


The Fish is perhaps the most romantic soul amongst all Zodiacs. When in a relationship, be it a friendship or a romantic association, a true Piscean is giving, caring, compassionate, loving to the extent of being impractical. They are quite good at hiding their feelings and love to inspire and motivate their partners. An extremely loving and gentle Zodiac sign, it seems quite obvious that the relationship between two Pisces is going to be a smooth ride. A part of it holds true. Pisceans wear their heart on the sleeve. Being true blue dreamers, they dream about a fairytale story and are in love with the idea of falling and being in love. The symbol of Pisces, i.e. two fishes in opposite direction is reflective of the fact that a Pisces wants their relations to comprise of both love and freedom.

A Pisces and Pisces relationship compatibility can go in two extreme directions, it can either be an intensely romantic and happy relationship or it can turn out to be an absolute disaster. The success of an association of two Pisceans is inevitable. Romantics to the core, they both will love each other's company and will build their own little fantasy world. Their relationship will be a tender one and filled with small romantic moments which others would surely envy. On the flip side, a relationship between two Pisces can hit rock bottom and take a dangerous course. The reason behind it is that among both the partners, none has the courage to face reality. Both are intimidated by the outside world and external influences which are a far cry from their illusions and magical world. They are secure as a couple inside the walls of their homes and can live happily ever after; but they have almost no control over the outside world and the problems it brings with it. When their relationship faces an adversity, like any other relationship, the Piscean instinct compels them to hide in the form of deceit, lying or plain refusal. This could be the reason for their relationship to collapse as both of them would drive each other towards depression, despair and self-destruction. The partnership between two Pisces is indeed the most beautiful association but it is highly fragile and vulnerable. Their relationship needs constant care and requires one among them to emerge stronger to come out of troubled waters back in their comfortable and secure haven.


The relationship between a Pisces Man and Pisces Woman is based on pure and genuine love for each other. In simple terms, Pisces-Pisces Love Compatibility knows no bounds and can prove to be an absolute bliss. They build their own little world and desire to live happily with each other's unconditional support and care. Their love life is full of tenderness, devotion and affection for each other. When it comes to a relationship, their expectations and needs from their respective partner are similar, however a Pisces Man is slightly different from a Pisces Woman in their nature and behavior. The meeting of both the Piscean is a difficult chance as they both are highly reserved and like to hang out with their close friends. But once they meet, sparks fly. They hit it off from the very first meeting as they share more or less similar interests and have the same view about the world and its affairs.

Pisces woman is a delicate, graceful and a polite individual. Her calm and composed demeanor dominates her mind, body and soul. She will support her Pisces partner in every endeavor he plans to pursue and will always be an admirer of his efforts. A Pisces woman values freedom so she would never impose her thoughts on her partner. Being highly intuitive, she is capable of reading the mind of her Pisces man and would listen intently to his issues and even give the best advice.

A Pisces man is a perfect match for the Pisces woman as he possesses deep understanding of her sensitive nature. A highly tolerant individual, he does not like to push things and expects the same with his partner. Although he is not overtly expressive but a Pisces man knows how to shower his lady love with affection and respect.

They both are dreamy lovers and this is where the beauty of this partnership lies. Both of them complement each other and mutually benefit each other in the journey called life. They have a deep mental and spiritual bond which reflects in their physical relationship as well. Their sexual unison is like an old school romance filled with soft gestures and dreamy conversations. All in all, Pisces-Pisces sex compatibility goes beyond physical desires and gives way to a deeply compassionate connection.

Pisces-Pisces Marriage Compatibility will be put to test only when the harsh reality of the world strikes their cozy paradise. The fishes dream of having a hassle-free life and think they are strong enough for each other. However, the reality is different. A particular characteristic of this Zodiac is to hide away from any problem, big or small which can lead to constant turmoil in their relationship, especially lovers and married couples. They start lying to themselves in adverse situations which can compound the already difficult circumstances. This tendency of a Pisces Man and Woman makes their relationship vulnerable. The sudden mood swings of the Fish can also invite trouble in their tranquil paradise.

Pisces and Pisces Relationship compatibility would do wonders if one of the partner has some earth elements in their chart. It would make them a little realistic when it comes to facing life's adversities.

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