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scorpio and cancer Compatibility



A partnership between a Scorpio and a Cancer can travel and range from one point to another, although, Cancer partner will try very hard to manage and stabilize it, but it might get very difficult if Scorpio doesn't have ample amount of respect for their own feelings and emotions.

According to Scorpio-Cancer Compatibility, they can go very deep in search of true love when they find an emotional link and unite on a level that is unreachable for other zodiac signs.

This can make them understand each other's thoughts, speak without words,be synchronized in their approach to their future together and with only one shared glance.

If Scorpio partner refuses to deal with their emotions aren't shared on a deepest possible level, it could be too hard for Cancer to handle the self-destructive nature of their partner.

In order for both of them to be ready to give in to this intense emotional contact, their connection needs to be pure and sincere.


It doesn't actually and really matter what Scorpio and Cancer will do if they both feel fabulous and energetic with each other. They have to protect their loved ones and share emotions as per Scorpio-Cancer Relationship Compatibility.

Scorpio in order to set good boundaries on what they think is right and Cancer due to their motherly need to protect people they love.

They can be found in any situation together if they create and build their own little world dealing with things as one being.

Cancer will have difficulty adjusting as Scorpio usually likes some dangerous activities.

They will have a quiet understanding of each other's needs if their emotional core is good, no matter however destructive they might get.

SCORPIO (24th October - 22nd November)

A hypnotic gaze and a mysterious demeanor perfectly describes a true Scorpio. A Water Sign, their emotions run really deep and they are perhaps one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac.

But, the quality of a Scorpio to hide their emotions and feelings does not let their emotional side come to the fore.

It is the most mysterious sign amongst all Zodiacs and others cannot easily understand a Scorpio and its actions. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, the November born are known to be inquisitive, alert, creative and motivated.

Unlike other water signs, Scorpio sign is characterized by still waters and they know how to channel their complex feelings and emotions into focused creativity and work.

The emotions of a Scorpio are well-controlled and in no circumstances whatsoever will they show the world their sensitive side. Scorpios are highly secretive and have a probing nature and can prove to be amazing investigators.

Hardworking and determined to succeed, Scorpio loves competition and see a loss as a lesson and an opportunity for a bigger victory.

Symbolized by a Scorpion, they are all powerful and possess the ability to overpower someone with their penetrating gaze.

This Water Sign is the controller of its destiny and is often referred to as the sign of life, death and rebirth. It effortlessly embraces all these phases of life and is on a continuous spree to reinvent and transform itself.

It is very difficult to discover what is hidden behind the poised and calm surface of a Scorpio. Often reserved, this Zodiac sign never fully expresses itself until it has the complete feel of a particular situation.

A Scorpio never be friends easily but once it does, it can be the most loyal friend who will stand by you through thick and thin. Break their trust and be prepared to face their ruthless fury.

They will serve you with a revenge that you never imagined and can go to any extent to teach you a lesson. Their see the world in black and white with little possibility of grey.

A Scorpio is fiercely possessive of what he knows belongs to him and this rule applies to its love life, as well. A romance with a Scorpio is going to be a passionate journey marked with few instances of jealousy and possessiveness.

CANCER (June 22 to July 22)

Cancer is an element of water is the most challenging, revealing of personal life, deeply sentimental and intuitive. It can be one of the toughest signs of all the zodiacs to know.

They are very sensitive and emotional, they care a lot about matters of their home and family. Cancer seems to very loyal and sympathetic attached with people they are close.

People born with their Sun in Cancer are able to empathize and have loyalty with other people's suffering and pain.

Cancerians are guided by their heart and emotions, they could experience a hard time in getting along the world around them. Moon is the ruler of this zodiac, fractions of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create brief of their emotional patterns that are far beyond their control.

When they are children, they do not have many defensive and coping mechanisms for the outer world and are needed to be approached with understanding and care, for what they present as a reward.


Scorpio showcases mutuality and values most of all, even if they are not completely aware of this. Cancer wants a stable life with a family they can rely on and values their inner peace.

As per Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility, if they are both not flexible enough to understand their differences, it can be difficult for these partners to coordinate their personalities and the depth each of them has behind these superficial needs.

They will be able to approach them in the best way possible, if Cancer recognizes that Scorpio can fear emotion to the point of agony and discover their true need for emotional balance and security.

Trust is one of the most important things they are looking for when Scorpio falls in love. They can start showing all of those maleficent sides of their nature, if they feel betrayed in any way and become truly jealous and possessive.

Cancer partner usually will have no reason to lie to their partner or cheat and wants someone to share a life with and.

As, all water signs, both of them could fear in telling the truth to a certain extent, but this doesn't decide the beginning of the end of their relationship or the need to speak of their unfaithfulness necessarily.

Usually, they will both be able to build the trust they both need not to feel hurt or betrayed and give each other enough security to feel safe.


This is a complicated boundary for the partners such as this. Cancer lives buried positive or negative, in their emotions, as an incorporated part of their life are capable of using them in their everyday routine according to Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility.

As Scorpions have a tendency to dismiss emotions, Scorpio can have problem in understanding the flow that how this works exactly, thinking that this is the only way to reach a certain goal.

They always look for a middle ground where they need to locate is a location where they are both have the freedom to follow their needs and desires.

Emotions have to be a way of living. In order to be able to let things flow, as much as they can interfere with our goals and change in the way they are supposed to.

Both of these partners need to learn to lose control.


Scorpio and Cancer usually relate and understand each other without speaking many words. Their sex life can highly be influenced and made much better, or much difficulty, relating and depending on how their demand for mystery is expressed.

According to Scorpio-Cancer Romantic Compatibility, for as long as emotions are not the main theme of a conversation, their communication is very good. If they have any need to talk in the first place, they can finish each other's sentences.

The depth and intensity that they both have, makes them able to talk about anything at all. Although, it might not be visible at first instance in Cancer partner.

In the case, when Scorpio wants to run from their emotions and Cancer wants to run from negative experiences, they could face problems forming a relationship at all.

Still, if they have these tendencies, this is a very rare scenario, give each other the exact mental stimulation they both need and they will probably help each other deal with them.


Scorpio sign is involved and associated with all kinds of bad things and death, but all of their maliciousness comes from their sexual and emotional repression according to Scorpio-Cancer Sexual Compatibility.

Cancer can normally believe and understand the requirement of their Scorpio partner deepest emotions in their sex life to analyse and express their darkest feelings.

If Cancer partner, is not prepared for or doesn't get too scared and forced to do something, a sexual relationship between Scorpio and Cancer can be deeply pleasing and satisfying for both the individuals.

This is a commitment of two signs of Water and because of this their intimate and sex life requires to be showcased by a lack of it if there is any or all of their emotional connection.

They will both require to express their feelings when they fall in love, and the intimacy that they share alongside is incredible.

However, the Moon which falls is the sign of Scorpio is the ruler of the sign of Cancer. If Scorpio's requires to hide and bury their emotions which are too intense, they will be insensitive on their partner or there is a great chance they will be too rough.

This is something Cancer could lead to Cancer's need to separate and there is great chance that they will have difficulty coping because they have aggressive sexual requirements their Scorpio partner has and can simply get tired from all the special attention.

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