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taurus and leo Compatibility



Leo and Taurus, Jeez! That can be a tough one. Studies reveal that both the zodiac signs are admirably compatible in the initial phase but as they dive deeper into each other’s lives, there are bound to be struggles. Every relationship has that, that isn’t the news but, these two signs in particular always run the risk of getting into ugly fights or have some really serious irreconcilable issues. But if both the signs make amends and get more acceptable of each other, the Taurus-Leo Compatibility will steadily get better over time. A detailed and more sophisticated study of this not so famous match is indeed interesting.

Are Taurus-Leo Compatible?

From a Taurean viewpoint, they like to be adored whereas Leo seeks constant appreciation from others, slight but substantial difference. They both want people to like them but in their own way. So, there is nothing much either of them can contribute towards the cause. Unless they would really like to step out of their comfort zone and try to woo one another. The bottom-line is: Taurus-Leo Relationship is a battle between the ego of Leo and patience of Taurus.

The polarity of traits doesn’t just end here. Taurus is someone who is more traditional and always wants to get a secure future while Leo has an extravagant and lavish lifestyle on its mind all the time. Leo is a date planner and Taurus is the slow dark horse who puts work in front of everything. Both the signs are fixated on what they believe so interestingly their likewise stubbornness is something they have in common. When both have conflicting opinions on something it isn’t a very appreciable sight. They will constantly take a dig at each other, things flying around, peaking tempers, physicality, all sorts of things will happen. They’ll find newer and more irrational issues to argue upon. Money and finance is very much likely to be a frequent topic for endless squabbles. Taurus and Leo Relationship Compatibility is practically challenging but they also seem to bring out the best in each other.

Before we get into the details about Taurus-Leo Friendship Compatibility,  Taurus Man Compatibility with Leo Woman and Taurus Woman Compatibility with Leo Man, it is important to gain insights about these Zodiac signs.


Taurus  are immensely confident of their abilities.They are blessed with good common sense. Taureans are tough as the rock of Gibraltar and never give up irrespective of the number of failures. They are materialistic and love living a life of luxury but are not extravagant. They value financial stability and security the most. Taurus are fiercely loyal and committed in a relationship. Click here Taurus to know more about loyal and practical Taurus.


The Lion loves attention and can go to any extent to maintain his pride and dignity. Symbolized by the fierce Lion, Leos believe that they are the rulers of the Zodiac. They have a commanding air about them and this sign cannot help but feel superior to those around them. The Lion also has the dramatic streak in him and you can find many Leos working as theater artists or actors. Being extremely extrovert, Leos are the life of a party and hate all things boring and dark. Ruled by the majestic Sun, Leo savors their respect, ego, dignity and anyone who tries to hurt it will face the wrath of the lion. This Fire sign is a born leader and they have a burning desire to be on the center stage and be in the limelight all the time. They want to shine wherever they are. Also, being a fiery sign, they like to dominate and boss those around them.  Click here Leo to know more about magnificent Leo.  

Can Taurus and Leo Be Good Friends?

Regardless of how different from each other Taurus and Leo are, they do share some amazingly similar qualities, and at the end of the day, friendship is all about likes and dislikes. To begin with, both the ascendants admire the finer things in life such as sweet gestures, food, décor, etc. Both seem to have a practical approach that is quite alike. And not to forget the creative side they have to themselves. Their love for artistic work like painting and photography may sound insignificant but it plays a key role in cementing their friendship with one another. These tiny little things consolidate a strong bond and take the Taurus Leo Friendship Compatibility to a greater level. However, the egoistic and stubborn nature of either signs can’t go unnoticed and they will hit a few road bumps along the way. But nothing much to worry on that front as it’s fairly natural.

Despite being not so compatible in the other spheres of life, Taurus and Leo can be better friends if anything. This shows a lot about their character and the ability to adapt to each other’s liking.  

Taurus-Leo Romantic Compatibility

When Leo comes together with Taurus, they often end up having really great time. Taurus and Leo have plenty of differences in opinions, personality traits, etc., but when in love, they often overlook all of it. They know about each other quite well which gives them an upper hand in countering unpleasant circumstances. Both the signs are fixed by nature so if you’re wondering how long their association will last, then the answer is, long enough. Both have plenty of needs and desires so they like to satisfy, be it their own or their partner’s. Taurus-Leo Love Compatibility is more about balance than passion. They look for mutual satisfaction and peace which they often struggle to find in the outside world. As such, this relationship has all the essentials of a hot and steamy romance.  Also, the fact that both of them are fixated on loyalty makes their relationship even more wonderful. As much as there is respect, sentiments, and desires involved in this union, there are always a few debacles and issues a couple will encounter eventually. But Taurus and Leo both carry strong personalities so they know how to keep their chin up even in the harshest of the circumstances. So, a Taurus Leo Romantic compatibility is kind of a mixed bag with its share of some happy and tough times.

Taurus-Leo Sexual Compatibility

The last thing one would wish for its sexual relationship is to be bland and exhausting. And sadly, such is the case for Taurus and Leo. Taurus and Leo sexual compatibility is sort of a drag mainly because they both are lazy. While Leo likes to just lay there and be pleased by its partner, Taurus expects the same thing. When they’re charged up, they can be marvelous love makers which makes their sexual relationship full of heat and satisfaction. But it’s not as frequent to anyone’s liking. However, to achieve that sexual pinnacle they are left with no choice but to satisfy themselves. In such scenario both would take care of their own needs and are willing to make some adjustments in order to make their relationship work and revive their sex life. Despite being merely excited about their not so good sexual chemistry, they would still have a better romantic relationship. After all, there is much more to love than just physicality.

Taurus Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

For a Leo woman it’s almost impossible to resist the evitable charm of a Taurus man.  He will be blown away by the majestic beauty, that is herself. Ruled by the brightest star of them all, Sun, a Leo woman desires to be swept away with intense love and passion while he will stop at nothing to win over her heart. The Bulls are known to be orthodox in every aspect of life. Love being no different, sees them planning every move in quite an old-fashioned way right from wooing her to committing to her. Once out for a chase, the raging bull will never return without glory. So a Taurus man will do everything he can to get his woman come what may.  A Taurus man desires a long-term relation, generally marriage and doesn’t just fool around. Whereas a Leo woman prefers someone who constantly praises her and expresses his love repeatedly, Taurus man is a man of few words and too reserved about his feelings. A Taurus man has a different way of showing his love which a Leo woman finds difficult to understand. So, pretty much similar to the gridlock both the signs are stuck with, this is hardly any different. The frustration which was pushed down by both the zodiacs in the very beginning will certainly start to resurface. This is something which will bring along miserable times for both. A Taurus Man Leo Woman Marriage depends solely on the efforts made by both the signs because as far astrology goes, happiness will not come naturally.

Taurus Woman And Leo Man Compatibility  

Taurus Woman-Leo Man Relationship Compatibility is probably one the most challenging in the entire zodiac. Both the signs are insanely stubborn which is a clear indication for the troublesome times these two would embark upon. Both the parties demonstrate high level of faithfulness but that isn’t the quality that can keep a marriage intact long enough. Both of them need to be very cautious of their partners before getting into something serious.  

The Taurus woman would perceive a Leo man as an over the top romantic for his grand gestures and unnecessary ways to impress her.  His withdrawal and more sensible advance will rather draw her. In this particular union, these efforts by the male companion to try to do something out of the ordinary just to win her over will be the source of unpleasantries to come. So, for a Taurus Woman and Leo Man to make it work, it is more important to keep things simple. The odds aren’t in the favor but you can’t simply rule out the possibility of them getting along.

How Well Do They Click Emotionally?

Whether it’s Taurus or Leo, both of them are deeply emotional signs given they don’t exist only inside their own tiny materialistic world of goods. Leo is a fire sign which generally represents passionate lovers with incredible gravity. However on an emotional front, they won’t be able to reciprocate with the similar zeal. There can be plenty of reasons for it - may be because they are used to giving love rather than receiving. Or maybe because they have taken it upon themselves to give love only to the less fortunate people. Whatever may be the reason, Leo and Taurus do not generally click that well emotionally, especially when they are involved in a romantic relationship. Even when they’re invested in each other the possibility of them getting to explore the emotional side of their partners is quite low. From a practical point of view, there is no prospect on this front.

Now, people often confuse this naturally incompatible match with the popular misconception: Taurus and Leo are not made for each other. This is an absolutely wrong judgement of both zodiacs as they have a different approach and perceive people in distinct ways.

Are Taurus-Leo Soulmates?

Taurus and Leo both are fixed zodiac signs. They are stubborn and it takes a whole lot of efforts to overturn what’s set in their heads. Once they have made up their mind, then it’s almost impossible to change it. This is one of the many reasons why they can go for hours arguing about smallest of the issues. They are highly convinced that they are the only one who have the right point-of-view about things and everybody else is wrong. As annoying as it may sound but imagining such personalities living alongside each other looks like a farfetched reality. Also, they aren’t a very big fan of change and like to keep things the way they are. So, once they’ve decided to live with each other, there is nothing drawing them apart but if it’s the other way around, then you know what’s coming. As far the relationship goes, it can be both, inhibitive or nurturing, but there is no surety as to whether it would work or not in the long run. Just for the sake of compliance statement: the odds of Taurus and Leo soulmates are pretty sleek.

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