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virgo and capricorn Compatibility



'They have found a person they can call home' - this phrase perfectly sums up Virgo Capricorn Relationship Compatibility. Soul mates, to the word, Capricorn and Virgo are two earth signs sharing the same traditions, viewpoints, ambitions and desires in life. When you see a Virgo Capricorn Love Compatibility chart, you can easily make out that both are meant to spend their life with each other.


Zodiac Compatibility Virgo Capricorn is a partnership that is meant to last. Both of these earth signs share a lot in common. They have such strong ties which makes this association enduring and everlasting. Their first matching point is the need to make proper and poise public appearances. Both hate any sort of embarrassment or ridicule or any sort of disapproval and for them the solution to it is to always appear in a respectable manner. They are two solidly grounded individuals and both give a great amount of importance to their finances, goals, home and family. When two responsible individuals meet, we get an association that will surely go a long way.

The best part about Virgo Capricorn Relationship Compatibility is that they both understand each other thoroughly. Even when the outer world disapproves of their action, they will find solace and motivation in their respective Capricorn or Virgo partner. No one can understand the dire need of a Virgo to be perfect, having an acute perception about things, a sense of discrimination and the seriousness towards duties and responsibilities better than a Capricorn. The attitude of the Goat is to overstep any obstacle in any form that comes in its way of climbing the ladder of success. This detachment and cold behavior of a Capricorn is not easy to comprehend by most but not the Virgin. However, there must be times when Capricorn would not approve of Virgo's constantly worrying about things and the Virgin would find it difficult to cope with the Goat's stubborn ways. These are just minor differences which stand nowhere between the deep level of understanding this couple has. They can relate to each other like no one else and that makes it easier for them to forgive each other.

Capricorn and Virgo share a great camaraderie and are their light hearted selves when in each other's company. The basis of a strong Virgo Capricorn Love Compatibility is that they trust each other completely and share the same kind of excitement, dreams and experiences.

Before knowing about the Virgo Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Virgo Woman Compatibility with Capricorn Man, it is imperative to gain an insight on both the Zodiac Signs.

VIRGO (23rd Aug - 22nd September)

The Healers of the Zodiac, Virgo finds a different kind of bliss in serving others. They possess a keen desire to work for the wellbeing of others. Symbolized by the Virgin, this zodiac gets the traits of purity, methodical organization and truth. 'Attention to detail' is the modus operandi of this earth sign as they are quite critical and picky about everything in life. They are perfectionist to the word and tend to notice any flaw or discrepancy, be it in a thing or in an individual. Whether it is the work ethic or their attire or the way they live their life, Virgo in every sense epitomizes flawlessness to the point of being critical.

The Virgin is so into micromanaging its life that every now and then it requires some lone time to spend. Ruled by Mercury, some Virgos exhibit an endearing charm, wit and energy. This planet renders the ability to Virgo to perform every task with an unprecedented perfection and precision. You can depend entirely on your Virgo friend as they would leave no stone unturned in helping you. They are dependable, sincere and hardworking individuals with little or no time for frivolous things such as laziness and extravagance. They never own any illusions when it comes to life and the people in their life. Individuals of this Zodiac Sign are highly gentle, loving and sophisticated folks and seeing them all cranky and annoyed is a rare sight. A Virgo would offer you as much help as they can but they sure know how to say No when demands of others exceed beyond a reason. Also, as they are critical of others and their flaws but Virgo openly resents anyone taking out their flaws and criticizing them. This is the reason they are often termed as selfish. When it comes to love and relationship, do not expect a storybook kind of a romance from Virgo. They are extremely practical and their only way of showing love is utmost devotion.

CAPRICORN (22nd December - 19th January)

'Slow and steady wins the race' - a true Capricorn lives by this motto. Much like its symbol 'The Mountain Goat', this earth sign treads the path towards its ultimate goal, slowly but successfully. Ambition is the word for Capricorn and they definitely possess the resilience, determination and grit to fulfill all things they have set their eye on. Discipline and patience, being their core strengths, help the Goat to achieve the impossible in life. Being highly practical individuals, Capricorn would never take the road less travelled. It is just about making plan to reach the top of the ladder and simply sticking to it. The ruling planet Saturn gives Capricorn the discipline and authoritative abilities that they are known for. This Earthy sign, much like its ruling planet, loves to control and command and wants to be revered for the same. In contrast to a tough exterior, a Capricorn is a warm and a friendly person. They open up rarely and only to those who are extremely close to them. One has to dig really dip to find what it beneath the surface of the serious and stern Capricorn.

Capricorn like to be busy, whether it is about working on a project or spending time with family. Work hard and Play hard is what they abide by. They love working towards their goals but they would never neglect their family or loved ones in the quest of the same. Work and family go hand in hand for them and they handle it quite efficiently, as well. Once they have set their eyes on the prize, the Goat will climb steadily to cross the finish line and that too without any shortcuts. And the best part is, they will ultimately win. The most active, energetic and ambitious Zodiacs will fail against the stubbornness and the steely dedication of Capricorn. However, at times, in the pursuit of their ambition, they set some impossible goals which if they fail to attain can leave them getting all frustrated and sulky. They live by traditions and can come across as those who are serious, stern and too disciplined for the modern times. A decision once made by a stubborn Capricorn cannot change in any circumstance. They simply refuse to accept any innovation in their already set plan. Capricorns are pessimists to the extent of going into deep depression. It is very difficult for a them to get into any relationship as they find it difficult to trust people. They take time to choose their partner and once they do, they show love and commitment like no other.


Loyalty lays down the foundation of a strong Virgo Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman. Both are loyal and this makes their relationship an enduring one. For a Capricorn woman, traditions and conventions are the most important things in life, so if she is in a romantic relationship it is likely that this would turn into marriage. However, a Virgo man fears getting married not because he is commitment phobic but it is due to the fear of invasion of his privacy. The idea of changing or adjusting his habits according to another person and giving up his freedom is what makes his preference to stay single. But a Virgo Man Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility has really high chances of becoming permanent given Capricorn's conventional attitude towards romance and Virgo's deep love and respect for her practicality, wisdom and earthy sensuality. Their relationship will be enriched with mutual affection.

It is a relationship that will last undoubtedly. The only problem that can come in their association is the exceedingly stubborn nature of both. Both these signs can get excessively cold and reserved if hurt but this is just a temporary phase as their love is much enduring and stable than the other pairs in the Zodiac. Capricorn-Virgo Relationship Compatibility can withstand any storm together as deep down they both know that they will be much better and happier together than staying apart.


Virgo Female Capricorn Male Marriage Compatibility is guided thoroughly by emotions. It is perhaps one of the most compatible associations in the Zodiac chart. When a Capricorn man and Virgo woman meets, there is an instant sense of understanding of each other's viewpoints and it is indeed a karmic connection of sorts. They both communicate their thoughts to each other clearly and without any inhibition. Whether they are chatting or setting out their financial goals, they both share everything with each other.

Virgo Woman Compatibility With Capricorn Man is all in all a happy relationship but there are some problems in every relationship. In this relationship troubles arise when Virgo woman is overly critical of her man's habits and constantly nags him. The Goat does not like to be told and pushed around and the Virgin girl can get in serious trouble for doing so. Moreover, Capricorn man's outright refusal to spend time with her listening to thousands of her stories and observations (Virgo woman has an exceptionally active mind) can miff his woman. The pace with which the Goat works is quite relaxed as compared to the active Virgo who does not like even one boring moment, if not matched can get a little difficult for both. Rest, Virgo Capricorn Marriage Compatibility is the strongest; they just need to get some enthusiasm in life. Relax those rules and try and find some time for fun from your routine life.


One pair that will get wholly devoted when in love and have an affair that is promising of a long term relationship is Capricorn and Virgo. Virgo Capricorn Love Compatibility works on the earthy depth these signs bring into the love. It is one of the most passionate romances of the Zodiac with one ardently admiring and supporting the other in all walks of life.

It is not a romance that brings fireworks or some sweep off the feet moments but this love brings dependability, life-long love, sensuality, depth, commitment and affection. They are a harmonious union based entirely on reality.


Virgo Capricorn Sexual Compatibility level is quite high as both of these earth signs are sensual individuals and possess a hidden depth of passion. Their physical relationship is quite passionate and is an union that is an enriching experience for both. Capricorn and Virgo are two restricted individuals; it is when they shed their inhibitions and restrictions that they find an ultimate sexual bliss with each other. And, given the strong emotional connection between the two, finding trust and passion in each other is no task. Their sexual chemistry between the two brings a different kind of strength in their relationship. The closeness between these two earth signs grow gradually and this gives a deep meaning to Virgo Capricorn Sexual Compatibility.

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