Role and Importance of Moon in Astrology

Role and Importance of Moon in Astrology

Date : 03 अप्रैल, 2020

When the Moon comes closer to the earth, it causes oceanic waters to experience high and low tides. But does it impact human beings or their lives? 

The Moon controls the emotions of human beings and it is said that 70-80% of the thoughts are directed by the sign of the Moon and its phases. Thus, astrology has considered the Moon as its important and integral aspect. It believes that not only the luminous energy of the Moon but its position in the natal chart is also very profound and significant.

Importance of The Moon in Vedic astrology

  • According to Vedic astrology, the Moon is the natural benefic. It influences the behaviour of humans and influences their mental abilities. The prosperity of human beings is directly connected to the position of the Moon and its combination with other planets. For instance, the combination of Jupiter and Moon provides wealth and prosperity to the natives.
  • The Moon's astrological significance can be understood by the fact that it holds the same power as the ascendant or Lagna. Astrologers use the Moon as the Lagna and thus creates a horoscope or natal chart called Chandra Lagna.
  •  Astrologers consider Sun as the King and Moon as the Queen of planets. The Sun owns the sign of Leo while the Moon owns the sign of cancer, the fourth zodiac sign. During calculations, the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are signed clockwise from Moon’s sign Cancer. 
  • The condition of the Moon determines the way of our thinking and reaction to the outer world. Positive Moon signifies joy, enthusiasm, peace and solace while negative condition afflicts natives with tension, anxiety, depression and negative energy. 
  • The Moon astrologically symbolizes the soul of the native. It represents intuitive abilities, nurturing attitude and emotional capabilities. As the Moon shows feminine energy, it includes all the feminine qualities such as love, compassion and nurturing. 
  • According to astrologers, if an individual is born at the night time then the Moon strengthens the individual inner power during night. Such a person feels more creative and imaginative at night. 
  • Moon is the soft planet, thus any conjunction of the Moon with other planets reflect the traits of the planets. For instance, if the Moon is in conjunction with the Mars within 10 degrees then the natives possess traits of Mars planet such as aggression, bravery, impulsiveness, straightforwardness etc. 

Role of The Moon in Astrological Houses

There are twelve houses in the astrology chart. Each house represents a specific field and reveals the actions or changes in the natives’ life in the presence of any planet. The presence of the Moon in the astrological houses shows emotional satisfaction in the different areas of life. It shows their deep attachment and inner self with their surroundings. 

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Let us take a quick glance over the presence of the Moon in various Houses and its impact on the native’s nature.

Different Houses

Nature of the native when Moon is in different Houses

First Astrological House

The first house represents the personality and temperament. The person becomes emotional, moody and submissive. They tend to be over-sensitive and possess a soft approach for everything. 

Second Astrological House

Second house is the house of possession. People feel emotionally secure only when they are financially stable and secure. They dream of earnings and have passion for money. Their domestic happiness depends upon their monetary status.

Third Astrological House

The Third House shows communication, journey, courage and siblings. The Moon makes the person imaginative, creative, receptive and intuitive. They feel emotionally attached to their siblings and travel a lot. These natives know how to express their emotions strongly. 

Fourth Astrological House

Fourth house represents home, family and property. Native feel strongly attached with Mother. They are family oriented and emotionally stable. Inheritance and family business is important to them. Any imbalance in domestic happiness makes them depressed and anxious. 

Fifth Astrological House

The Fifth House represents creativity, children, love life, income, and investments. These natives possess great emotional control and have an intensified desire to be loved. They are good parents and possess great creativity and speculation in financial matters. 

Sixth Astrological House

The sixth house signifies enemies, litigation, debts, health and challenges. These natives are workaholic and helpful employees. They feel satisfied in serving others. Such people are moody, compassionate with great healing powers. Digestion issues and respiratory issues often trouble these people. 

Seventh Astrological House

The Seventh House represents partnership, spouse, travel, domestic bliss and progeny. These people have lots of relationships to find a perfect partner. They long for partnerships and enjoy domestic bliss and compassionate relationships.

Eighth Astrological House

Eighth House represents gains, inheritance, longevity, and disappointments. These natives desire to accumulate wealth and enjoy financial gains. They love materialistic possessions and are inclined towards sensuality. 

Ninth Astrological House

Ninth House represents higher education, long travel, religion and media. Moon’s presence makes the person travel by water. They follow family traditions and religious or psychological ideals. 

Tenth Astrological House

Tenth House signifies profession, character, reputation, position etc. The Moon makes people seek high career positions and gain fame. They possess charismatic personalities and influence others easily. 

Eleventh Astrological House

Eleventh House represents income, prosperity, friends and gains. People tend to make long-lasting friendships and public relations. They create a homely feel around and possess a sense of belonging. 

Twelfth Astrological House

Twelfth house represents Moksha, death, freedom of soul. People become sympathetic, humane and attracted towards occult science. They have secret enemies who could manipulate and take their advantage. 

Role of Exalted and Debilitated Moon in Astrology

How the position of the Moon affects?

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In the astrology chart, the Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus and debilitated in the Scorpio sign. Let’s take a glance at the effects of the exalted and debilitated position of the Moon in the natal chart. 

  • Exalted Moon 

The Moon exalts in the Taurus till 3 degrees. As per astrologers, this is the most powerful position of the Moon in the natal chart. Due to the influence of it, the natives become very creative. They enhance their imagination skills and find passion for creative work or field. 

When the Moon is exalted in the seventh house, it brings money, wealth and social respect. The position of the Moon in the 9th house brings fortune and good luck to the native. People with strong Moon in the natal chart are very sensitive. They are strongly bonded to their family and loved ones and deeply motivated by the family matters. 

When the Moon is benefic in the horoscope, then the natives exhibit patience, trust and great intuitive abilities. They can easily extract secrets and manipulate others for their personal benefits. These natives like to swim a lot and are fond of cleanliness. Such people always expect appreciation in their work and get easily hurt when someone tries to invade their privacy and space. 

  • Debilitated Moon 

The Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio zodiac sign from 0 to 3 degrees. This is the opposite condition when the Moon is exalted. The weak Moon is a bad omen that brings challenges in the lives of natives. If the Moon is conjoined with any malefic planet and debilitated at the same time then the natives suffer from great adversities. 

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If the moon is debilitated in sixth or eighth or twelfth house or have malefic planets conjoined then the natives suffer from psychological disorder, anxiety, depression, migrain, madness, absent mindedness, OCD issues, lack of decisive abilities, mood swings etc. These natives possess a negative approach and live their life in self doubt.
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Moreover, a weak Moon signifies disturbed and weak emotional connection of the native with his/her Mother. It also affects the health of the mother of the native and shows the conflicts with family and loved ones. 

The Moon Characteristics

The Moon positions and phase influences the various aspects of astrology. Thus, it is necessary to undand the Moon characteristics in detail. Here is the table of list that shows the Moon characteristics according to Vedic astrology. 






North-West (Vayvay)

Significator (Karak)


Orbit time in one zodiac sign

Approx. 324 days 

Orbit time of whole zodiac sign

Approx. 27 days

Constellation Owned

Rohini, Hast and Sharavan


Calm, soft and peaceful

Friendly Planets

Mars, Jupiter and Moon

Enemy Planets

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu

Neutral Planets


Rashi or Own Sign


Mool Trikon in 


Exalted in 


Debilitated in 




Special Features

Beautiful Round Face

Gem Stone


Vimshottari Mahadasha period

10 years

Body parts rules

Heart, Body Fluids, Eye, Lungs



Ailments by Moon

Tb, cough, cold, weak eyesight, tension, heart problems, respiratory issues, depression and psychological disorders

Benefic Moon

Prosperity, intelligence, imagination and intuitive abilities

Malefic Moon

Arrogance, jealous and moody

The Moon forms many powerful Yogas such as Sunafa Yoga, Durudhara Yoga and Gaja Kesari Yoga. These Yogas offer natives wealth, prosperity, courage, intelligence and many good qualities. However, the Kemadrum Yoga formed by the planet Moon creates Graha Dosha in the natal chart of the native.

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To understand the position of the Moon and know the Yogas or Doshas formed by it, one should create their birth chart or Janam Kundali and consult an experienced astrologer. This will help the native to gain knowledge about the Moon’s strength in life and find remedies to reduce or nullify malefic effect of the Moon, if any.

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